The most popular varieties of cucumbers

To get a good harvest of cucumbers, it is important to choose the right variety. There are no comrades for the taste and color; any summer resident has his own favorite variety of this popular vegetable. But Our site of advice has chosen for you the most popular varieties of cucumbers in our country, suitable for different purposes and methods of cultivation..

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

Before choosing a particular variety of cucumbers, you need to answer yourself four important questions:

  1. For what purpose are you planning to plant cucumbers? For salad or for preservation? There are versatile varieties that are suitable for both purposes. But many summer residents still prefer to plant a separate bed of cucumbers for tasty and healthy summer salads and for clogging for the winter. Salad varieties are categorically not suitable for conservation! In brine, they soften, they will not crunch, and the taste is not the same. Cucumbers for conservation can be cut into a salad, but opinions on their fresh taste differ. In addition, pickled cucumbers are usually small, it’s a pity to let them into a salad;

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

  1. Where will you grow your cucumbers – in a greenhouse or outdoors? For greenhouses, you need to choose parthenocarpic varieties that tie greens without pollination. For open ground, you can use varieties pollinated by bees;
  2. How fast do you want to harvest? There are early and later varieties of cucumbers. Usually, site owners choose both those and those in order to get the harvest as long as possible during the warm season;
  3. Are you planning to collect seeds? The portal has already written how to do this and keep the stock until next spring. If so, you need varietal cucumbers. If you always buy seeds in bags, we recommend using hybrids that have a better yield and other characteristics..

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

The most popular varieties of salad cucumbers, which usually have a smooth skin, they are longer and thinner: “April F1”, “Phoenix”, “Altai early 166”, “Graceful”, “Zozulya F1”.

Important! The F1 prefix in the name suggests that this is a hybrid, that is, a cucumber, bred by breeders by combining different species.

The most popular varieties of cucumbers for pickling and pickling: “Nezhinsky”, “Muromsky 36”, “Voronezh”, “Kristina F1”, “Mig”, “Marinda F1”, “Claudia F1”, “German”, “Zasolochny F1”, Altai, Rodnichok.

Universal varieties: “Strelets”, “Libelle”, “Dachny”, “Zhuravlyonok”, “Golubchik”.

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

For the purpose of growing in a greenhouse, the following varieties of cucumbers are popular: “Goosebump F1” (by the way, it can be grown even on the balcony, a very unpretentious look), “Boy with a finger F1”, “Benefit F1”, “Alekseich F1”, “Sankina love F1 “. As you can see, parthenocarpic, that is, species of cucumbers that do not need pollination, are hybrids.

For open ground, you can choose bee-pollinated varieties: “Zozulya F1”, “Graceful”, “Salting”, “Farmer F1”, “Nezhinsky 12” and “Spring F1”.

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

Now we will select popular varieties according to the terms of fruiting:

  • Early. “Antey”, “Graceful”, “Muromsky 36”, “Competitor”, “Cascade”, “Zyatok F1”, “Masha F1”;
  • Mid-season. “Nezhinsky”, “Belorussky”, “Mig”, “Atlant”, “Libelle F1”, “Lukhovitsky F1”, “Spring F1”, “Phoenix”, “Picas F1”, “Athlete F1”;
  • Late ripening. “Donskoy 175”, “Winner”, “Knight”, “Droplet”, “Golubik”, “Aquarius”.

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

Let’s also highlight the varieties of cucumbers that are particularly resistant to pests and diseases: “German F1”, “Competitor” and “Graceful”.

Frost-resistant varieties: “Nezhinsky”, “Competitor”, “Serpantin”, “Altai”, “Kustovoy”.

Important! As you can see, many varieties are simultaneously suitable according to several criteria, being, for example, frost-resistant, mid-season, suitable for salting, like “Nezhinskie”. Such options are convenient, as they allow you to achieve several goals at once..

The most popular varieties of cucumbers

For those who want to get mini-cucumbers, pickling gherkins, not exceeding 7 centimeters in length, we recommend choosing the following varieties: “Son of the F1 Regiment”, “Filippok F1”, “Angel F1” and “Moth F1”.

In fact, of course, there are many more varieties of cucumbers. We have selected only the most popular ones, which have received the best reviews from experienced summer residents. If you have your favorite variety of cucumbers, be sure to share in the comments on our portal.

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