7 ways to prepare new shoes for toe

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Shoes originally liked in the future can bring big trouble in the form of painful sensations in the legs. After a long day of work, you will get blood corns, blisters or corns that go very long. To avoid this, a few tips on the proper use of a new pair of shoes will help..

Wear shoes gradually

Wear shoes gradually

After purchasing shoes, do not wear them immediately for the whole day, otherwise your fingers will hurt very much in the evening. It is better to wear shoes in short periods, for example, for 20-30 minutes. It is most convenient to do this at home, performing active movements.

Spray alcohol

Use the product in combination with water, the ratio of parts is 1: 1. Pour liquid into the sprayer and treat the inside of the shoe with it. Never use alcohol outside, otherwise spoil the appearance of the shoes. Cracks will appear, the shade will change. Spray liquid several times for a visible effect. After each treatment, wear, wear shoes for 20 minutes. Hard shoes as a result will become soft, comfortable.

Use ice

Use ice

The old folk method, which helps to quickly distribute shoes, increase it in size. Its disadvantage is that the shoes may be too loose. The procedure is carried out as follows: sealed bags filled with water are placed inside the shoes, the shoes are left in the freezer for 8-12 hours. The resulting ice will greatly expand the narrow boots..

Mold holders

If the feet hurt from new shoes (especially the ankles, toes), try devices to expand them. They are made of wood or plastic. The pads are inserted inside, they hold the shape of the shoe until you wear it. To achieve the desired effect, use products 1-2 times, for example, at night. When you wake up, the shoes will already have a convenient shape for you.



To prevent blisters and blisters on the feet from new shoes, use protective pads. They are more convenient than bandages, do not fall off your feet, even with prolonged wear provide comfort. Shoes will expand gradually by adding a new layer.

Thick socks

Thick socks

If you are rubbing new shoes, use one of the easiest ways to wear shoes. Put on thick socks or several thin ones, shoes on top, walk like this for 30 minutes or 4-8 hours if there is no discomfort. It’s not necessary to go outside, do a house cleaning or do some exercises.

Heat shoes

If you don’t know how to prepare new shoes for toe, try using hot air. Create it with a hairdryer, direct it to problem areas, hold it for a few minutes. The fabric will become soft and elastic, due to which the shoes will take the necessary shape.

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  1. Everly

    How can I properly prepare new shoes for toe and ensure maximum comfort and durability?

  2. Harper

    I have read about 7 ways to prepare new shoes for toe, but I’m curious to know if there are any specific techniques or recommendations that would work best for different types of shoes? For example, would these tips be suitable for leather shoes or should I follow a different process? Thank you for any insights you can provide!

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