Eco-friendly and biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

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Biodamage or biodegradation of building materials and structures reduces the durability of buildings for various purposes. The main reasons: excess humidity and the use of organic components in finishing and other materials. Today we will talk about an environmentally friendly, but at the same time bio-resistant insulation under the PENOPLEX trademark®.

Eco-friendly and & nbsp; biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

Actual problem of developed countries

For many developed countries, one of the main environmental problems is poor indoor air quality. Dampness and mold are at the root of this massive disaster. For example, Finland has already launched a mold control program that will involve six of the country’s largest cities. The country sets the goal of the program to create a model for all cities to fight for improving indoor air quality..

Eco-friendly and & nbsp; biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

Violation of the temperature regime and technological requirements during construction, damage to waterproofing leads to an increase in the moisture content of building materials and structures. Therefore, in recent years, much attention has been paid to the energy efficiency of buildings. Due to its advantages as a heater for building envelopes and structures, PENOPLEX is widely used.®.

Biostability studies

During the construction and operation of buildings and structures, it is impossible to completely exclude the wetting of the insulation, therefore, researchers D.Yu. Vlasov. and Startsev S.A. comprehensive tests of PENOPLEX material were carried out® for biostability. The study was based on regulatory documents governing the parameters of biostability of materials used in aggressive environments and on a document dedicated to the protection of building structures from negative biological effects of the environment. Microorganisms-destructors are microbes that actually develop on the heat-insulating material under various operating conditions. A combination of microorganisms (biofilms) with high resistance to external influences was used for testing..

Eco-friendly and & nbsp; biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

Test conditions

PENOPLEX® it is operated at variable temperatures in soils, on the border of foundations and soil, facades with different contents of organic and mineral matter. Therefore, the tests were carried out in different nutrient media at different humidity conditions. The study duration ranged from 28 to 84 days. PENOPLEX behavior® and the dynamics of microbes was recorded starting from 3 days after infection up to 3 months.

Eco-friendly and & nbsp; biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

PENOPLEX® – protective barrier against germs

By placing PENOPLEX® on the surface of actively growing mold, microbes attached to the material due to the properties of the nutrient medium, but did not multiply. This test repeats the natural conditions under which PENOPLEX® will be in the zone of intensive growth of biodestructors. At the same time, PENOPLEX® virtually stops the spread of microorganisms by creating a protective barrier.

Research in a liquid medium

In experiments in a liquid medium saturated with microbes, individual biofilms developed at the boundary between air and water. Aggressive microorganisms formed only at the interface between the media. No microbial growth on the material surface is observed – PENOPLEX® stays clean.

Eco-friendly and & nbsp; biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

Test results and advantages of PENOPLEX®

A number of tests by Vlasov D.Yu. and Startseva S.A. showed that PENOPLEX® is chemically and physically neutral. PENOPLEX® does not absorb moisture and is biostable. IN PENOPLEX® lack of nutrients that promote the growth of molds on its surface. In addition, the technical properties of the material prevent moisture absorption and the development of microorganisms. Therefore, under natural conditions of operation of PENOPLEX® contact with microorganisms on its surface will not lead to the development of biodefeat, but will be restrained due to the properties of the material.

Eco-friendly and & nbsp; biostable insulation PENOPLEX®

Safe feedstock PENOPLEX®

Raw materials for the production of PENOPLEX® serve as granules of polystyrene foam for general purposes. PENOPLEX® is made from absolutely safe raw materials, which are also used for the production of food packaging, packaging for medicines, plastic tableware, children’s toys, office supplies, and household appliances. High-quality insulation PENOPLEX® does not contain harmful substances and their compounds, it is safe and environmentally friendly.

Operation of environmentally friendly PENOPLEX®

High-quality insulation PENOPLEX® allows you to introduce innovative energy efficient technologies in construction. Thanks to its properties, eco-friendly PENOPLEX® reduces heat loss of structures and reduces CO emissions2 in atmosphere. Operation of PENOPLEX® in transit zones of soil, at the base of buildings and structures, where an aggressive water-saturated environment is formed, does not cause concern. PENOPLEX® confirmed its biostability and environmental friendliness.

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