Benefits to war veterans in 2018: payments to citizens

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Assistance to certain categories of citizens is in the special account of the state. This applies not only to the poor, but also to those who, due to their profession, defended the sovereignty, integrity and borders of their native country. These citizens include war veterans. A number of preferences are provided for them at the federal and regional levels..

Veteran Status

Russian law clearly stipulates which citizens are considered war veterans. To do this, you need to look at the federal law No. 5-FZ “On Veterans” adopted in distant 1995. It is written here that WBD includes:

  • Military personnel and employees of the internal affairs bodies, the penal system, state security, the Ministries of the Interior and Defense of the USSR and the Russian Federation, who personally took part in the hostilities in the territory of foreign states and Russia, performing their immediate duties.
  • Persons who were involved in the clearance of the territories of the USSR and other foreign states from 10.051945 to 12.31.1951.
  • Citizens participating in combat trawling operations from 05/10/1945 to 12/31/1957.
  • Citizens who were discussing military units of the USSR or the Russian Federation on the territory of foreign states during military operations and as a result received injuries, shell shocks and other injuries.
  • Military personnel of flight personnel, automobile battalions and other units that served in Afghanistan during the conduct of hostilities there.
  • Persons who were sent to work to perform special tasks in Syria from 09/30/2015.

The process of assigning and receiving benefits is regulated by a number of regulatory and legal acts, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • tax code.
  • Law No. 4468-1, which addresses in detail all issues relating to persons who have served in the military.
  • The decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of April 13, 2016 No. 11-P. Here, the procedure for providing tax preferences is considered and adjusted..

War Veteran Certificate

What are the benefits for war veterans in 2018?

To receive benefits, you must have a veteran certificate. Only in this case, citizens can apply for a number of preferences, among which are:

  • buying tickets for any type of transport out of turn;
  • emergency phone installation;
  • obtaining specialized education, payment for which is made by the employer;
  • benefits associated with the rental of housing;
  • priority provision of housing, if there is reason to do so;
  • free medical care and prosthetics;
  • the provision of free medical care;
  • an advantage in joining horticultural, garage, housing and gardening cooperatives;
  • provision of medicines and medical products free of charge;
  • funeral services.

The legislation determines that in 2018 members of the families of war veterans also have the right to benefits. So, for example, underage children can attend summer camps when paying only half the cost of the permit. Additionally, children can apply for free two meals a day. At the death of the breadwinner, benefits are retained and apply to:

  • Children before they reach adulthood, and during training – until the age of 23 years.
  • Deceased parents.
  • Widows if they have not remarried.

Regional benefits

In Russia, benefits for WBD are determined at the federal and regional levels. In the first case, finances are allocated from the state budget, and the list of benefits to war veterans is the same for all subjects of the Federation. Local authorities are required to provide statutory preferences. In addition, each region has its own measures to support WBD, and the list of benefits directly depends on the capabilities of the local budget.

In Moscow

Benefits to combatants in 2018 in Moscow are prescribed in Law No. 70 of November 3, 2004 and Resolution of the Government of the capital No. 755 of August 11, 2009. according to these documents, veterans are entitled to:

  • 50% discount when paying utility bills and depositing money for rent.
  • Free travel by all means of transport except minibuses and taxis.
  • Exemption from full payment of vehicle tax on one vehicle up to 200 hp.
  • Free dental treatment and manufacture of dentures, provided that precious metals and expensive materials are not used in the process.
  • Reimbursement for urban telephone services.
  • Annual treatment and rehabilitation in the sanatorium on a free basis and travel compensation to the place of rest and back.




Assistance to war veterans can also be provided in cash, but in order to receive payments, a citizen needs to take care of this independently. For all issues related to monetary allowance, you should contact the Pension Fund of Russia. You can do this on a personal visit or by sending an application remotely by going to your personal account on the PFR website. In order for fund specialists to accept the application for consideration, it is not necessary to collect a large number of certificates. To contact you need only two documents:

  • valid passport;
  • Veteran Certificate.


Since 2005, the territorial branches of the Pension Fund have been working on the calculation and payment of monthly cash payments to various categories of beneficiaries, including war veterans. In 2017, the amount of EDV for war veterans was 2780.74 rubles. From February 1, according to the draft budget, this value will be indexed by 3.2%. In 2018, the fund will be aimed at paying EDV to all categories of citizens 450.6 billion rubles.

A veteran has the right to refuse the entire set of social services or certain positions and receive monetary compensation for this. The kit includes:

  • The purchase of vouchers for treatment or rehabilitation in sanatoriums and rest homes, regardless of departmental affiliation.
  • Travel by commuter rail or intercity to the treatment site and back.
  • Prescription drugs and medical devices.

On pension provision

In 2018, war veterans are assigned various payments from the state budget, the main of which is the monthly pension. This year they will all be indexed, as evidenced by the draft budget. Under Russian law, WBD can be paid:

  • Insurance pension. Depends on the size of the seniority and allowances established at the regional and federal level.
  • Social pension. Appointed upon disability.
  • State pension. Its size directly depends on the time and territories of warfare in which the citizen took part.

If a war veteran served in the conscription service and, as a result, received disability, he has the right to simultaneously receive two types of pension allowances: disability and labor (insurance). WBD parents who died while serving are entitled to receive a survivor’s pension five years ahead of schedule (women – 50 years old, men – 55 years old). Upon reaching the age generally established by law, he is entitled to receive a second old-age pension.

Housing Benefits

The issue of housing is an acute concern for most citizens of the Russian Federation. The state is taking a number of measures to solve this problem, developing programs whose purpose is to provide an opportunity to obtain their own square meters on attractive terms. Housing benefits in 2018 WBD are implemented in two directions:

  • in the form of compensation for the cost of utilities;
  • the possibility of acquiring housing through state subsidies.

Housing subsidies

War veterans are entitled to receive a cash payment in the form of a housing subsidy for the purchase or construction of their own housing. This right is also granted to WBD family members if the breadwinner has passed away. The payment is the target, so you can only send it to purchase your own squares. Its size varies depending on the market value of housing and the norms established in a particular region.

Until 2005, housing was allocated by WBD from the housing stock of the municipality. Currently, the process has changed, and in order to receive benefits, you need to have a veteran’s certificate and be on the lists of those in need. The procedure for obtaining a monetary certificate consists of several stages:

  1. Contact your local administration to register people in need of better housing.
  2. Get an answer (within 30 days) about registration or rejection.
  3. Monitor the movement of the queue, and upon receipt of the invitation to collect all the necessary documents and provide them to the administration for benefits.
  4. Use a certificate for settlement with the seller when registering a purchase and sale transaction.
  5. Register your property.

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Housing and communal services

As noted, benefits to combatants are laid down when paying for utilities. They are expressed in the form of compensation, i.e. returned to the veteran only after payment for utilities and apply to the charges relating to overhaul and rent. Municipal legislation for WBD does not provide additional benefits for paying bills for gas, heating, water, garbage collection, but they can be provided at the level of regional budgets if they have enough money.


According to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, veterans of military operations in 2018 can also receive benefits through taxation. They can be expressed both in the form of a full exemption from the payment of any tax, and a partial reduction in the amount. This question is about paying:

  • income tax;
  • land tax;
  • property tax;
  • payment of state duty.

Individual income tax

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation ruled that all payments accrued by WBD are equal to state benefits. For this reason, personal income tax cannot be levied on them. This applies to all abilities, with the exception of benefits for temporary disability and caring for a sick child. If a war veteran continues to work and receives a salary, he is entitled to claim a tax deduction, which according to the law is 500 rubles for each tax period. If he is additionally disabled, then the amount of the tax-free amount will be increased to 3 000 r.

A participant in hostilities in 2018 can receive a benefit:

  • Directly through the accounting department of the company where he works. In this case, a tax deduction will be made monthly on payroll.
  • Through the tax office at the end of the year. In this situation, the overpaid money will be returned to the citizen.


It is possible to completely not pay land tax if the cadastral value of this land does not exceed 10,000 rubles. At a high price, land tax is charged on the cadastral value of the allotment minus all the same 10 thousand. The privilege can be used in 2018 only within one region. If there are several plots, but in different business entities, the benefit continues to be maintained for each of them..

On property

If we turn to the Tax Code, we can see that WBD, as well as a number of other categories of citizens, for example, pensioners, are completely exempt from paying property tax. An important feature in this rule is that it acts in relation to only one type of property, which includes:

  • house;
  • flat;
  • room;
  • garage;
  • summer house and similar buildings up to 50 square meters. m;
  • commercial real estate, the use of which occurs for professional creative activity.

As for the car tax, exemption from it is not provided at the federal level. Each region independently solves this issue. In 2018, veterans participating in hostilities, according to official figures, are exempted from the contribution partially or fully in more than 30 regions, among which are:

  • Leningrad region;
  • Stavropol region;
  • Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Moscow region;
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory, etc..

Money and a house

State Duty

Since 2017, war veterans have been fully exempted from paying state duty when applying to the court for the resolution of various disputes. The rule is valid if the amount of the claim is less than 1 million rubles. With a larger value, the state duty is paid only with amounts that exceed the limit established by law. WBD does not pay if cases are considered:

  • Supreme Court (issues of civil procedural law or administrative proceedings);
  • courts of general jurisdiction;
  • justices of the peace.


The main medical benefit is the ability to apply, if necessary, to the healthcare organization to which the person was assigned during the service / work. This means that even upon reaching a well-deserved rest, a combat participant cannot be denied treatment or examination at this organization. A citizen can get an appointment with the right specialist without waiting in line by presenting a certificate.

WBDs receive drugs free of charge if a prescription is written in their name. In addition to this, they have the right, if necessary, to receive prostheses and prosthetic and orthopedic products. If the citizen purchased them for his own money, he is entitled to compensation in providing documentary evidence of the price. As for prosthetics, the benefits apply only to treatment. Preferences are established in each subject of the Russian Federation, therefore, the exact list of free medical services must be found at the place of residence.

Labor benefits

According to labor legislation, war veterans in 2018 are entitled to rely on preferential working conditions if they are disabled people of groups 1, 2, or 3. In all other cases, the main preferences are:

  • the right to additional leave;
  • the possibility of using vacation at any convenient time, regardless of the position held, but according to the approved schedule;
  • obtaining specialized education and advanced training at the expense of the employer.

Regarding additional days to the main vacation, it is important to clarify some points:

  • Up to 35 days of vacation (but only without pay) has the right to take any WBD.
  • Paid additional leave for a period of not more than 15 days is provided provided that the WBD is in military service by conscription or by contract.

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How to replace cash compensation benefits

Benefits to Russian war veterans in 2018 in kind are provided by the federal and regional authorities. They cannot be replaced with cash payments except for a set of social services. A person has the right to refuse all components of the NSO or only certain services, and this can be done once a year by writing a statement before October 1. In some regions there are small shifts in date, but they are insignificant and are rather the exception.

To apply for a waiver of the NSO, or rather receive a cash equivalent, you must contact the regional representative office of the Pension Fund or the Multifunctional Center at the place of registration. You need to have a statement, passport and WBD certificate with you. Depending on the chosen service, the veteran can receive the amount (its value is reviewed annually):

  • sanatorium treatment – 124.99 r .;
  • provision of medicines – 807.94 p .;
  • travel by commuter rail or intercity transport to the place of treatment and back – 116.04 p.
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