A house project on a long, narrow plot: The bright Fitzroy Residence in Melbourne

Fitzroy Residence Apartments in Melbourne

Take a virtual walk through the modern urban home Fitzroy Residence, which was renovated by Carr Architecture in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne.

In spite of its ultra-modern design, which the Fitzroy Residence has since been restored, the elegance and delicate charm of the Victorian era are still palpable.

The renovation work on the house was completed in 2014. Elegant two-story mansion sits on a modestly sized lot with a narrow, long form. The greenery of the trees and shrubs protects the house from street noise, and the accessibility of the urban infrastructure makes it very livable.

According to the architects, the reconstruction of the building allowed to create several modern comfortable rooms, while maintaining the exquisite exterior of the house. In the heart of the vibrant and busy Fitzroy, the mansion has a Victorian atmosphere that is typified by the idyllic façade.

The owners of this building love the character and charm of Victorian architecture, so they have tried to preserve as many of the characteristic elements and details of the structure as possible.

Sliding glass doors to patio

The lot on which the house is built is relatively small. In a densely built-up area. These circumstances made adjustments to the project – in particular, it was not possible to build a large house with panoramic views from the windows.

However, the engineers who carried out the reconstruction of the building found a decent answer to the difficult task. They made the most of the entire space of the old mansion – both horizontally and vertically, – introduced some eccentric design details, and filled the interior with wonderful decorative elements, creating a truly cozy home atmosphere.

The long silhouette of the building, high ceilings and functional planning allowed for many interesting solutions, arranging the main rooms of the house in an unusual and rational way.

Kitchen interior design at Fitzroy Residence

Opposite is a large kitchen cabinet in a dark chocolate shade. A cooktop with soft lighting is built into its niche. Another light source here – a small window in the ceiling.

Marble kitchen apron

In front of the panoramic windows with access to the modest terrace, decorated with houseplants, there is a small and cozy living room with a corner sofa. A thin warm carpet, a large floor lamp with a black round lampshade, and a coffee table made of light wood complete the picture.

Cabinet furniture is lined up here. A shelf with a niche for a television set flows seamlessly into the functional kitchen cupboard. This method makes it possible to rationally use the room area.

Interior design of the kitchen at Fitzroy Residence

The tiny space next to the kitchen accommodates the dining room. Despite its small size, it does not feel cramped at all! A practical wooden chair with Viennese dark wood chairs is illuminated by an unusual ball-shaped chandelier with a mirrored metal surface.

Dining area at Fitzroy Residence

Neutral wall finish and lots of windows make the rooms of the mansion visually larger and brighter. A soft white is also the perfect background, against which the wood grain of the furniture looks particularly striking.

Dining area at the Fitzroy Residence

Light-colored bathroom. Minimalist, modern furnishings accentuate the comfort and functionality of the room.

Milk-colored ceramic tile walls. The wooden dressing table sets off the whiteness of the sanitary fixtures and the chrome metal details add a special chic and elegance to the interior.

Transparent partition in the bathroom

The unique modern look with Victorian charm by Carr Architecture makes the Fitzroy Residence one of Melbourne's architectural gems.

In the heart of the bustling city center, with its inviting green garden, comfortable floor plan, and elegant interior, this home is the perfect urban retreat.

Interior photography by Michael Gazzola.

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