How to store garlic at home in the winter

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The benefits of garlic to the human body are great: it protects the immune system from viruses from the outside; it is added to the diet to lower cholesterol, to heal the heart and blood vessels. At home, garlic is an indispensable vegetable that gives piquancy to any dish. To avoid rotting or drying out of the product, learn how to properly store garlic at home all year round..

Preparing garlic for storage

There is winter and spring garlic: the first is planted in the fall, and the second in the spring. Winter fruit harvested in mid-July is consumed immediately, and spring fruit, dug in late August, is intended for long-term storage at home. There is no particular difficulty with this product. In order for the vegetable to serve all winter, it is important to collect it correctly:

  1. Bulbs are harvested with a pitchfork or a shovel when dry, sunny weather is on the street..
  2. For the next two weeks, the heads are left to dry outside in the shade..
  3. After this, the plants are cleaned of adhering earth, cut roots with a knife, cauterizing them with fire, remove the stem. Immediately they sort out the heads – empty, rotten, damaged bulbs or individual cloves are thrown back.

Winter garlic storage at home

The best storage conditions for vegetables are dryness, darkness, coolness and minimal humidity. Suitable places for this are the cellar, basement, barn. You can store garlic in the winter in the apartment on the balcony inside the boxes, in the refrigerator. Spring fruits are not as finicky as winter fruits – they are calmly stored at room temperature up to 20? C. The main mission of the place of savings is to isolate the bulbs from the factors that destroy them: moisture, dampness, mold. For storing vegetables use and:

  • three liter cans;
  • cling film;
  • linen bags;
  • stockings;
  • vegetable (linseed or sunflower) oil;
  • foil;
  • a box with sawdust;
  • a container of salt;
  • ligament hanging.

Winter garlic storage

How to keep garlic until spring in braids or bunches

This “grandfather” method of plant conservation for winter consumption has been around for centuries. Suspended vegetable takes up little space; can complement the interior of the kitchen. To store the dried heads in braids or bunches, the stems are not removed. A woven braid is suspended by the formed loop, and to make it smooth, use twine. The stems of the heads are tied with a rope to form a bundle, which is also stored on a hook.

Storing garlic in glass jars or wooden crates

In a city apartment, you can store garlic inside a three-liter jar or a small wooden box (or shoe box). The main thing is to properly harvest, throw out spoiled plants, and then create suitable conditions for the product. There are several ways in which the heads remain intact for a long time:

  • Sterile jar. Dried heads are placed inside the container, divided into slices that were previously cleaned. Leaving the jar open, they put it where it is dark and dry.
  • Salt. To do this, you can take a jar, box or box. The essence of the method is as follows: plant heads on all sides should be surrounded by salt, which absorbs excess moisture. Bulbs and salt must be dry. Inside the box or box, you should first pour a layer of salt 2-3 cm, put the garlic, again pour the salt layer. The lid should have small holes so that the vegetable does not languish, but breathes. It is easier with a jar: you need to put all the heads in there and pour salt inside. Leave container open.
  • Onion peel. Having covered the heads with husks, they are put where it is dry. So they will be stored for a long time.
  • Ash. This is the same principle as with salt: alternating layers of ash and garlic. You need to fill them inside the box or box.
  • Flour. This product is covered with a layer of 2-3 cm on the bottom of the jar or pot and put on top of garlic, boned before this in flour. Then they fall asleep with it, and the garlic heads are stored for a long time.

Storing garlic in glass jars

In mesh or fabric bag

How to store garlic in a cloth bag or net? A linen bag made of natural material is soaked in a concentrated solution of sodium chloride, and then allowed to dry. Salt, impregnated with tissue, reduces the risk of bacteria penetration, protects the heads from high humidity. To keep garlic for the winter, the product is stored inside the net. To do this, you need to put the dried heads there, and then hang the grid on a hook or carnation.

Can garlic be stored in the refrigerator

This is a good place to store the product. The refrigerator is kept at a low temperature, darkness is guaranteed, and humidity is minimized. Winter fruit may lie in the apartment, but its life span will be reduced due to the stable heat. The heads are cleaned, divided into slices, which are placed in a sterile jar, and after that they are sent inside the refrigerator. Paper bags are also used – the dried vegetable, divided into cloves, is well stored there. You can also fill the bulbs with salt. Thanks to this method, the plant will retain its properties and appearance for a long time..

How to store garlic frozen or canned

Freezing and canning is suitable for those who rarely eat this vegetable, but want it to be at home always. For freezing, heads or slices are wrapped in cling film or foil and sent inside the freezer. To preserve the bulbs properly, you will need dry wine and white vinegar. The slices are placed inside a sterile glass jar, after which they are filled with a mixture of wine and vinegar, tightly sealed with a lid. Black pepper and greens are often added for taste..

How to store garlic frozen

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