Which windows should you choose? We evaluate plastic and wood

Windows are an integral part of any home. They are light sources, heat shields, noise insulators. It is very important that in addition to these qualities, windows have an aesthetic value. Nowadays, the window market is quite wide. Manufacturers do not stand still, coming up with new models of windows.

Nowadays the most popular are wooden and plastic window profiles. They differ not only in characteristics, but also in price..

Which windows to choose

For those who are not limited in funds, there is no problem with the choice of windows. But if the amount for the purchase and installation of windows has a limit, you need to study with passion all the pros and cons of their wood and plastic windows. Which windows should you choose? Let’s deal with this issue.

Wooden windows … Is everything so natural??

When plastic windows were not yet produced, wooden frames adorned in the openings of the walls. At that time, they were considered the best option for windows. Over time, wooden windows have improved: shape, color, production technology have changed. Currently, they are modern designs that meet all the requirements of practicality, comfort, manufacturability and, of course, external aesthetics..

Inexpensive wooden window frames are made from larch and pine. These types of wood have a low cost price due to their availability and softness. A pine window will be especially cheap, but it easily deforms and dries up due to increased hygroscopicity. More expensive wood frames will hit your pocket.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are separate and double. Separate designs are slightly cheaper than twin profiles. Split windows have 2 sashes, each of which opens independently of each other (mounted on different hinges). The double timber window frames are bolted together. This is not very convenient as it is difficult to clean the inner glass. In addition, such windows have poor thermal insulation and noise protection..
Double-glazed windows for wooden windows can be purchased separately. One square meter of window glass will cost from 600 rubles and more. To improve technological performance, installers plant glass sheets on a sealant and lay a seal around the frame perimeter. But even these techniques do not help to finish off the exceptional characteristics of wooden windows..

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There are many companies for the production and installation of wooden windows. They can offer domestic options, or they can supply imported products. Russian wooden windows are an economical choice. But wooden windows from foreign manufacturers are not much inferior to plastic profiles. They have high levels of waterproofing due to a special coating, heat and noise protection. Wooden frames are made of solid and durable wood. They are covered with varnish, paint.

Even expensive wooden windows cannot boast of harmlessness and environmental friendliness, no matter how firms assure you otherwise. The technology for the production of wooden windows is complex and consists of many small stages. The wood is dried, glued, covered with special chemical compounds. As you can imagine, these procedures deprive windows of their natural ecological compatibility. In addition, special care is required for wooden windows, which cannot be said about plastic structures..

Considering all the pros and cons of wooden windows, most people tend to buy metal-plastic profiles.

Plastic windows

Plastic windows are a real hit in the window industry. Most people opt for PVC windows. They deserve popularity well deservedly, so they perfectly isolate the room from external factors, retain heat, are easy to operate, and have a ventilation device. The price for such a pleasure is an order of magnitude higher, but there is much more benefit from it..

Plastic windows

Plastic windows can be single-chamber, two-chamber and three-chamber. The chamber is the space between the glasses, which can be vacuum or filled with inert gas. Thermal convection occurs inside the chamber, providing warm air in the room.

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Pay attention to the quality of glass in double-glazed windows. Plastics use conventional float glass, K-glass and i-glass. It is clear that the better the glass, the more expensive the window will be. The best part is i-glass, which has a thin metal oxide film. This film is applied in a vacuum environment, it is magnetized to the glass surface. Such a coating improves heat-shielding characteristics several times..

For an additional fee, you can order additional window opening techniques. Also, by paying for the services of an installer, you can get rid of old window profiles, install slopes, and improve the sealing of joints. As they say, any whim for your money.

Which windows to choose is up to you. Regardless of the choice, use the services of professional installers so that afterwards you do not have to repair the windows. Only after completing all the work and checking the quality of the installation, you can sign the relevant documents. Such foresight will save you from problems with new windows. Don’t forget about the stingy who pays twice!

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