The motley luxury of exquisite One Tree Hill Cottage –stylish and practical designl by ONG&ONG, Singapore

Car and canopy bench

Only light and warm colors are used in the room, which additionally enlarges the space. Beneficial use of white color and wood trim creates a harmonious overall picture. The same use of carpeting on not a large area looks harmoniously on the background of exquisite interior. The kitchen is arranged in a compact corner, simply, originally and tastefully. This solution will be the most comfortable for the cooking process because everything will be at your fingertips. The bedroom uses only light colors: white, gray, and wood. Soft, monotonous lighting from recessed lighting fixtures gives this room a chic, intimate feel.

A white orchid on a light-colored wooden table
A big white orchid on the dining table
Corridor with glass railings on the second level
Bed and bedside tables in a light bedroom
Soft light furniture on the shady terrace
A well-appointed terrace for comfortable relaxation

Courtesy of See Chee Keong.

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