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The real disaster is the appearance in the house of cockroaches or ants. These creatures are not so easy to etch, they quickly adapt to the environment, nutrition. Many homeowners try to get rid of these insects with the help of folk remedies, which are far from always able to help. Such a reliable tool as cuts from ants will come to the rescue.

Release Forms

Chopping is considered one of the surest, most reliable ways to combat harmful insects. In Moscow in the online store you can order with delivery the following forms of release of the drug:

  1. Powder – Domchist Chops or Dust. This tool costs about 35 rubles per 120 g.
  2. Gel – “Zindan Chops.” It is contained in a special syringe, making it easy to squeeze out, apply to any surface, even in cracks. It costs 25-35 rubles for 15-30 g.
  3. Granules – “Rubit Profi Spider” is not as popular as gel, but also effective. It costs 95 rubles for 200 g.


The drug Rubit Zindan contains two active active ingredients that act as poisons for ants. These parasites can withstand any chemicals, but the simultaneous use of two different substances at once significantly reduces their stability. Details for each substance:

  1. Imidacloprid is a member of the neonicotinoid group, and in terms of properties it can compete with organophosphorus compounds and pyrethroids. Zindane Chop contains 0.5% of this substance..
  2. Chlorpyrifos is used at a concentration of 0.25%. It belongs to the group of organophosphorus components..

Means Chops

In addition to active toxic substances, the composition of such an agent as Rubit Zindan also includes other components: stabilizers, flavorings, additives. The finished product becomes attractive to ants and cockroaches due to its smell: chocolate, honey. Insects eat any waste, crumbs from the table from the products. But if there is an opportunity to “enjoy” sweets, they will not miss it..

Mechanism of action

Imidacloprid has a paralyzing effect. As a result of poisoning with this substance, nerve impulses in the body of the insect stop, complete paralysis of the limbs and the whole body occurs. Nervous and digestive activity ceases, in the shortest possible time the ant dies. The action of this substance extends to the skin of the pest: ulcers appear, the structure of the limbs is destroyed. Plus Rubita is that it does not cause the insect to quickly become addictive, it can act up to 1 month.

Chlorpyrifos contained in Rubite from ants also tends to paralyze its victim. It acts differently: it disrupts the passage of nerve impulses, which leads to a loss of nutritional and respiratory abilities, and soon the insect dies. The remedy is effective for 2 months, but with too long use parasites get used to it.

Advantages and disadvantages

For many years, Rubit has been used to control pests, so people already know about its effectiveness. Especially popular was Rubit Zindan. Consider in detail the strengths of the gel:

  1. Safety – the gel does not get your hands dirty, does not rise in the air, due to which the residents of the apartment can be calm for their health.
  2. Ease of use – easily squeezed out of the syringe, penetrating even inaccessible slots.
  3. No smell.
  4. It acts for a long time – thanks to the form of the gel, the action of the product will last for 1-1.5 months, which means it will continue to kill new insects.
  5. Cheap – the cost of the product does not exceed 50 rubles, which is small compared to many other imported, advertised funds.
  6. Colorless – will not spoil the appearance of the apartment.
  7. No harm to pets.

There is nothing that is absolutely positive. So the poison from the ants in the apartment contains several negative sides:

  1. Gel Rubit has a sticky, viscous substance that will be extremely difficult to remove after a while from the floor or furniture. It is recommended to apply the product on paper..
  2. The component of chlorpyrifos is addictive to insects, so the use of Rubit should be reduced to 1.5-2 months.

The powder has slightly different properties with respect to the gel. “Domchist Chops” has many disadvantages:

  1. Particles may be in the air..
  2. Powder is harder to remove after disinfestation.
  3. In those places where it cannot be eliminated, he will remain.
  4. Only horizontal surfaces in the living area can be processed..

To process the walls, you can dilute the powder in water and wash with this mortar the walls, the floor. There is simply no chance for ants. Other advantages of the powder:

  1. Low price – about 35 rubles per 120 g.
  2. Easy to apply: just sprinkle onto desired surfaces.

Chops off ants in granules is also often used. It has several advantages:

  1. Not sprayed in the air, does not harm humans.
  2. Granules do not stick to surfaces, they are easy to remove.
  3. Easy to apply – just sprinkle in the right places.
  4. No smell.
  5. Long acting.

The disadvantages of this tool are few. These include:

  1. Only horizontal surfaces can be machined..
  2. Narrow slots and other inaccessible places cannot be processed..

How to use

Like any toxic substance, poison for ants in an apartment requires special handling, caution. Regardless of the form in which this product was purchased, Rubit is categorically not recommended to be touched with bare hands. Before processing the room, a person must wear special thick rubber gloves. In the case of powder, a respirator will also be required..

Using Rubit from Ants

Chops Zindan

Each form of release has its own method of application. If the choice is on Rub Zindan:

  1. Carry out a full cleaning of the house, wash all surfaces, remove all unnecessary.
  2. Place the poison on the substrates in the following places: next to water, near the bin, baseboards, in drawers, on shelves, on tables, windowsills, backs of furniture, appliances.
  3. Throw away substrates after use and wash surfaces with soap and water.

Rubit Profi Granule Spider

Pellets Chops – an effective remedy for domestic ants. Using, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Wash the room in advance by removing any form of contamination..
  2. Free the places where ants appear.
  3. Wear gloves to prevent accidental contact with skin..
  4. Sprinkle a small amount of granules onto substrates and arrange these traps in all possible places.


Before using the powder for poisoning insects, a respirator and rubber gloves should be worn. Next, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Release access to places where ants are.
  2. Remove all products.
  3. Wash the entire room thoroughly by removing old food, ant excrement, etc..
  4. Repair plumbing, piping and other equipment where ants may be.
  5. Remove animals from the premises or hide them so that they do not accidentally inhale the powder.
  6. Sprinkle powder in the places most visited by ants, placing sweet baits there (honey or chocolate).
  7. To increase the effectiveness of the product, it is recommended to dilute it in water and additionally wash the walls, floor.

Rubit Powder

Storage and safety

With any form of release, the main thing is safety. Skin contact can cause undesirable consequences: from irritation to allergies and even poisoning. To protect yourself, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves. It should be stored in a cool and dark place where children cannot reach..

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