Original and cozy interior design of the historic house

Interior design of the living room with a fireplace

Bright and spacious rooms

Large windows provide natural light, and on sunny days, every corner of this room is flooded with light that reflects cheerfully off the whitewashed surfaces. Window decoration is minimalist – light, airy curtains and no more frills.

Interior design living room with fireplace

A space where harmony and comfort reigns

The style of home decoration is definitely leaning toward the vintage. The owners have tried to put some pieces of different cultures into the interior. Thus, the design was assembled like a mosaic picture of small fragments and pieces. The result is very attractive, original and bold.

Dining room interior design

A light whiff of luxury

The Butcher family fills their home with only the things they truly care about. All pictures from this collection were bought in different countries. Each of them holds warm memories, allowing the owners to relive pleasant emotions over and over again. A magnificent sideboard (Golightly's Antiques and Tea Room) complements the design, adding sensuality to the ambiance.

Kitchen interior in light colors

Interesting timeless style

The previous owner was an antique lover. Several luxurious fixtures from his collection can be seen in the home, including in the kitchen. To this crystal chandelier perfectly matches the new marble countertops steel kitchen appliances.

Tiled kitchen apron

Magnificent décor

Interestingly decorated and the new laundry room, which settled here recently.

Bedroom interior design

A luxurious and cozy bedroom


Target; Let's Make Out;

Pillow: The Gypsy Wagon;

wall paint: Grizzle Gray SW7068, Sherwin-Williams.

Bathroom Interior

Beautiful things for the interior

The charming dresser that adorns the bedroom was purchased on Craigslist. Its surface is adorned with memorable photos and cute souvenirs.

Curtains: Jacquard Leaf Curtain, West Elm; red tray: Small Rectangle Lacquer Tray, West Elm.

Owners Aubrey and Kale Butcher

Aubrey and Kale Butcher by the front entrance

In designing her new home, Aubrey wanted to create the kind of ambiance that her heart will always yearn to return to. This house has become a cozy retreat, where the couple relaxes their souls, where every corner breathes with warmth and comfort… A place full of memories and love, with its own character and historical roots.

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  1. Piper

    The original and cozy interior design of the historic house looks absolutely stunning! I’m curious to know if there were any challenges in maintaining the authenticity of the house while adding modern touches to enhance comfort and functionality?

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