Technical supervision of construction and repair: what is it and when is it needed

It is necessary to control the process of construction or major repairs. Very often the owners themselves take on this responsibility. But they are not experts in this field! Our site of advice will tell you what construction, it is also technical supervision, in which cases it is better not to save on it.

Technical supervision of construction and repair

The portal wrote in detail about the author’s supervision of the project. Yes, if the architect himself, the project developer, controls the construction of a house from scratch, he will control all the important points. However, most often the designer’s supervision is performed. And his control is more aesthetic component! The designer will check the quality of the finishing materials, help you buy exactly what was planned, make sure of the quality of the tiles, and so on. But the designer may not understand technical norms and rules, the laying of communications, and so on. It is in this very important area of ​​repair and construction that technical supervision is applied..

Important! Construction supervision concerns the technical aspects of construction and repairs. A third-party, specially invited engineer will check whether the waterproofing was installed correctly, what solution was used to screed the floor, how long and in what conditions it dried, where and how the communications go, and so on. That is, technical supervision affects precisely those areas in which the owners and the designer may simply not understand. There is a special specialty – “technical supervision engineer”, which is taught in universities.

Technical supervision of construction and repair

Technical supervision of construction and repair is required in a number of cases:

  • A commercial facility is being built or overhauled. It will be checked and accepted by regulatory authorities, so it is very important to do everything correctly in terms of technical regulations and SNiPs. In addition, busy entrepreneurs simply have no time to control workers on a construction site or in a refurbished store. Therefore, the owners invite an independent specialist;
  • Construction or repairs are carried out remotely. For example, the owner lives in Moscow, and repairs an apartment in a new building in Gelendzhik. It is clear that it will be difficult to come even once a week. In this case, an independent specialist will literally become the eyes of the owner at the facility and will control all the processes taking place, making photo and video recording for reporting;

Important! Unlike architectural supervision, technical supervision does not imply any changes to the project and does not concern the aesthetic component at all. Technical supervision ensures that the finishing will be done with high quality. The designer is responsible for the beauty and final appearance of the rooms (if he was invited).

  • The facility is large. For example, a two-story penthouse, a huge mansion with a swimming pool, there are technical rooms and difficulties with individual heating, communications;
  • The house is historical, therefore, the renovation is associated with additional difficulties and requirements of regulatory authorities;
  • A serious redevelopment of the apartment is ahead, with the demolition of walls, the transfer of communications, and so on..

Important! Don’t forget about the state technical supervision! You will have to go through it in case of serious redevelopment of the apartment. The commission will arrive at the site to make sure that the redevelopment was carried out exactly according to the agreed project and technical standards were not violated.

Technical supervision of construction and repair

Of course, you can do without technical supervision. This service is charged separately, so many homeowners save money. According to experts, if you have a superintendent whom you trust with excellent recommendations, you can entrust technical supervision to him. The contractor should be asked if he will monitor his workers on a daily basis, if he can guarantee the quality of each stage of rough finishing.

Experts note that this option, when the foreman takes over the functions of technical supervision, is very common in the case of the construction and repair of small private houses and apartments. The tasks of the foreman will include:

  • Checking the levelness of the ceiling, walls and floors;
  • Maintaining the terms and conditions of drying of the entire rough finish;
  • Measurement of angles;
  • Tracking all technical regulations.

All this is very important for the continuation of work, because otherwise, cracks and spots may appear on the finishing materials..

Technical supervision of construction and repair

Typically, the cost of technical supervision by an independent specialist does not exceed 1–2% of the price of the entire project. That is, the more expensive the entire repair, the more complex and large the construction, the more the technical supervision engineer will take for his services.

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