Two-storey family home in vintage style with budget furniture

The family coat of arms in the interior of the dining room

Family coat of arms in living room design

Family photos, drawings and souvenirs are used here for wall design, Decorating breakfast nook in full accordance with the philosophical approach Caroline to design. She believes you need to personalize everything you can so every detail evokes a storm of fond memories. The big picture with flowers was brought from France, where it was bought at a flea market during the wedding trip of the spouses. Caroline says it's her favorite thing in the house.

Vintage Accessories in the interior

Vintage accessories

The front door opens right into the small living room, where cozy vintage armchairs with colorful upholstery line the corners. The focal point here is the brick fireplace, carefully whitewashed by the owners. On either side of it are glazed bookshelves. The mantelpiece is adorned with fresh flowers bought at the nearby farm store, and the wall above is decorated simply and elegantly, with photos from Grandma's family archives and elegant antlers that complete the stylish look.

Interior design

Charm and eclectic

On the left is a small kitchen, functional and stylish. The black worktop blends perfectly with the glossy white tile of the apron and the metallic sheen of the appliances. White furniture fronts with neat fittings complete the neat picture.

Laundry room interior in gray tones

Light gray walls – a beautiful background for beautiful furniture

Bedroom interior decor – It's clean, concise and understated, where there's nothing superfluous, flashy and intrusive. It's the kind of atmosphere where you can relax and take a dip in a world of tranquility. The bed frame, along with a few other accessories, was left by the previous owners of the house. By repainting it in an energetic sunny orange, the new owners got a stylish touch against a calm color scheme. Caroline added fun accessories, the most unusual being a dressmaker's mannequin.

Opposite the bed is an artificially aged chest of drawers, where they store bedding. A pot with a blooming cyclamen and a family photo are nice additions to the decor.

Vintage furniture in the bedroom interior

Different room perspective

Decorating the walls in a hallway Minimalist elegance. Clark stenciled a geometric pattern on the white-painted walls in a metallic white hue. A large geographic map completes the design. The owners spent two weekends to create this decor.

Home office interior

Simple and cozy studio

The Caroline studio is more elegantly decorated. Vintage and unusual furniture Fills the atmosphere with charm. An antique metal table decorated with blue neon tape (washi tape) deserves special attention.

Pushing an upholstered sofa up a narrow staircase was the hardest part. We had to take it apart and put it back together again at the top.

The large window is not only a source of natural light, but also a source of inspiration The light textiles (West Elm) do not obstruct the light, but only diffuse it and emphasize the elegance of the interior. By the window is an unusual chair with bright yellow upholstery, reminiscent of the throne for a princess from a funny fairy tale.

Unusual shelving unit in the interior

The charm of old-fashioned shelving

The guest bedroom has the same soft, vintage feel as the rest of the house. An antique double bed with a refined metal headboard loses its primness with colorful plaids and colorful pillows.

The façade of the two-story family residence

Facade and Landscaping

Here's an example of an interesting and beautiful home that can be called budget-friendly. When choosing furniture and decor, the owners opted for vintage and antique pieces, which significantly reduced furnishing costs.

The bright accessories, sweet details, and warmth that the owners put into the decoration of their home allowed them to create a truly individual and comfortable house with its own character.

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