Exercising for weight loss – how much time you need to exercise per day and how many times a week

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Any effective scheme to combat overweight consists of proper nutrition, intense physical exertion. Novice athletes think that it is better to go to fitness often, but how much you need to play sports to lose weight depends on several individual factors. The optimal scheme is selected for each person, but there are certain axioms in sports that are suitable for everyone.

Slimming Sports

Some nutritionists claim that you can lose weight without a gym, you just need to adjust your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. This statement is only partly true, because weight loss will begin, but will occur very slowly. A person will get rid of obesity, but his body will not be slim and fit. Exercise for weight loss must be carried out. if you want a beautiful figure, with the correct shapes and attractive appearance of the skin.

In defense of nutritionists, it is worth noting that without adjusting the nutrition, the gym will also help you only partly, so sports and weight loss always go hand in hand. It is better to deal with those species that create a cardiac load (load the vascular system), because only they can start the process of fat burning. For this reason, a logical question arises, but how often do you need to play sports to get the desired result? There is no one right answer, you should adjust your complex depending on the goal.

Girl with dumbbells in hands.

Can I do sports every day?

To achieve the fastest effect, people begin to train every day, but this approach is not justified. It is necessary to go in for sports so as not to overload the body, muscles must be restored. Each workout creates stress for the muscles, so it takes time to restore tone. If this is not done, then the results, the effectiveness of training will decline, the volume of loads will decrease and it will become increasingly difficult to lose weight.

Every day, no personal trainer will recommend a good rest is an important component of any complex, so you should not tear your veins. A more noticeable result will be with the right combination of sports and recovery period. The exception is jogging, which can be done every day, especially if you spend it outdoors in the street.

Girl runs in the park

How many times a week do you need to go in for sports

People begin to lead an active lifestyle for various reasons, but more often to lose weight. The question immediately arises, how many times a week do you need to train? The training program is selected based on several parameters:

  • initial weight;
  • Lifestyle;
  • how much a person wants to lose weight;
  • initial physical training.

All these factors determine the number of workouts per week. The body should get used to the loads, very full people start with daily exercise, gymnastics, active walking on the street. People with initial training to lose weight immediately enroll in the gym, aerobics group and do twice a week. Over time, the number of trips to sports increases to 3-4 in 7 days.

What time is better to go in for sports

There is no ideal time of day for training, each person determines it independently. All programs offer to do this in the morning or in the evening, because in the middle of the day many work. The best time to play sports is when you are comfortable, you do not have to do it through effort. For example, some people feel overwhelmed in the morning and training at this time will not help to lose weight, rather they will provide a feeling of discomfort and frustration for the whole day. In this case, the person is better to train in the evening.

If, for example, a morning run gives you a boost of vigor, triggers processes in the body, this does not negatively affect your well-being, then you need to go straight from bed to sneakers and to training. Training should not take place so that the nervous system receives stress, the load should rest only on the muscles. Otherwise, it will be harder to lose weight..

Girl does exercises with dumbbells in the fresh air.

What kind of sport is better for weight loss

The best type of workout for weight loss is cardio. These are any activities that provide a constant long-term load on the vascular system. Such sports for weight loss increase the heart rate, which leads to high energy costs and provoke the body to start burning additional energy sources. The first 20-30 minutes, glycogen (complex carbohydrates) is processed, which is easier for the body to process. After 30 minutes of exercise, the breakdown of body fat will begin and only now will excess weight begin to go away.

One hour is considered the optimal duration of a workout with weight loss. This is true provided that you will not eat an hour before bedtime or at night. The food should be light, it is advisable to eat cottage cheese before going to bed. You need to choose the type of training according to your goal, for example:

  • If you just need to lose weight: running (cross-country), aerobics, swimming, football, cycling, step aerobics. All these options create a long cardio load, but do not lead to muscle building, only to strengthen it.
  • Want to strengthen your body, increase muscle and lose weight: crossfit, combined workouts with power and cardio. Such training will create conditions for weight loss, muscle gain.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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