Plastic windows: advantages and features of preparation for winter

Summer, of course, is a great time, but, like everything in our life, it will definitely end. In this case, cold weather will follow, which will make you think about the implementation of various measures for insulation. It would seem that after installing a plastic window, such problems will never arise again. In fact, this product also requires some adjustment. Only with the right settings will the new window keep warm and not let gusts of cold wind pass through.

Plastic windows: advantages and features of preparation for winter

In general, plastic windows today can be safely called one of the most ambitious discoveries of the twentieth century. It is only worth noting the crazy demand for these products. Every year, millions of people throw away old wooden structures in their apartments, replacing them with new plastic ones. There is nothing surprising. Plastic windows are made of environmentally friendly materials, have a simple but very reliable design, excellent sound and heat insulation. In general, there are many advantages. Let’s dwell on them in more detail..

In particular, it is worth noting the versatility of the windows, which is a guarantee of reliable isolation of a warm room from the street. In this case, the cold air will remain exclusively where it should be. It is impossible not to highlight the unique durability and strength of the material, resistance to various natural disasters, ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Plastic windows can serve faithfully for many decades. Moreover, they do not need any special care. It is enough to wash them and periodically lubricate some of the accessories – that’s it. Only many people (more often out of ignorance of some features) begin to criticize the product in winter, when they find that cold air seeps through the cracks of the windows, writing off everything as a marriage. In fact, it is not so.

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Plastic windows: advantages and features of preparation for winter

Some installers do not have the proper qualifications and after installation do not spend time setting up the fittings. But this is quite a crucial moment. Especially if the installation is already carried out during the cold season. There are also a number of technicians who will set up based on the season the installation is taking place. At the same time, on purpose or by accident, many workers do not bother to explain to the owners what measures need to be taken before the beginning of winter. In fact, it is only necessary to perform a number of small manipulations, which will be discussed below..

If your window is deaf, without opening shutters, then here you just need to check that there were no cracks around the perimeter and under the window sill, and air from the street does not leak into the room. Very often, after poor-quality putty, such problems occur. It is also worth adjusting the pressing of the opening parts to the main window, because this is where the cause of the cold troubles may lie.

The first thing to do is find the repair kit that the window installers should have left behind. If this was not possible, you need to open your window and look at the end face what diameter you need a hexagon for setting up. The adjusting screws themselves are located on all four edges of the pivot part of the window.

Plastic windows: advantages and features of preparation for winter

Now, with the help of a hexagon, it is necessary to turn the eccentric to the required position so that the clamping of the turning part of the window to the main one is maximum. Most often, it is enough to make the “tongue” “look” towards the street. All manipulations take only a few minutes, but the effect will be very significant..

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It would seem that nothing grand has been done. In fact, the degree of pressing the sash has been changed, which prevents cold air from entering the room..

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