House project: minimalism and luxury in Mexican architecture

Interior design of a private Fatima House

The project began with a study of the site and a rational floor plan of the house, which involved making the best use of every room. But the architects came to the conclusion that this method leads to a kind of visual conflict of interior and exterior. So they decided to enlarge the rear of the building to align the building more effectively with the directions of the world.

The ventilated facade was clad with NBK Ceramic –a natural terracotta material that keeps the building thermoregulated and prolongs the life of the structure. The Fatima House – is the first family house in Mexico City to be decorated with this innovative covering, which raises the house to a global level where modern technology and construction methods are an important part of the design.

Interior design of the Fatima House kitchen

A contrasting color scheme blends beautifully with the spectacular furniture and original floor plan of the mansion. Bright accents on the light background make the interior feel richer, and the white wallpaper visually expands the room.

Daylight enters the rooms through large windows and at night the house is illuminated by an elaborate system of spotlights and LEDs.

The bar at Fatima House

Behind the bar is a wine bar and a table for tasting drinks, where you can sit in a friendly company with a glass of wine.

Decorating this area is a creative lamp in the style of modern art with an oblong lamp head and a red electric cord. Unusual carpet with fantastic patterns completes the picture.

Modern bathroom design

An open gallery runs along the perimeter of the second floor, connecting the terraces and rooms with each other. The gallery floor is lined with thick, wide-plank walls and dark metal railings.

From here, as from the terrace, you have a magnificent view of the surroundings and the exquisite garden.

The widescreen windows bring character to the facade of the house and flood the rooms with sunlight.

Fatima House private house facade

From the second floor to the third floor, where there is a large terrace and technical rooms, leads to the outside of the house. The terrace – a wonderful place to relax. Here you can admire the surroundings, have parties, sunbathe and even walk barefoot – the textured planking on the floor is very pleasant to the touch.

Courtyard of Fatima House

The design of Fatima House by engineer Jorge Hernández de la Garza in Mexico – a true creative and unusual project. The property has a great location in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, an interesting architectural design with a big terrace, a stylish interior and reasonable landscaping, which makes it one of the most interesting modern private homes in the Mexican capital.

Diagram of a private Fatima House in Mexico City
Floor plans for the Fatima House in Mexico City

The interior photography was realized and kindly provided by the professionals at Jorge Hernández de la Garza Design Bureau.

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