Magnificent Bord-du-Lac House: new life in an old house by Henri Cleinge, Quebec, Canada

Another interesting project on a popular forum related to the redevelopment of the past. Everyone knows that trying to mix two different styles is quite a challenge, especially when it comes to the old and new. When it comes to adding new methods and decorative elements to an old structure, you need to understand that it is a very difficult and thorny path. Some houses have too much value for certain people to easily part with. It tends to be an attachment to the past, and only a small percentage are willing to let go of it.

Panoramic windows and sliding glass doors in the interior of Bord-du-Lac House
Bord-du-Lac House Swimming Pool
Interior Design of Bord-du-Lac House
Interior design Bord-du-Lac House
Interior design of Bord-du-Lac House
Interior Design Bord-du-Lac House
Bord-du-Lac House schematic diagram
Bord-du-Lac House schematic diagram

Henri Cleinge was able to combine two architectural styles and create a deft balance between the 200-year-old stone house and modern additions. The new Trendir project was developed next to the old. This design reflects the passage of time. The buildings are connected by a beautiful bridge, but nevertheless each one is unique and has its own personality and style. Outside, mowed lawns and gardens, as well as a swimming pool with a wooden deck arranged around it. Inside, minimalist and modern overlapping. What sets the new addition apart from the old house is the three-car garage that emphasizes the modern style, and the huge living room with high ceilings.

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