10 secret feelings of a husband that he never talks about

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The constant desire of a woman to look for a hidden meaning in the words of her husband can complicate the relationship. Usually, the stronger sex speak directly about everything, but there is something that men are silent.

Feels rejected

Husband and wife

Sometimes it’s hard for a man to admit it even to himself. If the husband sometimes feels lonely, it depresses him and causes embarrassment. The husband is silent about his feelings, and then he will manifest them in aggressive behavior directed at you. Help your beloved on your part: show attention and care.

Frustrated if you focus solely on his mistakes

It is important for a man to know that a woman appreciates his actions, even the most insignificant ones. Try to concentrate on the positive qualities of your spouse, be more tolerant and calm about mistakes.

Your phone annoys him.

Girl with a phone

We live in a digital age, where a conversation with another person can be accompanied by a constant check of messages on social networks. This annoys others, especially if you spend more time on the phone than they do. Put off the device during the conversation, listen to what they say to you – the husband will appreciate it.

He doesn’t like it when you think in stereotypes.

In the process of discussing a situation, do not compare your favorite with other men, do not generalize character traits, way of thinking. Each person is unique, so do not say that “all of you do this” or “you always do that.” Concentrate on resolving a specific problem during a dispute, abandon stereotypes and comparisons with others.

He has his male secrets.

Even if your husband has secrets, this does not mean that he loves you less than you would like. Perhaps there is a woman in his circle with whom he spouses more than others. Men prefer to keep silent about this, because if mentioned, this will become a problem that will require discussion. Your partner knows that this will not hurt the relationship, and soon interest in another woman will fade. Accordingly, there is no point in quarreling over this..

He has a girlfriend or employee who was once the object of his attention.

Office staff

The husband may be surrounded by a woman who once liked him. Perhaps now they are just friends, but before he had experienced love feelings for her, or they became friends from an attempt to start a relationship. The reasons why a man is silent can be different: the spouse does not want to quarrel with you, tries to protect your feelings and avoids the need to tell half the truth.

The baggage of a past relationship is still with him

Nobody wants to listen to stories about former partners, but as relations develop, some details come up that help to understand what contributed to the formation of the personality of a loved one. However, men try to avoid talking on these topics..

Compares himself to others

Woman kisses man

A man does not talk about his feelings, but he assesses his success by comparing himself with others. The objects of comparison are most often people from the immediate environment: friends, colleagues, superiors. Sometimes this is useful, because the successes of others can inspire, but if a person becomes dependent on the opinions of others, it harms personal growth and negatively affects the character.

Like beautiful things

The idea that beautiful things are designed exclusively for women is just a stereotype. A partner can like anything: fountain pens, leather notebooks, stylish gadgets. If you give gifts selected with a soul, the spouse will definitely appreciate it.

Needs approval and admiration

Couple of lovers

Representatives of the stronger sex often have a need for approval and admiration. Moreover, the spouse’s self-esteem depends on how well he can provide you. Try to thank your beloved more often and value as you are.

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