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A good alternative to a shower cabin, which due to cumbersomeness is not always optimal for a bathroom, is a special floor drain for tiles. It features a simple and convenient design that can be mounted under a waterproof floor. All components of modern products are made of anti-corrosion materials.

The device of a ladder for a shower

The purpose of the ladder is to collect and drain waste water from the shower room to the main drain riser. It can be plastic, metal-plastic or metal. More information about the device and the principle of operation:

  • The shower drain filters the wastewater from large contaminants and provides reliable sealing with a floor covering. At the same time, unpleasant odors that come from the sewer system do not get into the room.
  • Structurally, the drain drain for the shower can be from the simplest model for filtering wastewater to a complex device with a shut-off and a cascade of dry and wet valves. To facilitate installation, ladders often have the ability to change the height of the product.
  • The upper part of the drain ladder consists of a decorative grill, which is made of stainless steel. Then follows the drain grate – it traps large debris and protects the bathroom from odors from the sewage system. To fix the grating, sealing flanges, rings are used.
  • After the filter grate there follows a drain consisting of a glass and a base with a tap. The latter is connected to the pipeline using a sleeve. The challenge is either walk-through or single. The first is suitable for several devices that are connected to the same pipe..
  • At the bottom there is a discharge pipe. Through it, the water goes into the sewer.

Floor drainage system

Tiled shower drains

The appearance of such a plumbing shower device is oval, round, square or rectangular.

According to the design, wall, linear or point ladders are distinguished. The first design option is installed near the walls of the bathroom, the second – in the corners or along the edges, the third – can be mounted anywhere in the room. Popular manufacturers of shower drains are:

  • Veragio;
  • Viega;
  • Ravak;
  • Berges;
  • ACO;
  • Geberit
  • Creavit
  • Tulips;
  • AlcaPlast;
  • TECE;
  • Magdrain et al.



Price in rubles




AlcaPlast APV3444


Length and width – 15×15 cm, color – chrome, gray, matte, shape – square, drain diameter – 14 cm, shutter – wet and dry, placement – flush with the floor, installation – next to the wall, connection diameter – 7.5 cm , permissible load – 300 kg, flow rate – up to 62 l / min, drain – plastic, adjustment scale – 10 cm.

Optimum size, good quality, adjustable height.


Viega 557119


Length and width – 10×10 cm, color – gray, chrome, shape – square, drain diameter – 14 cm, shutter – wet, placement – flush with the floor, installation – near the wall, connection diameter – 5 cm, permissible load – 300 kg, flow rate – up to 36 l / min, drain – plastic, there is a removable water seal.

Cheaper than analogues, good workmanship.

Low throughput, no height adjustment information.

Model Viega 557119



Price in rubles




TECElinus 15101090 90


The diameter of the drain is 5 cm, the length of the outer part is 84 cm, the width is 7.5 cm, the color is chrome, the shape is rectangular, the type of shutter is wet, the placement is below the floor, the drain material is stainless steel, the overall mounting height is 9, 5 cm, throughput – up to 48 l / min., Load – up to 300 kg, adjustment scale – 3 cm.

Height adjustable, great design, good quality.

High cost, adjustment scale is less than that of analogues.

AlcaPlast APZ10-Simple 550


Drain diameter – 4 cm, outer part length – 55 cm, width – 6 cm, color – matte, chrome, shape – rectangular, shutter type – dry, placement – flush with the floor, drain material – plastic, total mounting height – 7, 5 cm, throughput – up to 28 l / min., Load – up to 300 kg, adjustment scale – 3.5 cm.

Democratic cost, adjustable in height, well suited for small rooms.

Short length, throughput, small drain diameter.

AlcaPlast APZ10-Simple 550



Price in rubles




Advantix Vario 704360


Type – shortened with a design insert, insert color – chrome, material – plastic, dimensions – 30-120 cm, installation height – 95-165 cm, flow rate – 0.4-0.8 l / s.

Self-cleaning siphon design, adjustable in height, dirt trap removed, good throughput range, can be shortened.

Very expensive.

Pestan Confluo Premium Line 650


Drain diameter – 8 cm, outer part length – 65 cm, width – 7.5 cm, color – matte, chrome, shape – rectangular, shutter type – wet, placement – flush with the floor, drain material – plastic, total mounting height – 7.1 cm, flow rate – up to 48 l / min., Load – up to 300 kg, adjustment scale – 4.6 cm.

Reasonable price, adjustable in height, there is a dirt trap.

Relatively short length.

Pestan Confluo Premium Line 650

How to choose a shower drain

In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, take into account several important points and consider every little thing. Also do not forget that the appearance of the ladder should be in harmony with the overall design of the room. Useful recommendations:

  • When choosing ladders for a shower under a tile, for a start decide on a design and a form. For children, the elderly and people with disabilities, linear slit devices are great. Universal option – point model.
  • The height of the shower device should be between 90-150 mm. This parameter depends on the floor screed. A higher device has better bandwidth than a lower one. Better buy a height adjustable shower device.
  • Consider the diameter of the sewer pipe. For a residential building, it is recommended to install a ladder with a branch with a diameter of 50 mm – the throughput is 0.7 l / s. For public type premises, bends with a diameter of 100 mm and a flow rate of 2.1 l / s are ideal.
  • In a sewer pipe suitable for the place of discharge, the gangway can have a horizontal or vertical outlet. The horizontal option provides more convenient water drainage, but the vertical one has greater throughput.
  • If the sewer pipe is brought from the lower floor or basement, and the shower is on the platform, then give preference to the floor drain with direct outlet.
  • If the trench for the pipe (drain) will be laid in the floor under a slope, it is better to purchase a shower drain with a lateral outlet. To be able to turn the pipe to drain the drains to the side, it is worth buying a device with a sloping outlet.

It is important to determine the type of shutter. There is a ladder for tiles with a mechanical, water or dry shutter:

  • The easiest and cheapest option – a shower device with a water seal. The function of the cork in it is performed by water, which lingers in a siphon and prevents the entry of sewage odors into the room. If you use the shower all the time, then dampness may appear. With its prolonged non-use, the water will dry out and all the smells will penetrate into the shower room. Such a ladder is more suitable for warm rooms with frequent wastewater.
  • The most popular and acceptable option is a drain with a dry shutter. It does not cause dampness, because water immediately goes into the sewer system. This is possible due to the ball in the construction of the ladder, which is planted in a funnel. When the device is filled with water, the ball begins to float and open the drain. After the drain of water, it returns to its place again and blocks the access of air from the sewer. This option is used in rooms with a rare discharge of wastewater..
  • The mechanical shutter ladder is suitable for installation in a poorly heated room or outdoors. The possibility of unpleasant odors from the sewer into the shower room is thus excluded. This is made possible thanks to the anti-freeze design and specially non-lingering fluid..
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