Fabulous –ecological Green House –right asymmetry by Sharon Neuman Architects in Herzliya

Green House private house facade

The most interesting distinguishing feature of this of the original house, that immediately catches your eye when you see it for the first time is that it is unevenly shaped. This is not a way to stand out with the originality of design, in fact, this form provides an improved distribution of sunlight inside the room.

Green House private home in Israel

The main thing about the concept of this An unusual house project – its energy efficiency, which is achieved not only by sloping the walls, but also their thickness, additional insulation. This house also saves water, because it provides for rainwater and dew harvesting, water reuse, heating with solar panels.

Windows of the private house Green House
Lounge on the terrace of the Green House
Interior of the dining room in white tones
Kitchen interior at Green House
Stairs to the second floor of the Green House
Stairs to the second floor of Green House
Bedroom interior design in bright colors
Corridor interior in Green House
Green House private home site plan diagram

cr_img href=”green-house-israel-24.jpg” alt=”Plan diagram of a private Green House” text=””]

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