Polymer-coated gloves – how to choose according to the material of manufacture, area of ​​use, size and price

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An ideal way to protect your hands from damage, dirt during physical work is to wear gloves with a polymer coating, you can choose a rubberized or knitted option that is dotted. Such protection is perfect when performing electrical, electrical, installation, agricultural, painting and other types of work.

What are polymer coated gloves

An individual protective equipment when working in industrial enterprises is special gloves made of polymeric materials. They are designed for safe work of employees with wood, metal, chemicals, current. In gloves with a polymer coating it is convenient to carry out agricultural work. Feature: Clear grip. For these purposes, coated gloves are available:

  • polymer;
  • polyurethane;
  • PVC coated
  • nitrile;
  • pitted;
  • nylon personal protective equipment;
  • insulated;
  • frost resistant.

Where apply

The scope of gloves made of polymeric materials is wide. For example, point-coated gloves are used for homework, in agriculture, and for car service. Working gloves, fish processing gloves have higher protection: in the manufacture of applied partial drenching, special fabrics. To work with alkalis, acids, in medicine, another protective material is used: polymer, neoprene, nitrile. PVC coated gloves are perfect for those who do small finger work.

Product with a polymer layer

Types of gloves with a polymer coating

Several types of protective gloves are available. Each of them is intended for certain works. The protective material is as follows:

  1. PVC or polyvinyl chloride (vinyl) – resistant to acids and alkalis, mineral oils, organic solvents, resistant to abrasion.
  2. Nitrile or artificial rubber is resistant to petroleum products, alkalis, disinfectant fluids, biofluids, acids. Nitrile personal protective equipment is used in medicine, cosmetology. They retain grip, do not slip.

There is a frost-resistant version of mittens that protect from the cold: alaska, partial or rubber cuffs, fleece cotton base. The gloves are dipped in triple immersion. The increased protection category also includes rubberized gloves made of natural latex or Hevea tree juice, polyurethane, which is not afraid of the effects of fuels and lubricants and solvents, neoprene, resistant to aggressive substances and concentrated acids, does not interact with chemicals.

Knitted with a polymer pattern

Knitted protective equipment with a dot coating, come with different types of patterns. The most common: herringbone, corners, dots, waves, brick, logo of the manufacturer. Description:

  • model name: knitted Rally, nylon, PVC pattern (size 10, XL);
  • price: 55-60 p.;
  • characteristics: base material – nylon, rubberized cuffs, protective layer – PVC;
  • pluses: cheap, convenient, high quality;
  • cons: no.

Knitted, Rally Model

PU coated

Polyurethane-coated nylon gloves provide excellent grip, designed for small jobs. Description:

  • model name: polyurethane-coated, manufacturer Komus;
  • price: 95 p.;
  • characteristics: the base is made of polyester, nylon, white, the coating material is polyurethane, there are anti-vibration combined for special types of work, puncture and tear are excluded;
  • pluses: sit on hands, flexible;
  • cons: no.

Polyurethane-coated nylon gloves

PVC coated

Plastic gloves are intended for construction, packaging, loading and unloading. Cuffs treated with overlock. Description:

  • model name: acrylic, PVC coating, universal;
  • price: 124 p.;
  • characteristics: base material – polyacryl, PVC elements, good adhesion on the surface of objects, elastic rubber cuffs; special protective equipment made of chloride – “ruby” is produced, providing moisture absorption, having antibacterial treatment.
  • pluses: do not slip, the price is pleasant, the stability is high;
  • cons: no.

PVC coated

With nitrile layer

Nitrile personal protective equipment (cuff cuffs), having a full coating, is a multilayer product made of materials with enhanced protective properties. They are recommended for work with oil products, paints and combustible materials. Description:

  • model name: PVC Pomegranate, article: PK26-I;
  • price: 130 p.;
  • characteristics: with MBS coating, hermetic, flexible and elastic even in the cold season, frost-resistant option, knit cuffs;
  • pluses: elastic band tightly fitting the wrist, finger sensitivity is maintained, the cost is low;
  • cons: no.

With nitrile working layer


Protect hands from rubbing, rubberized work surfaces provide grip and wear resistance. Perfect for summer residents. Description:

  • model name: mittens with a dotted top layer;
  • price: 30 p.;
  • Characteristics: good air exchange, protection against mechanical stress, slip, suitable for work in production;
  • pluses: the elastic band fits the wrist tightly, suitable for the summer period;
  • cons: no.

Dotted palm

Nylon gloves

Protect hands during painting and plastering, from oil and other types of pollution. Provides high sensitivity of fingers during work. A great option is glazier gloves. Description:

  • model name: nylon, nitrile surface, size: L = 9 and more;
  • price: from 54 to 75 p.;
  • characteristics: have a special coating layer – foamed nitrile;
  • pluses: comfortable with prolonged use;
  • cons: no.

Nylon Product


Special insulated protective gloves with comprehensive protection are used for outdoor construction work, winter transport, maintenance of freeways, drilling platforms at sea. Description:

  • model name: with a polymer coating “CERVA Flamingo”;
  • price: 430 p.;
  • characteristics: material – PVC, have two-sided application, multilayer, warming knitted lining, polyurethane coating, rubber cuffs;
  • pluses: high rates of mechanical strength;
  • cons: no.

The warmed model with a polymer coating

Frost resistant

They are used in the oil and gas and chemical industries, in refining industries, construction, and agriculture. Description:

  • model name: personal protective equipment made of PVC, frost-resistant, gaiters;
  • price: from 238 to 400 r .;
  • characteristics: frost-resistant version (up to -40-45С), oil and petrol-resistant coating, insulated lining of cotton material, fleece acrylic knitwear, have a rough surface.
  • pluses: high strength indicators;
  • cons: no.

How to choose polymer coated gloves

The choice of polymer gloves depends on the conditions under which they will be used. To protect against:

  • mechanical damage means of protection are selected from cotton, knitwear, leather;
  • acids, alkalis, chemicals are selected from latex, nitrile, neoprene;
  • elevated temperatures need gloves from thick leather, heat-resistant materials, high strength;
  • low temperatures are selected frost-resistant, knitted, leather with special tints;
  • for accuracy: soft materials;
  • in medicine: latex products, vinyl, polyethylene.

For convenience, protective equipment of the appropriate size is selected. You need to choose it correctly so that the gloves do not slip, firmly sit on your hand. There are three universal sizes: S – small, M – medium, L – large. To determine the size more accurately, you need:

  1. Measure brush size above the bone.
  2. Round the resulting figure up.
  3. Divide by a factor of 2.7.
  4. Round the resulting value to an integer – this is the size of the gloves.

You can buy any kind of gloves in hardware markets, it is possible to order through the online store. Delivery in the regions of St. Petersburg, Moscow depends on the total amount. Purchases can be delivered by mail, courier or pick-up. The price is different, the cost depends on the types of gloves. Many types of goods are affected by a sale, sale is taking place. The discount is granted to industrial enterprises. It will not be very expensive if the sale is carried out in bulk. In this case, the price drops significantly.

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