Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons

“What technology has come to!” – I just want to exclaim, considering the huge selection of electrical tools. Caring for the garden and vegetable garden was no exception, there are also many new assistants here, replacing the usual manual tools. Our tips site tells you about electric hoes.

Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons

In its article on the minimum set of tools for caring for a garden and a vegetable garden, the portal, of course, mentioned hoes. Today, many are fond of organic farming and prefer to use the Fokin flat cutter for weed control and loosening the soil. But this does not change the essence – you need to work with your hands, making efforts.

Of course, in fairly spacious areas, the cultivator will become the owner’s assistant, but on narrow aisles, in hard-to-reach places, it is better to use an electric hoe.

Electric hoe – the device is quite simple. Outwardly, it looks like a trimmer – a telescopic rod with two handles for ease of operation, at the bottom there is an engine, there is a power cord and a start button. But the principle of operation is different. The electric hoe loosens the soil surface with its smooth pins, which rotate in half a turn in different directions around the vertical axis.

Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons

The tool, according to user reviews, is convenient, easy to use, removes weeds, loosens the soil with high quality.

All electric hoes are divided into two types:

  1. Mains powered. Can only be used where the extension cord can reach. But lighter.
  2. Rechargeable. Mobile, you can go to the far corner of the garden. But do not forget to charge the battery, and the tool weighs much more.

Important! The power of the electric shovel motor varies from 350 to 500 W. Quite enough to handle even large enough plots of land without much effort on the part of the owner.

The working part of the electric hoe is “rods-fingers” made of high-carbon steel. At the end of the tool, there are two rotating discs, each with three such metal pins. The rods have triangular edges and slightly rounded edges, 10 centimeters long. Triangular section ensures thorough crumbling of weed roots and soil, high quality of work.

Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons

Important! There are electric hoes with cutters that work on the principle of a cultivator, breaking up clods of earth with rotating knives. They differ from classic models only in the tip.

Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons

There are many advantages to using electric hoes:

  • You can carry out a number of agricultural operations – harrowing, loosening, fertilizing, leveling surfaces, plowing, removing weeds. The tool is really versatile.
  • Weighs up to 5 kilograms, some popular models are about 3 kilograms, so it is convenient to use even for elderly land owners.
  • The controls are very simple.
  • The rod is usually telescopic, you can adjust the tool to your height.
  • The handles of some models change position, you can also build for yourself for ease of use.
  • If the working rods or cutters hit the stone, the soil is too hard, the tool will start to overheat – the work will be stopped automatically. This makes breakages rare..
  • Cutters and rods of the electric hoist are made of hard metal alloys, they serve for a long time.
  • There is a large selection of models, both with and without batteries.
  • Saves owners time, allowing them to complete all work on the beds much faster.
  • It is easy to store, like ordinary garden tools, it does not take up much space.

Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons

The disadvantages of electric shoes are insignificant:

  • Without battery, the tool is tied to an electric wire, the range of use is limited.
  • If there is no power supply at the dacha, you only have to buy a rechargeable electric hopper and charge at home. The question is how long will the charge last?.
  • The price, of course, is several times higher than that of an ordinary hoe. Whether to pay for the facilitation of their labor, it is up to each owner of the site.

The most popular models of electric hoes today are Gloria Gardenboy, Black&Decker, SunGarden, Texas, Eurosystems Penny Lucciola. The price starts from 7 thousand rubles and can exceed 11 thousand rubles.

Do not forget that electric hogs, like other tools, need to be looked after. After work, clean the rods and cutters from soil and grass residues, wipe dry, store in a dry place.

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