What are combined doors

What is it – combined doors?

Fig 1.

If the door is made from a wood substitute (MDF, chipboard), then before processing the finished form, it is filled with a special material. This material retains moisture and serves for sound insulation. The newest invention of Canadian specialists is the so-called needle stitch. The door is assembled from bars, and the joints are connected with this seam. It is he, as experts say, that perfectly protects the door from temperature changes. Today the price for such doors ranges from $ 400 and more. By the way, the buyer can always distinguish a fake from a “native” product just by the needle seam. “Zigzag” should be slightly visible through the paint, at the end of the door frame.

The price of a combined door depends on what kind of material its “filling” is filled with. An expensive door is done like this: first, solid pine blocks are glued, then an MDF interlayer is glued to them on both sides. Then veneer of precious wood is glued (see Fig. 1). In the doors, cheaper “filling” is different: the pine block is attached only along the perimeter, and the rest of the space is filled with jumpers in the form of honeycombs. Then, as in the first case, a veneer of valuable wood is glued to the MDF layer (see Fig. 2). Often, in order to save money, domestic manufacturers mold veneer directly onto the boards, without a layer. Therefore, do not be surprised if your bathroom door, where naturally the humidity is high, begins to unstick..

Fig 2.

Sometimes the honeycomb is not used. These doors are called hollow doors. For example, I could easily identify such a door – I just knocked on it. There was a booming sound.

If the combined door began to deform, then the reason is poor-quality varnishing. When buying, alas, this flaw cannot be checked. The door will crack at your home.

Experts advise: if your bathroom has a “Jacuzzi” or a sauna, it is better to buy a plumbing door made of a combined material, and not of solid wood. The oak door is of course strong, but the wood, even after processing, retains the properties of natural fibers. They “breathe” and absorb moisture, so the door can deform. In addition, keep in mind that the more panels are embedded in the door leaf, the less likely it is to deform due to moisture.

As it turned out, foreigners have long learned to take care of their plumbing doors. For example, Americans know a great time-tested way to fight moisture. Steam is known to accumulate on all surfaces of the bathroom after a hot shower. They make holes in the plumbing doors. Usually a hole is cut through the bottom of the door frame. Moreover, this procedure should be done after the buyer has installed the door in the apartment. Do not be alarmed, the hole will not be visible. You can keep a decent look with the help of a regular lattice, matched in color and reinforced on the inside and outside of the bathroom door. For some reason, our builders never make such vents with a grill in plumbing doors.

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