7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

If you decide to use vinyl wallpaper in the decoration of one of the rooms, you need to know how they differ from other types, what advantages and features they have. Our tips site has compiled seven facts about today’s popular vinyl wallpaper..

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact one – strength and moisture resistance

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most durable and durable wall decoration options. The upper PVC layer can be washed with a soft damp cloth, all dirt is easily washed off. Such wallpapers do not fade in the sun and can last up to 50 years. True, much earlier they will have time to simply bother the owners..

Important! Heavy vinyl wallpaper is rarely glued to the ceiling, this does not make much sense and the process itself turns out to be complicated.

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact two – there are four kinds of vinyl wallpaper

All vinyl wallpapers, depending on the processing of the upper, visible layer, are divided into the following types:

  1. Foamed. The vinyl layer, when heated, turns into a foam with barely visible bubbles. In this case, the top layer gets thick, due to which the wallpaper perfectly masks the unevenness of the wall surface;
  2. Dense. Inhibitors are applied to the canvas – special substances that prevent foaming during heating. The wallpaper is dense and shiny, you can create a complex relief;
  3. Silkscreen. They are not heated at all, and the pattern is rolled onto the PVC layer. Small notches remain on the surface, which creates the effect of a silky-pleasant surface;
  4. Solid. Made of hard vinyl, which perfectly imitates leather, textiles, plaster, paper. Such wallpaper hides the unevenness of the walls as well as thick foam.

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact tretiy – vinyl wallpaper can be very different

The choice of colors and patterns is practically unlimited. Manufacturers offer vinyl wallpaper for both stone and brick, and imitation tiles. There are textured, embossed wallpapers – the choice is very rich, you can always choose an option for the chosen interior style.

Important! Solid moisture-resistant vinyl wallpaper can replace backsplash tiles and bathroom finishes. However, in wet areas near the shower and sink, they will last less than ceramic tiles..

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact fourmouth – modern vinyl wallpaper is breathable

The main claim of homeowners to vinyl wallpaper for a long time remained the inability to “breathe”, to let air through. Because of this, condensation could accumulate under a thick layer of wallpaper, and it became the cause of the appearance of fungi and mold, and the microclimate in the room deteriorated. Today, European manufacturers always add a special composition to the PVC layer, which, during the heating process, contributes to the appearance of pores on the surface of the wallpaper. As a result, the coating remains moisture resistant, but it allows air to pass through and does not allow moisture to accumulate under the finish. Such high-quality vinyl wallpaper dries in just 24 hours – like paper, recognized as environmentally friendly.

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact five – non-woven vinyl wallpaper is preferred

There are two types of base on which the PVC layer is applied – paper and non-woven. The latter is stronger, does not deform in the process of getting wet and drying. How to glue vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base, the portal wrote in detail. It is also easier to remove them from the walls – they are simply separated by a single piece, nothing needs to be ripped off with a brush.

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact six – specialhot glue

Only a special compound can hold thick and heavy vinyl wallpaper on the wall. Adhesives for other wallpapers are categorically not suitable. This must be taken into account before purchasing..

7 facts about vinyl wallpaper

Fact seven – withprice / quality ratio

Vinyl wallpaper is not a cheap option. If you see a roll in the store that costs less than 300 rubles – pass by. This is a low-quality canvas that will not let air through and will not last long. The price of high-quality vinyl wallpaper can go up to 2 thousand rubles per roll. Non-woven wallpaper is always more expensive than paper. We advise you to buy wallpaper from leading suppliers in reputable retail chains. It will not be superfluous to ask if the products are certified.

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