Varieties of wooden windows. How to choose the right one

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The general fascination with plastic windows gradually began to subside, and people again turned their attention to the tree, traditional in this area of ​​application. There are at least two reasons for this – the naturalness of the material and the use of modern technologies that have improved the quality of products, made them more convenient to use and extended the service life..

Varieties of wooden windows. How to choose the right one

Since windows are purchased for more than one season, their choice must be taken seriously. There has been an increase in the number of window manufacturers and resellers looking to sell them, so you need to be careful not to be led by advertisements. It is necessary to firmly know that wooden windows do not mean cheap. Natural material has always been appreciated, and if a wooden profile is made with high quality, then it will not be cheaper than a plastic one. And if the choice stops at foreign manufacturers, then their cost is even higher.

How to choose wooden windows

Basically on the Russian market you can find windows made according to Finnish or Norwegian technology. They are imported from Finland and Norway, or neighboring countries, and their production is being established in Russia itself from foreign materials. It can be noted that the quality of Russian products using foreign technologies is not inferior to imported ones, but their cost is slightly lower..

Finnish technology windows

Finnish windows are made of high quality two-layer glued laminated timber, which undergoes an antiseptic treatment and covered with several layers of varnishes or enamels. The thickness of the frames of Finnish windows ranges up to 175 millimeters, which allows us to speak about their good protection from noise and thermal insulation. Double-glazed windows are installed with one or two chambers, and both air and argon or krypton interlayers can serve as a filler. High tightness of frames is guaranteed by silicone seals. All fittings are used only imported, but in most cases they are supplied from Finland..

Varieties of wooden windows. How to choose the right one

Finnish windows have one feature that has not been preserved in other types of modern windows, but is familiar to Russian consumers – they open only in one plane, and vents or transoms are used for ventilation.

Windows made using Norwegian technology

Unlike Finnish, Norwegian technology implies the use of solid wood of northern pine or larch in the manufacture of windows. Since these types of wood are characterized by high density, the windows are durable and their service life is increased. Rubber gaskets serve as a seal in Norwegian double-glazed windows, and the flaps open in two positions.

Varieties of wooden windows. How to choose the right one

The big advantages of windows of this type include two features of their design – the glass unit is attached from the outside with a glazing bead, which simplifies its replacement in case of damage, and the presence of a special gasket made of foil with a molecular structure in the sashes, which prevents the glass from fogging.

Window care

When taking care of wooden windows, it is necessary to timely renew the varnish-and-paint coating to protect the wood from weathering. Also, twice a year, the moving elements of the drive should be lubricated, possibly with sewing oil. But you need to know that the lower parts of the mechanism are not lubricated so as not to disrupt their adjustment. The seals are cleaned twice a year with special care products or water and soap, after which they are wiped dry and treated with oil with a silicone additive. Such measures will preserve their elasticity, and hence the duration of service..

Varieties of wooden windows. How to choose the right one

The opinion that wooden windows are inferior in quality to plastic ones is unfounded. If they are provided with timely and proper care, then they can serve up to 50 years.

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