Photo collection: wood carving finished products

Carved wood cornices

Recently, everyone has become accustomed to ceiling cornices and moldings made of polystyrene, polystyrene or polyurethane. But the platbands and cornices carved from wood look much more solid and attractive. Although, the price will certainly be noticeably higher.

Carved wood balusters

Woodcarving is widely used in the manufacture of classic stairs. In this case, it turned out to be a truly palace version, but you can arrange everything a little easier, in a rustic, somewhat naive style.

Carved mirror frame

The carved frame can serve as a frame not only for mirrors, but also for paintings, home photographs and portraits. The main thing is that such a decoration does not look too massive and is combined with the rest of the interior details..

Wooden headboard

A wooden panel with openwork carving can become an unusual headboard. This option is more suitable for ethnic style or lush formal classics..

Carved platbands

Previously, carved platbands were an integral part of every rich house, served as the best decoration for the facade and at the same time protected from the sun’s rays. Now, of course, this is a decorative element that is less and less common..

Carved wood armchair

Unusual, isn’t it? Throne for the king of the forest, not otherwise. Such a carved chair will actually be surprisingly comfortable, well suited for an open veranda or gazebo in the fresh air due to the processing that protects from external influences.

Carved garden bench

Without the carvings on the sides, this bench was just a garden bench. And so it turned out a fun work of art that will definitely decorate the local area.

Wooden box

In such an original box, you can store documents, jewelry, and a set for needlework, it will certainly become a noticeable detail on the dressing table, on the shelf in the living room.

Carved flower stand

Fresh flowers on this unusual stand, most of all reminiscent of a natural tree root, look even more picturesque. All the beauty of the structure of the tree, its natural curves have been preserved, there is no unnecessary pretentiousness and splendor.

Tea desk

Many useful and beautiful items for the kitchen and dining room can be made from carved wood. In this case, it is a carved tea tray, but from wood you can create both coasters for hot dishes and holders for napkins – the possibilities are very wide and are limited only by the imagination of the master.

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