Five delightful Hebil 157 Houses volcanic villas by Aytac Architects, Bodrum, Turkey

Introducing 5 modern villas overlooking Hebil Bay in Bodrum, Turkey. The complex was created in 2012 by Aytac Architects. Dear readers, you can find “beautiful country house” other beautiful houses from Turkey in our huge collection.

The style and look of these homes was inspired by the ancient volcano of Kos. Hebil 157 Houses by Aytac Architects: Hebil 157 Houses is a manifestation of a great idea.

The roof of Hebil 157 Houses
Hebil 157 Houses landscaping

Five unique villas overlooking the sea, set on five acres of Hebil Bay. Each of them occupies a special strategic position. All show equally expansive and beautiful views of the bay, but interact differently with the surrounding landscape of the Aegean and Mediterranean breezes. Encompassed all around by centuries-old olive trees, the central courtyard pays homage to local flora.

Hebil 157 Houses pool deck

Large glass walls are designed specifically to blur the line of separation between indoor and outdoor scenery. No stone other than volcanic basalt was used in the interiors.

For the exterior space was used local volcanic agglomerate. The project explores the rich relationship between dynamics and the complex forces of nature, which together transform the environment into a wonderful world of coziness and relaxation.

Living room interior design
Modern Kitchen Interior Design
Modern kitchen interior design with dining area
Hebil 157 Houses Garden
White Corridor Interior in Hebil 157 Houses
Interior media room with panoramic sea views
Wine cabinet at Hebil 157 Houses
Sliding glass doors to the terrace
Bedroom interior design in light colors
Modern bedroom interior design
White Bathroom Interior at Hebil 157 Houses
White bathroom interior at Hebil 157 Houses
White bathroom interior at Hebil 157 Houses
Illuminated staircase steps at Hebil 157 Houses
Hebil 157 Houses pathway lighting
Jacuzzi on the terrace of Hebil 157 Houses
The facade of the Hebil 157 Houses
Blueprint for Hebil 157 Houses
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