Amazing Karakoy House – A rousing mix of design styles in a historic neighborhood

Karakoy loft apartment interior design

The location of the amazing penthouse as well as the personality of the owner, the lifestyle and the needs of the client were the most important aspects that the craftsmen and planners took into account when developing the design project.

The Karakoy Loft is located in the heart of Istanbul's largest shopping district, which is also a major draw for this architectural masterpiece. These days the old town is getting more hip and active, with many new art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and modern art of the hotels, and the building is located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Meanwhile, the open personality and free-wheeling nature of the client were of course the most important principles in choosing the finishing materials and creating exceptional decorations. Natural, neutral, comfortable, practical are the key words to describe the creative masterpiece.

Interior of the living room in the Karakoy loft

The approach to designing the penthouse, however, was not overwhelmed with a lot of conceptual ideas and décor ideas. Architects and designers evaluated the entire residential project as a whole and unified volume, as its layout should be designed for one person, and all the gaps in the decoration was planned to harmoniously connect together.

The craftsmen didn't need to divide the space into many small rooms. So they did not need different design concepts for each room.

Living room interior in Karakoy loft

Steel fittings with dimensions of 12 mm, which come out from the wall plane and the rods form a specialized grid of 60x60cm, which forms a splendid and roomy arrangement area interior design, decorations and design details.

A variety of furniture sections and decorations have been designed to fully match this exceptional system. Among them we can distinguish single shelves, double or triple, and models with longitudinal dividing elements or hanging pieces.

The owner of the living room is free to organize and use these structures for storage as he or she wishes. In this project, the owner outfitted a personal library, storage, kitchen pantry and closet.

Interior of the kitchen with the dining area in Karakoy loft

The floor below was covered with natural stone tiles, and the irregular angle of the slope allowed to achieve the effect of careless. The cladding material has only been changed in the guest bedroom, which faces north. In the room for rest and relaxation, all surfaces were covered with a unique cement-based material, creating a surprising and eccentric décor.

Stylish kitchen in Karakoy loft apartments

Cutlery and utensils are arranged in a casual and uncomplicated manner on numerous shelves and iron structures that form a multifunctional storage system.

Staircase of unusual design

Fantastic appearance and original performance was organized by using dark textured wood to form interesting stairs that seem to burst from the wall surface. Stability and security of the construction is provided by the metal railing and a volumetric pedestal.

Staircase with an unusual design

The stunning lighting system in the space was represented by charming chandeliers that hang on the finest long cords from the figured mansard ceiling. They have a dark, creative plafond that fills the apartment with a soft and muted glow and incomparable warmth.

Karakoy loft bedroom interior design

Functional metal shelving was also organized in the boudoir, allowing roomy shelves to accommodate the owner's favorite literary works, as well as household appliances, accessories and personal items.

Original bookshelves

The bathroom is united with the bedroom and stairwell by means of transparent glazing, which brought airiness and lightness into the design. Modern plumbing, chrome accessories, minimalist style in the interior design, as well as the stunning comfort create a wonderful environment for rest and recreation.

Karakoy loft floor plans
Karakoy loft apartment floor plan
Floor plans of the Karakoy loft

Unusual house Karakoy by Ofist is a fascinating example of how a living space can be decorated with creative designs and textures that bring a sense of warmth and eccentricity to the environment.

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