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Each summer resident considers his garden as the second house in which you can bring all your ideas to life. If earlier garden figures and stone sides were added, today gardeners choose such a modern solution as a border strip for beds as a frame. It is suitable for stylish decor of the territory and giving the flower beds any shape you like..

What is a border tape for beds

The border tape is a plastic flexible tape that helps to protect the beds, flower beds, flower beds. Such a fence for beds is strong and durable: it does not rot, it does not appear corrosion, rust due to harsh environmental conditions or soil. A frequent choice of summer residents are brown and green shades that do not stand out against the background of the earth or plants.

The tape fence is used in a number of cases:

  • decorative element;
  • the fence for the beds will make the site smooth, well-groomed;
  • raised beds: with their help, you will pour the entire plot of land evenly.
  • shaping: a flexible border will make a bed of any shape, divide the site into several zones;
  • water saving: retain moisture within a given zone;
  • fence for greenhouses;
  • garden paths;
  • weed control: the tape fence will prevent the weeds from spreading;
  • formation of multi-tiered structures.

The best border tape for beds

There are about ten types of tape fencing, so its advantages and disadvantages will depend on the tasks you set. For example, a plastic version of the fence is suitable to quickly install a fence with the subsequent possibility of easy dismantling. If you have a high bed, then the flexible walls of the plastic will stretch under the weight of the soil, so use the galvanized version. A more durable solution will be polymer borders.

Bed border tape

Plastic border tape for beds

Plastic fencing is suitable for those who want to beautifully design flower beds, divide beds into zones or create a garden path. Plastic tape can be from 10 to 30 cm wide, from 10 to 50 m long. A 30 cm wide fence protects the crop from rats or moles – bury it under the fence or distribute along the edges of the greenhouse. Bed borders made in Germany will last you longer than the Chinese or Russian counterparts.

Gardena will provide the lawn with neat edges, economical watering. Products have become the choice of most summer residents, as it has the following properties:

  • Name: Border green Gardena (00538-20.000.00).
  • Price: 1358 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 15 cm, manufacturing country – Germany.
  • Pros: high-quality plastic, saves water, creates a pleasant appearance, durable.
  • Cons: deforms at temperatures from -40 ° C.

Flexible border, green, model Gardena (00538-20.000.00)

From the garden tape “Wave” you can make original plastic borders for flower beds, decorative edges of flower beds. Having spent 200 rubles, you will receive parameters such as:

  • Name: Tape garden border “Wave”.
  • Price: 174 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, thickness – 0.5 mm, width – 10 cm, green color, production – Russia.
  • Pros: a neat garden, a decorative element of the garden, the possibility of creating a multi-tiered structure, low cost, prevents the spread of weeds.
  • Cons: low-quality plastic.

Tape garden border


A durable alternative to plastic is galvanized sides for beds. The metal fence is resistant to corrosion and decay, and the service life reaches 15 years. The metal border is easily installed using pegs, a special stapler and supports. The finished fence will drive pests away from the crop, and stable fixation will prevent weeds from growing.

The ribbon fence “Strand-B” will harmoniously fit into the site. In addition to a pleasant appearance, it has a number of positive properties:

  • Name: Straight-B smooth border tape.
  • Price: 210 rubles.
  • Characteristics: smooth, length – 9 m, width – 10 cm, manufacturing country – Russia.
  • Pros: easy installation, presentable appearance, easy to bend, not heavy.
  • Cons: when the temperature is too high, the metal and earth heat up, zinc sulfate harms plants, getting into the soil.

Metal border tape

Another sales leader is Stran-B with embossed coating. Such a coating is immediately evident. It will highlight the flower bed against the background of other plants. “Strand-B” has other parameters:

  • Title: Embossed border tape “Strand-B”.
  • Price: 310 rubles.
  • Characteristics: embossed, length – 9 m, width – 15 cm, production – Russia.
  • Pros: unusual appearance, different from neighbors, neat fence near bulk roads, easy installation, low weight.
  • Cons: costs more than plastic.

Polymer coated

The galvanized border with a polymer coating is stronger and more attractive than usual. Thanks to such protection, the polymer fence is resistant to natural factors. There is a wide range of polymer-coated borders that look like wood or stone in appearance. The service life of the polymer fence reaches 25 years. The only drawback is the high cost.

You can buy a Protect border tape through an online store with delivery by mail from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The polymer coated fence is expensive, so wait for discounts, promotions or a sale. Having bought Protect, you get a decent set of parameters:

  • Name: Tape Protect Curb.
  • Price: 645 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 10 cm, thickness – 1.2 mm, color – khaki, production – Russia.
  • Pros: maintains a neat appearance of the garden, prevents the appearance of weeds, durable, does not harm the soil and plants.
  • Cons: high cost.

Protect Ribbon

The corrugation border will protect the site from pests, give a pleasant appearance to your garden thanks to the wavy structure. It has a number of the following characteristics:

  • Name: Border “Corrugation” wavy.
  • Price: 300 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 15 cm, thickness – 0.6 mm, brown, country of origin – Russia.
  • Pros: easily bends, resistant to temperature extremes, does not decay, does not emit harmful substances into the soil.
  • Cons: fragile, large thickness.


PVC coated

Garden tapes made on the basis of PVC have good flexibility and medium rigidity. They are used to separate lawns, garden paths or flower beds. Height varies from 10 to 50 cm, sold in rolls. Many models are resistant to temperatures up to -40 ° C, shearing with a trimmer or other external loads. Therefore, PVC fences can safely last 5-7 years.

PARK in red will help highlight the lawn. Stopping this option is not only due to the design, but also due to the following parameters:

  • Name: Border PARK 256007.
  • Price: 186 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 10 cm, thickness – 0.7 mm, color – red, country of origin – Russia.
  • Pros: easy to bend, cut, protect against weeds and pests.
  • Cons: due to the small thickness is not so durable.

Border PARK 256007

Grinda is more suitable for those who do not like to stand out – the brown shade will merge with the ground. The border will form a flowerbed of any shape due to such characteristics:

  • Title: Grinda Ribbon 422247-10.
  • Price: 258 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 10 cm, color – brown, production – Russia.
  • Pros: the creation of any geometric shape, prevents weeds, high-quality PVC coating is resistant to unexpected weather conditions, easy to cut, fastened with a stapler, quickly mounted.
  • Cons: not tough.

Grinda Tape curb, model 422247-10


In addition to coating, material, sizes and colors, select the texture of your future border. Lovers of the classics choose the flat version. Thanks to the use of a plastic flat border, you will achieve even beds, protect the crop and flowers on the flower bed from insects, weeds. At minimal cost, you will achieve a well-groomed and tidy appearance of the site.

Palisad fencing will help in the design of garden paths and flower beds. It has properties such as:

  • Name: Border green Palisad.
  • Price: 385 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 15 cm, manufacturing country – Russia.
  • Pros: protection against weeds, beautiful garden design, easy installation, the composition does not harm the environment and planted plants.
  • Cons: deteriorates when exposed to low temperature.

The border is flexible, green Palisad

Elsa gently delimits the crop that is in the greenhouse. The border is characterized by the following set of characteristics:

  • Name: Elsa border tape black.
  • Price: 394 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 8 m, width – 20 cm, material – plastic, black colors, production – Ukraine.
  • Pros: wide stripes protect the greenhouse from pests, bends and cuts onto a narrow ribbon, holds a given shape, does not cause mold.
  • Cons: deteriorates when exposed to low temperature.

Elsa border tape black


To create the atmosphere of a garden (kitchen garden) and realize ideas will help corrugated tape border. To choose the right one, you do not need to be a landscape designer: decide on the size and shade. Corrugated tape will not only become the main decorative element of your site, but will help save water, cope with weeds, pests.

The Grinda border is suitable for fencing flower beds of any shape. It has a set of useful parameters:

  • Name: Border tape Grinda.
  • Price: 257 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 10 cm, color – brown, material – plastic, manufacturing country – China.
  • Pros: neatly framing flower beds, saving water, protecting against insects and weeds.
  • Cons: Chinese-quality plastic is not so durable.

Border tape Grinda

RACO is made of durable plastic. Such a fence will last 5-7 years and will delight you with a set of the following characteristics:

  • Title: RACO Border.
  • Price: 292 rubles.
  • Characteristics: length – 9 m, width – 10 cm, green color, production – Germany.
  • Pros: German quality, decorative fence for flower beds, pest protection, durability.
  • Cons: deteriorates at temperatures from -40 ° C.

RACO wavy, flexible border

How to choose a border tape for beds

A strong tape fence should have a set of properties that you need to know about before buying. The correct choice depends on your goals, so first read tips, reviews, and then consult with familiar summer residents, sellers in the store. The table contains the main properties and selection criteria that are important when buying a border for a bed:

Ribbon Properties

Criterias of choice


The wider the tape, the deeper you dig it into the ground. If plants need compost, then choose tapes with a width of 28-30 cm.


Depending on the purpose, choose a roll from 10 to 50 m long.


A tape with a thickness of 2 mm will last longer than with a thickness of 0.5 mm, but in some cases there is not enough elasticity.


The hard tape will crack at the first frost, so make sure it is flexible and easily bent in all directions.

Color, texture

When choosing a color and texture, take your preference into account. Classic options are green and brown shades. Smooth ones are easier to dig into the ground than, for example, corrugated.


Plastic models are suitable if you want to save. They are affordable and have a useful life of up to 5 years. Metal tapes are more expensive, and can last up to 50 years.


Not always cheap – it means bad. Therefore, you can order products of Russian or Chinese production. German options are more expensive.

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