Interior fabrics

Combining fabrics in an interior is an easy way to achieve impressive decorative effects. It allows you to update the environment without subjecting it to radical changes. An interior without fabric is as impossible as transparent autumn skies without fluttering yellow and red maple leaves. The fabric gives character to the house, creates a mood. Satin, lace and batiste make the house sentimental and sensitive. Corduroy and velvet – warm and cozy. Brocade, damask and moire – brilliant and proud. Tweed, tapestry and fine wool are refined and austere. Veil, broderier, tulle and muslin – fun and a little frivolous.

The original embroidered patch will be an excellent addition for curtains or a sofa cushion. Pillows will help to add warmth to the interior. They will turn the sofa by the window into a cozy corner and add the comfort of wrought iron and wicker furniture..

Club life

The window is decorated with luxurious striped curtains of various widths, heraldic emblems and gilded holders in the form of a lion’s head. And added a little playfulness, i.e. bow pleats and pleated rosettes decorated with braid. The light curtain is replaced by wooden blinds – they give the interior a special confidence and comfort. Chair covers complete the ensemble: they combine patterns on the walls and curtains.


The red bedroom, like the woman on red, is both a challenge and a passion. It is necessary to change only the color of the walls and bed linen – and you will not recognize your room. The red lampshade, oriental burgundy carpet and lush canopy will transform your bedroom into a luxurious boudoir. But if one of the duvet covers suddenly turns out to be in a cage, no one will suspect you of being too serious..

Country idyll

The fabric is freely attached to the wall with decorative nails. This is the easiest and fastest way to decorate your wall. The most impressive is the fabric with a wide patterned border, the colors and lines of which echo the outlines of furniture and accessories. The fabric with Art Nouveau ornaments is successfully combined with wrought-iron furniture. The use of different fabrics from the same collection avoids monotony without breaking the unity.

Blue on white

The charm of this ensemble is the free combination of decor of different styles. Wallpaper with a strip of classic ornamentation is paired with wallpaper that resembles faience tiles on a decorative plinth. Companion fabrics with “landscape drawings” in ink colors have been chosen for the bed linen and the chair cover. The bed frame and bedside tables are painted to match and artificially aged. A quirky bench and navy blue lamps complete this artistic interior..

Caprice of the awning on the cornice

Just two colors and what elegance! However, the secret here is not at all in color; the main thing is a combination of texture, shape and pattern. For example, a solid-colored rigid lambrequin, cornice, looks like an architectural detail. Traditional heavy curtains set off the airiness of the curtain, elegantly gathered in the middle with a kind of tie.

Good old country

The most intricate curtains in the world are country-style. How many frills, ruffles and scallops, fringes and folds! And the pattern is selected appropriately – everything is a cell and a strip. Can be in a flower. For example, for cushions and upholstery on a tiny two-seater sofa. An interesting detail: instead of a transparent curtain, you can hang vertical blackout curtains, Austrian or Roman.

Yachtsman school

The flags that hang over the sofa are the primer of a novice yachtsman. Each checkbox is a Latin letter. If you’ve already learned the letters, try to read the entire word. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t add up. We are in an apartment, not on a ship, and the bright stripes represent only ourselves. That is, they do not add up into words, but into a cover on the sofa. It should be read like this: yellow with red is beautiful, white with blue is beautiful! And the sum total is a cheerful marine interior!

Bouncy strip

In this room, the main decorative element is vertical wide stripes. They “raise” the ceiling and make the space more spacious. To avoid chaos, it is enough to choose stripes of the same color, but of different widths or of the same width, but of different tones. Try a simple and effective combination of horizontal vertical stripes. Such an expressive drawing does not require additional accessories such as brushes or grabs. The optimal solution is edging along the entire edge with a wide light stripe. And you can simply hang the curtain on a string.

From China with love

The appeal of this Chinese-styled interior is the harmony of curtains, walls, upholstery, carpet and vases. The effect is achieved by repeating the pattern. It is important that the brushes on the curtains and decorative stands for vases repeated the color of the wallpaper and curtains – different shades of blue do not always go well with each other. Holders for curtains are suitable for the most modest ones – they will still not be visible behind rich draperies. But fabric for wide folds will take three times more than for a regular curtain. Soft folds of lambrequins will give a special splendor to the window.

Book of Changes

At first glance, it may seem that we are dealing with fortune telling from the Book of Changes. Here are some solid lines – they promise stability and prosperity; here are a few torn lines – they symbolize fresh ideas and renewal. And here is the tree of fulfillment of desires, where you need to tie a ribbon, making a secret. By the way, the magic curtain can be hung with ribbons – this solution is very popular now.

Bedroom graphics

The bedroom is made in graphic black and white. The idea is to combine different black and white rhythmic patterns: “tiger” curtains on the window, large black squares on the floor, smaller squares on the cornices, a bedspread with a geometric pattern. Such graphics fit perfectly into a white apartment.

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