Aspartame – chemical properties and harm of synthetic sweetener, release form and side effects

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Modern people try to use aspartame, instead of sugar, to reduce weight, suppress appetite or with diabetes, but is the product safe? Sweetener is found in many foods and drinks, when ingested, the substance breaks down into components, some of which are very toxic, so doctors have doubts about the safety of its use.

What is Aspartame

The food supplement E951 or aspartame (L-Aspartyl, L-phenylalanine) is also known as Nutrasvit, Sladex, Aspamix is ​​the most popular synthetic sweetener and sugar substitute. As a chemical element, L-phenylalanine is a dipeptide methyl ester, which contains amino acids: phenylalanine and aspartic acid. In terms of taste, the sweetener is much superior to sugar, while the sweet taste of the additive lasts longer, but more slowly manifests itself. L-Aspartyl is odorless and soluble in water. Chemical formula – C14H18N2O5.

L-phenylalanine breaks down at temperatures above 30 ° C, so the use of the drug is possible in the production of those products that are not subjected to heat treatment. The main purpose of E951 is the production of sugar substitute, sweet soft drinks. You can meet the sweetener as part of many foods: confectionery, chewing gum, and candy. After administration, the substance quickly enters the bloodstream. Decay occurs similarly to amino acids. Kidney excretion.

Release form

Aspartame sugar substitute is available in the form of white crystals, odorless. L-Aspartyl is produced both on an industrial scale and in the form of an independent sweetener for use in the food industry. The sweetener can be found on pharmacy shelves in the form of white tablets of 18 mg each.

Chemical properties

E951 is two hundred times sweeter than sugar. The substance has no specific aftertaste and is well soluble in water and alcohol. The melting point is 247 degrees. When heated, the sweet taste disappears, and the substance itself is destroyed. The molecular weight of the sweetener is 294.3 g / mol, the density of the product is approximately 1.35 g per cm ?. With the same degree of sweetening, one gram of product corresponds to only 0.5% of the calorie content of sugar. The main properties of L-Aspartyl:

  • does not increase the calorie content of finished products;
  • the sweetness is not felt immediately, but it is felt for a long time;
  • it is highly soluble in hot water, medium – cold, completely insoluble in fatty solvents;
  • sometimes acts as an enhancer of taste;
  • loses sweet taste when cooked.

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Effect on the body E951

Sweetener Aspartame is considered a non-toxic, safe substance that doctors recommend for diabetics as a dietary alternative to sugar. Many manufacturers claim that the food supplement does not do much harm to the body, scientists have a different point of view, arguing that E951 negatively affects the health of people who regularly consume it in food.

With the breakdown of aspartame, the formation of methanol (methyl alcohol), formaldehyde, phenylalanine occurs in the body. These are all dangerous carcinogens that affect the body like poison. When using a large number of low-calorie foods with a food supplement, intoxication can occur. In addition, phenylalanine, which is part of L-Aspartyl, is able to violently attack the brain. Under the influence of amino acids, nerve cells gradually die, the patient may lose consciousness. The permissible daily intake of E951 is 40 mg per kg of body weight..

Harm of Aspartame

The sweetener L-phenylalanine, like other synthetic additives, tends to accumulate in the body. This fact does not cause a danger to a healthy person, but for certain groups of patients (patients with diabetes mellitus and suffering from improper metabolism), this accumulation leads to the risk of an overdose of the drug. The main harm of the substance to the body is that the sugar substitute breaks down into hazardous substances: methanol and formaldehyde.

In addition, eating foods with a sweetener leads to weight gain. Indeed, when aspartame enters the body, the brain ceases to produce serotonin, a person does not feel satiety, and therefore begins to eat more. The use of L-Aspartyl is harmful to patients with phenylketonuria disease – this ailment is associated with impaired amino acid metabolism. Prolonged use of a sweetener can cause methanol poisoning, which causes multiple sclerosis. Medicine has more than 90 negative neurological symptoms that E 951 causes..

Aspartame Metabolism

L-phenylalanine breaks down in the body into methanol and two amino acids, which are an integral part of proteins. Small amounts of methyl alcohol are not harmful to the body, in large doses it is toxic, but getting it with food is much higher than the number of carcinogen that is formed from L-Aspartyl. With aspartame metabolism, only 10% of the substance is converted to methanol. When using one liter of a drink with a sweetener, only 50 mg of methyl alcohol enters the body, while packaged juice contains up to 160 mg of carcinogen per 1000 ml.

A single dose of L-phenylalanine in a dosage of up to 34 mg per kilogram of body weight or 70 mg / kg (8 doses) does not lead to the appearance of methanol in dangerous concentrations. After taking products, including L-phenylalanine, the substance is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine. As a rule, the drug is metabolized through transamination (transfer) reactions by the liver tissues. Decay products are excreted through the kidneys and urinary system.

Indications for use

Using the tool, you can control the level of sugar. The sweetener is often prescribed for patients with endocrinological pathologies (diabetes mellitus, obesity) and diseases requiring the exclusion or restriction of the use of sweets. In addition, the substance has a sweetening effect, so L-Aspartyl can be used instead of regular sugar to reduce the calorie content of food and drinks.

Dosage and administration

Before you start using the drug, you should definitely consult with a specialist about possible negative consequences for the body. One sweetener tablet is equal to a teaspoon of sugar. L-Aspartyl must be taken orally after a meal, dissolving in a glass of water or a drink (18–36 mg per 250 ml). The maximum dose of the drug is 40 mg / kg per day. If you skip taking the drug, increase its amount only when the daily dosage is not exceeded.

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special instructions

With a long heat treatment, the substance decomposes and loses its sweet taste. The drug is not recommended for physically healthy persons. Aspartame is part of the food that is widely used by the population. Even children’s vitamins can not do without this component, while there is no unequivocal opinion on the benefits of the substance. The manufacturer should indicate the presence of the additive in ready-made sweet drinks and packaged products on the label, patients with phenylketonuria should pay special attention to this.

Aspartame during pregnancy

According to studies by American scientists, the use of aspartame during breastfeeding and during pregnancy in recommended doses does not harm. Although gynecologists do not recommend taking Aspartame a sweetener because of the lack of its energy and nutritional value, and pregnant women especially need calories and nutrients.

You can not eat a sweetener on your own, because any change in the chemical composition of a woman’s body affects the development of the fetus. The consequences of this effect have not yet been studied, so it is better to refuse to take a dietary supplement, this will not lead to restrictions on the woman’s lifestyle, but at the same time create a sense of calm in relation to the health of the future baby.

E951 for weight loss

A dietary supplement is part of diet drinks and foods. Many people believe that an artificial sweetener is the best way to lose weight, because it is not high-calorie. Although this is not at all the case, because after consuming drinks containing the E951 supplement, a sweet aftertaste remains in the mouth, which is not removed by saliva. This condition stimulates appetite, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds. In addition, one liter of a drink sweetened with a substance contains 56 mg of methanol, which is also harmful to health..

Sugar substitute often causes a feeling of hunger, which lasts for several hours after application, which also does not contribute to weight loss, but only an additional weight gain. Sweeteners are found in diets, for example, in Ducane, where the author insists on the need to take an additive to trick the brain. Although water sweetened with aspartame enhances the urge to eat. The right diet for weight loss can only be prescribed by a specialist, and uncontrolled intake of E951 has a negative effect on the patient’s health.

Drug interaction

Food supplement E 951 does not interact with drugs.

Side effects

Aspartame is a safe drug that, when properly selected, rarely leads to unwanted side effects. If a person uncontrollably takes or exceeds the permissible rate of the drug, the following may occur:

  • skin rashes (urticaria);
  • headaches (migraine);
  • increased appetite;
  • thirst;
  • irritability;
  • weight gain;
  • sclerosis;
  • insomnia;
  • cramps
  • memory loss;
  • numbness of the legs;
  • causeless concern.

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Daily intake of large doses of the substance can lead to the formation of malignant tumors.. It is believed that an increase in the amount of the drug can cause the development of systemic lupus erythematosus. In case of an overdose of the drug, the following undesirable consequences may occur:

  • decreased vision, hearing;
  • dizziness;
  • vomiting
  • joint pain
  • memory impairment;
  • stomach ache;
  • depressive state;
  • panic attacks.


Doctors do not recommend the use of nutritional supplement E 951 to pregnant women, nursing women and young children. In addition, among the main contraindications of Aspartame, instructions for use indicate such conditions:

  • individual hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • the presence of homozygous phenylketonuria in a patient.

Terms of sale and storage

You can buy a dietary supplement in the form of tablets without a prescription in any pharmacy. Keep the drug at room temperature, away from sunlight, as the substance is sensitive to heat. The product has a long shelf life.


The most common sweetener alternatives are: herbal natural remedy – Stevia and Synthetic cyclamate. The following Aspartame analogues are also found on drugstore shelves:

  • Shugafri;
  • AminoSweet;
  • Spoonful;
  • Nutrasvit (NutraSweet);
  • Sanekta;
  • Canderel;
  • Sanpa;

Multi colored pills

Aspartame Price

You can buy a food supplement through online stores or at any pharmacy. The cost of the substance depends on the number of tablets in the package and on the dosage. The average price of Aspartame is about 80 rubles for 350 tablets. The approximate cost of sweetener in Moscow:


Price in rubles

Novasweet 0 Calories 150 Tablets


Sugar substitute novasvit aspartame No. 350


Milford SUSS sugar substitute (300 tablets)


Sweetener (sugar substitute) with aspartame MilfordSuss 300 tablets


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