The breath of eternity: the use of natural stone in the finishing work and landscape compositions

Stone in landscape composition

This material is widely used in finishing works: when decorating facades and plinths, walls and floors, when laying mosaics. It is also used in landscape design. The indisputable advantage of a natural material is that its natural beauty does not disappear over time. On the contrary, it will become more and more beautiful and luxurious.

So, for exterior decoration (facades) stone protects the house from negative external influences, as well as serving to adorn it. Strength, durability and unpretentiousness favorably distinguish it from other cladding materials (wood, brick, tile), with which, incidentally, it combines perfectly. Finishing the basement with granite or marble will not only provide protection from the environment, but also allow this isolated part of the building will remain beautiful for a long time.

The work is better to trust the professionals, since the facing of the facade or plinth requires knowledge of many nuances (proper preparation of the surface and facing boards).

Natural is also used in the interior decoration. Apply, for example, marble or granite wallpaper, mosaic for finishing walls. The uniqueness of this material lies in the fact that nature itself has invested in it those amazing, unique properties, which are not under the power of artificial materials. Shades are varied, patterns are deep and unique, light is reflected in crystals stunningly beautiful.

Stone in landscape composition

If the room is finished with a stone, then this finish will be almost eternal. Thus it is possible to receive absolutely surprising, unique interior with unusual outlines, effective drawings and mosaics.

The ease of attachment of the facing material (on special adhesive) also contributes to its popularization. For example, marble, thanks to the ease of processing, has won the sympathy of designers and customers landscaping. In addition, it is often used materials such as granite, slate, onyx.

It has found its application in the finishing of floors. Firstly, it is practically impossible to tread. And secondly, to maintain its appearance at the proper level is fairly simple (you just need to polish and sand from time to time).

Designers make the most various subjects of an interior from it: tabletops, ladders, bars, fireplaces, window sills – which look originally and are exclusive decisions. In the bathroom and kitchen it is convenient to use tabletops of granite or marble. They can be used not only for their direct function, but also as an interior decoration. Since they have an increased resistance to wear and moisture, they can last a very long time if properly cared for.

Stairs made of this material always look luxurious. They are both aesthetic, exclusive and hardwearing. There are many variants of execution. Fireplaces decorate any interior. Using marble for cladding is ideal. If cared for properly, it works wonderfully and makes the interior more comfortable.

Window sills have come to be made of marble due to the fact that they are not only durable and long-lasting, but also beautiful and suitable for growing flowers, for example. If you choose the right material and color, you can admire this piece of interior design for years to come.

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