Espagnolettes: types, features of selection and installation

Espagnolette is a fairly simple and uncomplicated device. However, the choice of such valves today is great, so you need to understand the varieties, understand how they differ, how they can be installed. Let’s talk about bolts, which are often simply impossible to find a replacement for..

Forged door bolt

Espagnolette is a type of hardware that is used to fix a window or door sash in an open or closed position. The scope of application of such bolts is very wide: cabinet doors, wardrobes, windows, doors, gates, wickets … The requirements for latches are regulated by GOST 5090–86 “Hardware locking for wooden windows and doors”. Let’s clarify right away that today bolts are used not only on wooden windows and doors, but also on metal, plastic.

Window latches

There are no strict regulations for the size of the latches. It is clear that a smaller bolt should be chosen for the cabinet door, and the largest for the entrance gate. But the specific dimensions depend on the manufacturer. It is important to know that latches are measured: body length (most common models are from 40 to 400 millimeters), base height, base thickness, striker length, mounting hole diameter, bolt diameter.

Espagnolette on the gate

According to the material of manufacture, the latches are divided into plastic and metal. It is clear that metal is much more reliable and therefore much more popular. They are made from metals and alloys such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass and copper..

Brass latch

The bolt works as follows: the bolt, the locking pin, extends from the body, enters the hole of the striker, blocking the sash of the door, cabinet or window. To unlock the sash, you need to return the deadbolt to the opposite position. If the lever is left protruding, it will prevent the door or window from closing tightly..

According to the principle of operation, the latches can be:

  1. Mechanical. The bolt protrudes manually, there is a swivel handle that helps open or close the bolt, as well as fix it in this position.
  2. Automatic. Usually spring-loaded, with a locking button. When the door or window sash is slammed, the deadbolt automatically extends, and opens only when the button is pressed. They are often called furniture.

Espagnolette automatic with a button

Today, there are also electromechanical valves, in particular radio-controlled ones. Such devices are closed and opened with a special key that looks like a key fob with a button. To keep the device working even in the event of a power outage, a small battery is embedded inside. If the key fob is lost, you will have to delete the old codes from the system.

Automatic radio-controlled latch

In addition, the gate valves can be open or closed. With open ones, you can easily see all the details of the structure, including the crossbar itself, which locks the rod. In closed ones, only part of it is visible, everything else is hidden under the body.

The design of the gate valves can also be very different. There are very original models in copper and bronze in retro style that cost a lot. There are quite simple ones, they cost less than 50 rubles. There are differences only in color to choose for the shade of the canvas. There are gold plated and silver plated.

Espagnolette invoice

Espagnolette with horseshoe handle

By the type of installation, the latches are divided into:

  1. Overhead. The easiest option, installation can be performed by any owner of the house, especially since self-tapping fasteners or screws are included. Yes, overhead latches are immediately striking, they cannot be hidden, so it is important to choose a bolt that is in harmony with the color and design of the canvas, as well as the rest of the fittings.
  2. Embedded. It is necessary to prepare a groove of the appropriate size in the opening – top or bottom. Such latches are almost invisible, but their installation is much more complicated..
  3. Mortise. They are quite popular, as they are built into the door body during installation. They do not spoil the appearance of the entire structure, they are most often used when the door has two leaves.

End bolt for door

Important! Mortise latches – they are end latches, they are built in like a locking device, they require the ability to work with a carpentry tool.

When buying a latch, test it right away – make sure it opens and closes easily. The easiest way, of course, is to install the bolt on your own – you should mark the places for attaching the main part and the striker – exactly opposite. Then screw the screws and self-tapping screws into the holes on the base and check the operation of the valve. It is more convenient to use a screwdriver or drill for screwing in screws, the process will be much faster.

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