The magnificent Carling Residence by TACT Architecture’s interior design studio – living with all the comforts of the primeval forest, Canada

Today we will tell you about the Carling Residence, designed by the interior design studio TACT Architecture. TACT is a magnificent young Toronto-based firm founded in 2007 by the principals Prishram Jain and Michael Krus. Five years later it won the Best Emerging Practice award from the Ontario Association of Architects, and the Carling Residence was also recognized as a Design Excellence Award winner. The Carling Residence also won Azure Magazine's 2012 AZ Awards, an international competition that celebrates excellence in design.

Carling Residence in the woods by TACT Architecture
Carling Residence in the woods by TACT Architecture

The studio has proven its expertise in creating outstanding architectural structures at a reasonable cost. The two founders have more than 40 years of experience in designing and developing buildings. The company's portfolio includes low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise residences, corporate offices, government offices, retail design and exhibition structures.

A house in the Carling Residence forest from TACT Architecture
Carling Residence in the woods by TACT Architecture

The 334.5 m2 residence was designed for a young couple who wanted to move to the countryside. Construction was completed at the end of 2010. The house is located in the Northern Muskoka region in central Ontario, Canada. It is surrounded by 10.5 hectares of wild forest on the shores of Georgian Bay. A serene and graceful interior design project was developed in line with the client's vision. Particular attention was paid to determining the location of the structure. The challenge was to conserve the natural landscape and landforms.

Carling Residence in the woods by TACT Architecture

The house is nestled between two mountain ranges that enclose it from East and West. Tall trees surrounding the mansion provide residents with privacy, and beautiful views of the forest and Georgian Bay create a feeling of unmatched freedom and natural harmony. Approaching the building from the north, you see a robust and elegant facade with little glazing. Once inside you will be amazed by the breathtaking view from the huge windows that make up most of the south wall of the residence. The interior is inspired by an austere, minimalist style that emphasizes the rocky surroundings and makes the landscape an integral part of its design.

A house in the woods "Carling Residence" by TACT Architecture
Carling Residence in the woods by TACT Architecture

The simple understated material of the stone foundation, wood, concrete and white walls seamlessly blend the structure into the surrounding landscape and give it a sense of nature. In the end, not much space and resources were required in the design and construction process. Lost in the trees, the residence is largely unglazed on the west and east sides, with many huge windows and latticed wooden roofs on the south side. This allows the lighting design to make the most of the daylight. To ensure a comfortable indoor climate, the reinforced concrete walls and roof are securely insulated. Heating is provided by a zonal underfloor heating system using a high performance boiler.

Carling Residence in the woods by TACT Architecture
Home in the Carling Residence Forest by TACT Architecture

In addition to being a source of heat in the winter, concrete floorboards help keep you cool during the summer months. There's no need for air conditioning to cool the rooms. The north wall and south windows are a functioning natural ventilation system that contributes to the cozy, natural feel. Rational use of modern finishes, a balance between ecology and design, and a focus on the client's budget were considered as carefully as the spatial features of the building. Although embedded in a previously untouched landscape, the clever design allows it to live as if it has always been part of the land.

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