Travertine house with an artificially aged facade – a harmonious union of styles

I am pleased to welcome back visitors to the pages of Forum City. An unusual house Built in the upmarket district of Melbourne South Yarra. Since the street is built mainly with old buildings, the mansion was made only two stories high and used the artificial aging of the facade through a special treatment of travertine. The project was developed by the Australian architecture and design studio b.e architecture.

The limestone tuff is light in color, most often yellowish, and has a porous structure. With the exterior finish, it soaks up the digs and gas and takes on the appearance of an old. Depending on the direction of the sanding, it changes shade. It cannot be distinguished from limestone from afar, as the two stones look exactly alike.

Travertine is soft and well-machined. This is why it was used to build and decorate places of worship in the areas where it was found. Many buildings have survived in Chechnya, such as the central mosque in Grozny and schools and religious sites across the republic.

In Europe, travertine covers the facades of the Colosseum and St. Peter's Cathedral. One of the largest deposits of limestone tuff is near Peter. It was used in the decoration of some subway stations. Krasnodar plans to decorate the stadium, which has just begun construction.

The facade of a house in Melbourne South Yarra

The balconies of the bedrooms are situated in wall niches and the rooms are protected from the scorching rays and wind. Movable panels of wooden slats can be used as exterior curtains. They are made in the rustic style and are identical in shape to the wickets. Opposite the courtyard entrance is a door to the house, also located in an alcove.

Melbourne South Yarra home dining place

Beneath the panel stands a secretary with shaped side slats. In front of it is a long dining table with semi-soft chairs. All the furniture is wooden, covered in a dark matte lacquer. The brown surface creates a contrast to the shiny glass of the walls. All over Decorating with flowers, which stand in vases in bouquets of different sizes.

The bathroom of a house in Melbourne South Yarra

From the courtyard you can see that in front of the table there is also a stool on the same original leg. Opposite is a leather sofa with a wooden base. The partition is made of wood and contains shelving and different apparatuses. This is a place for recreation of young people.

Kitchen set at home in Melbourne South Yarra

Wenge in the interior creates a contrast to the white walls and gray stone. The kitchen is roughly separated from the living room by the floor level. The furniture and panels on the walls continue along the entire room.

Melbourne South Yarra home's bathroom

The second bathroom is in the same style, only appearing much smaller as the walls are finished with gray ceramic tiles of a darker shade than the stone.

A sturdy home partition in Melbourne South Yarra

Narrow broken lines characteristic of travertine pattern visually resemble cracks. You can see the sedimentary nature of the stone formation.

The staircase steps of a Melbourne South Yarra home
Melbourne South Yarra home stairway

The spiral staircase not only decorates the interior of the building, but also saves space. The beautiful stone pattern created by nature, a combination of glossy and matte surfaces make a simple section of the house in gray tones beautiful and unique. And the simple surface prevents slipping.

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