Accessories in bathroom design

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Bathroom accessories are very important both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. It’s nice when everything has its place: a toothbrush, soap, and textiles are combined with the overall style of the bathroom. How to decide on the choice of accessories, we will tell you in this article.

It would seem that the easiest way is to buy a collection in which accessories are already made in the same style. However, this is not always advisable both in terms of the composition of the set and, for example, in accordance with the discrepancy to the selected tiles on the walls. Sometimes it will be rational to purchase interior items for the bathroom separately from each other..

When choosing accessories, pay attention to two criteria:

  1. Style and correspondence between all interior elements.
  2. Accessories should be comfortable and functional.

The area of ​​search should be narrowed down: the colors should be pure and specific, better, as if washed and without impurities, then the aesthetics in the bathroom interior will be provided to you.

Accessories in bathroom design

The colors of May green, sea green, passionate scarlet, positive orange and spectacular black and chocolate are best suited..

Attention: be very careful with white, as it has many shades, and nearby accessories and plumbing will betray the discrepancy of the stylistic ensemble.

Accessories in bathroom design

The best way to use white and white is to play different textures. For example, if the sink and bathtub are glossy white, then take matte tiles – this variety of textures will give depth of perception.

What materials are better to choose bathroom accessories

In conditions of increased moisture and sudden temperature changes, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the accessories are made. They must be practical, resistant to rust and mold, environmentally friendly, moisture and heat resistant.


Accessories made from ceramics are the premium segment (luxury). They are environmentally friendly and easy to care for, ceramics withstand damage. The high resistance to moisture makes ceramics ideal for bathrooms. Ceramic products can be presented in any style, from modern high-tech to classics.


Refers to the high-priced segment. Ideal for lovers of noble classics. Bronze looks luxurious and thus complements interiors. Possesses high moisture-resistant properties, but in everyday life requires constant care.

Accessories in bathroom design


Gold plated bathroom accessories are rare and unique. In this case, a special consistency of colors is required..

Chrome plated stainless steel

Middle-priced segment. At relatively low price points, it is practical, durable, durable and resistant to mechanical stress. Accessories can be either mirrored or matte. When choosing colors, they are quite a win-win for any style, they can be made in classic decor and rough techno.


A wonderful material for a bathroom, but it is not always practical to use it, since glass requires constant maintenance.

Useful little things

Completeness of style and convenience are hidden in shelves (open and closed), hooks and towel racks. The selection of hooks, dispensers, soap dishes, racks, jokers, baskets and more is great. In terms of color and style, they should correspond to the basic concept: bronze, silver, gold, matte and mirrored. They are produced as a single collection for different styles, and universally selected.

New in sanitary accessories

To date, the choice of plumbing accessories is presented in a wide range. In addition to the bidet, the trend has become a trend to install toilets with a hygienic shower, which is built into the lid, in the bathroom. They can be electrical, remote-controlled, or mechanical. Additional options in the form of water heating, hair dryer functions, create additional comfort in operation.

Accessories in bathroom design


This is a very important attribute for any bathroom – they can serve as a tool to visually expand the space. At the same time, if you place the tile decors in front of the mirror, then reflecting them, it creates a richer look, visually doubling the number of decorative elements used.

Accessories in bathroom design


The use of a variety of towels and rugs creates a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. They can be both hand-woven and factory-made, the main condition is ease of use, good tolerance of frequent washings, softness in sensations and safety. For the bathroom, use rugs with a non-slip, ribbed rubber base.

Curtains must be waterproof. Their choice is also important for stylistic and accent perception..

Accessories in bathroom design

To make textiles look organic in the bathroom, there are two rules for choosing colors: contrasting, for accents, or in tone with the general color scheme. It would be ideal to use white – it is considered neutral and is combined with any color. With the help of white textiles, you can combine the incongruous elements that we have already talked about..

Bathroom screen

When choosing a screen for a bathroom, it is important to understand its functionality – it closes communications and hides everything that you store under the bathroom. The screen can be made in the form of curtains or in the form of a cabinet for storing detergents.

Accessories in bathroom design

The doors can be both sliding and hinged. Thus, the issue of both appearance and organization of space is solved..

Lighting: main or backlight

Light is always important in the interior. It should have a warm or neutral tone that is in harmony with human light perception. The requirement of modern interiors is a plurality of light scenarios and thoughtful convenience.

Accessories in bathroom design

Currently, designers prefer light zoning in the bathroom. Backlighting has become the norm, including in accessories, which provides a relaxation effect, adds coziness and creates a good mood.

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