What is hair nanoplasty?

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A new fashionable procedure for straightening curls and waves has become popular with the supply of beauty bloggers who actively advertise it. In social networks and television commercials, nanoplastics are called safe and even useful. Is this true and is the technique suitable for everyone?

Why do hair nanoplastics

Hair before and after the procedure

The procedure is performed not just to achieve the external effect of smoothness, shine, but to heal curls. To do this, they are treated with a special complex of substances. The procedure is called therapeutic, because the active components penetrate deep into the rods.

This effect is more likely cosmetic, because the substances do not remain inside, are gradually washed out. The temperature effects required by the technology cast doubt on the healing effect.

Hair plastic is similar to keratin straightening, but there are significant differences.

the effect

The difference with keratin straightening

Keratinization and nanoplastics are easily confused by the final result. The main difference is in the composition of the funds. Both methods make heavier, straighten hair. Solutions nourish them from the inside, the components fill the natural voids between the flakes with which each rod is coated.

Immediately after the salon, the hairdo becomes perfectly even, smooth – like the models from the pages of glossy magazines. This effect lasts about six months with proper care..

The duration of the result depends on the initial quality of the curls – the more they are damaged, the sooner the solution will be washed.

Effect of the procedure:

  • hair becomes obedient, easy to comb;
  • even especially steep curls straighten out;
  • fluffiness disappears;
  • porous rods gain density;
  • there is an illusion of greater length;
  • hairstyle becomes perfectly even with a beautiful shine.

Who is suitable for

Who is the procedure for?

Hair plastic is intended for girls who spoiled them with stains or perms. This is a good alternative to a short haircut, as a way to eliminate the consequences of too frequent a change in image or errors of care. Healthy hair does not need such an improvement, even if you are unhappy with it.

Another large group of clients of salons are people who are tired of curly curls knocking out who want to have a predictable styling. Too voluminous hair can also be a problem due to the complexity of everyday care. Unlike keratin straightening, this procedure is safe for health, therefore, it has no age restrictions.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding are also not an obstacle to change..

There is no problem with straightening even the extended strands, but the color of the stained ones after the procedure will become several tones lighter. This is due to the effect of acids on the pigment dye..

The composition of the applied funds

Homma products

Manufacturers do not hide the components of the drugs, a complete list can be found on the packaging. Check with the master the composition of nanoplastics that a particular salon uses.

When considering the list of ingredients, keep in mind that they are listed in decreasing order of quantity..

The main difference between solutions for nanoplastics and agents used in keratin straightening is the absence of formaldehyde and its twin brother, methylene glycol. Organizations responsible for the safety of cosmetics have banned the use of these substances in many countries due to harm to human skin and respiratory tract.

You can purchase special tools yourself. They are sold in professional cosmetics stores for hairdressers or on the Internet. Now dozens of companies release their line of similar complexes.

Tools from BBone and Floreactive

Good reputation with Honma Tokyo Professional, BBOne, Floractive.

Search among the ingredients:

  • amino acids;
  • water soluble keratin;
  • collagen;
  • protein hydrolyzate (proteins) of silk, wheat, rice;
  • oils;
  • vitamins.

The advantages of nanoplastics

  1. Moisturizing effect.
  2. No odor, burning skin.
  3. Mirror shine;
  4. Recovery of split ends without reducing the length;
  5. Lamination in one session;
  6. Lasting result.

Disadvantages of the procedure

The approximate price in the cabin

The most significant minus of salon straightening is the high cost. Prices start at 2 thousand rubles, owners of long, thick curls will have to pay three times as much. The master calculates the final cost depending on the amount of funds spent, its price, the complexity of the work.

Other disadvantages:

  • Duration – in the cabin you have to spend 5-6 hours.
  • Loss of volume, which can be critical for those who have problems with density.
  • The lack of effect on too dry locks – it will not be at all or short-term.
  • Fast pollution. Hairdressers advise using sulfate-free shampoos that are not suitable for everyone, especially people with oily scalp.
  • The likelihood of a skin reaction. Before applying the drug, a sensitivity test should be done..
  • The procedure is contraindicated in the presence of dandruff. If the chemical complex comes into contact with the skin, the problem may worsen..
  • Change color of colored strands.

How to make hair nanoplastics

Straightening technology is calculated per minute, deviation can adversely affect the result. All steps are performed sequentially. The exposure time of the drugs depends on the condition of the hair, its length, density


Girl wash their hair

Before the procedure, the head is washed with deep shampoo. This frees up the space between the flakes of the rod from the remnants of makeup cosmetics.

Without moisture, it will be difficult to evenly distribute the straightener over the entire length.

Application of the composition

The master applies the composition

The master combs wet hair, divides them into identical locks. Then, with a brush, apply the solution. The gel-like texture is easily distributed. When applied, they retain an indent from the root zone by 2-3 centimeters. The straightening agent should remain on the head for 30 minutes to one hour.

Coarse hair needs a longer exposure or several sessions.

Removing a composition

The wizard periodically checks how the straightening process is going. When there are signs that the composition acted as it should, it is removed. To do this, the hair is washed with warm water. then lightly blot the strands with a soft towel. Do not twist or rub them, so as not to damage.


The hairdresser dries hair with a hairdryer

Excess moisture is removed with a hairdryer, observing the technique. The strands are blown by a moderate stream of warm and cold air. The alternation of temperatures does not allow beneficial substances to evaporate when heated.

During drying, do not use a comb, especially brushing – a round brush for styling.


Straightening with an iron

The dried strands are ironed. At this stage, the beneficial components under the influence of heat penetrate deep into the rods, fixed inside. The temperature, size of the strands depends on the structure and type of hair. Rigid, dense, highly porous heat up more. Thin, brittle hair requires gentle treatment and lower temperature. After straightening, wash your hair again with balm and conditioner.

Repair mask

Masks Felps and Homma

In order to preserve the result of straightening for a long time, careful care is necessary. Its basis is proper washing and nutrition. The master will make a mask in the salon, advise what cosmetics for home care should be bought.

With each wash, the amount of substances inside the rods decreases, you should not do this more often than necessary. Focus on skin cleansing, strands should be in contact with shampoo as little as possible.


The hairdo is made with a hairdryer with a round comb. Smooth, obedient hair is easy to style even at home. Hairdressers recommend not to collect them in a ponytail, do not use elastic bands, hairpins to avoid ugly creases.

Is it possible to do nanoplastics at home

Result at home

Technology and drugs are available to everyone. For proper straightening, you need to understand the mechanism of action of the product, accurately perform all stages of the process. This requires knowledge and skills that are acquired only with experience.

Having decided on home nanoplastics, do not save on high-quality products, choose manufacturers with a good reputation.

According to reviews, the independent result differs from the salon, but significantly improves the condition and appearance of the hairstyle. The most common mistake is the choice of poor-quality solutions. If you are confident in your abilities and hands, consult with the master what means to get.

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