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Recently, Pilates and yoga are considered the most popular types of sports training. Specialists decided to go further and combine them into one practice, called yogalates. If you care about your body, you should know about the essence of this new technique, its basic principles and basic sets of exercises.

What is yogalates

What is hidden behind this, unusual for many, word? Yogalates is a combination of highly effective dynamic exercises. They are taken from the practices of yoga and Pilates. To understand the essence of yogalates, you need to briefly describe the techniques from which it originated. Pilates is a training system based on the principles of relaxation, coordination, concentration, endurance, alignment, smooth performance, centering, breathing. Contains exercises on flexibility, improving posture, raising immunity.

Yoga is a doctrine, the essence of which is to achieve harmony between body and soul through a system of special techniques. Practice is represented by 8 steps:

  • Pit (behavior);
  • Niyama (lifestyle);
  • Pranayama (energy control);
  • Asana (postures);
  • Pratyahara (control of sensations);
  • Dharana (concentration);
  • Dhyana (meditation);
  • Samadhi (the peak of the realization of a person’s life potential).

Yogalates (yogalates) allows you to find not only impeccable physical form, but also internal harmony. Dynamic exercises are aimed at developing flexibility and strengthening the muscles of the thigh, buttocks, abdomen, back, neck. They are performed standing, sitting, lying down, there are turns, inclinations, but without extra efforts. During training, it is necessary to control every inhale and exhale, be in good mood. Yogalates has several advantages:

  1. Suitable for men and women of any weight category and age.
  2. Helps to lose weight, make the waist thin.
  3. Classes are not prohibited after injuries of the musculoskeletal system, childbirth.
  4. Helps fight stress.
  5. Helps improve joint and vertebral mobility, makes the body flexible.

The girl practices yogalates

Yogalates for weight loss

At first glance, it may seem that the exercise system is too soft to lose weight. In fact, the slimming yogalates is effective because it contributes to an increased energy expenditure, due to which the fat burns out intensively. The benefits of practice for those who want to lose weight:

  1. Helps strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, legs, the formation of impeccable posture.
  2. Enhances blood circulation.
  3. Strengthens the abdominal muscles, making it flat.
  4. Helps increase endurance, train the respiratory system.
  5. Burns calories.
  6. You can choose dynamic exercises aimed at correcting problem areas of the body.

Girls in a yogalates class

Yogalates with Alena Mordovina

A well-known instructor of safe types of fitness has been practicing the production of video courses for many years. Yogalates with Alena Mordovina – a series of videos, watching which women can perform exercises at home, on their own. In order for a positive result to make itself felt, you should be engaged at least three to four times a week. If you practice other types of port, you can combine them with yogalates, reducing the frequency of training.

The trainer’s program is aimed at working out deep muscles, opening the joints of the pelvis, and developing flexibility and plasticity. The author of the method emphasizes proper breathing, even distribution of the load. Exercise is suitable even for those people who do not have basic physical fitness. They will help relieve stress from the back, which is especially true for people who prefer a lifestyle..

Yogalates with Louise Solomon

This woman is an Australian fitness instructor, whom many consider the founder of the practice. Yogalates with Louise Solomon – a set of video exercises aimed at increasing stamina and developing plastics. The main thing that the course teaches is to concentrate on each element and do everything slowly. Basic exercises are easy to remember, and then the author of the methodology recommends drawing up an individual training plan. Elements matched to all muscle groups..

Girl doing stretching exercises

Yogalates with Firsova Catherine

The next set of exercises in video format. The yogalates with Firsova Ekaterina will suit even those people who do not have the slightest idea about this technique. Lessons are great for self-study at home. Be sure to carefully listen to the instructor and follow his recommendations, especially those regarding breathing. Yogalates is good for losing weight..

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