Crochet Bactus – How to Link Step-by-Step Schemes with Descriptions for Beginners

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DIY accessories will always be in fashion. In order to crochet a bactus according to the ready description, you do not need to have much experience, even a novice craftswoman can cope with this task. There are many interesting ideas and ways to wear this fashionable item on the Internet, so you can create several options for different types of clothes at once.

What is Bactus?

A type of triangular scarf or scarf that is worn around the neck is called a bactus. Fashion to wear the item angle down came from the northern countries – Norway, Sweden. Previously, it was made using felting or sewing from a warm cloth. After knitting became a popular hobby all over the world, many hook ideas and knitting needles came up..

Crochet Bactus

The product not only perfectly protects the neck from the cold in autumn and winter, but also fits as a fashionable addition to any clothing. In order to decide on the creation of an accessory, it is not necessary to be an experienced knitter; even a novice will be able to do this. The main thing is to know the stages of the work and some rules:

  1. It is necessary to take threads that will not be pricked. For the summer version, rayon, cotton are suitable, and for the winter bactus – acrylic or wool mixture.
  2. Crochet buckets with schemes and description is much easier to knit, because detailed explanations are given on how to perform the whole process in stages.
  3. Depending on which crochet pattern of bactus is chosen, you can knit across, start from the long side of the scarf or from the corner.
  4. The wide side of the bactus should be such that it can be wrapped around the neck and tied in front.

Crochet pattern for bactus

In addition, you need to familiarize yourself with the crochet technique, and then study the special abbreviations that are used in the description of knitwear:

  • vp – air loop;
  • conn. Art. – connecting column;
  • s.b / n. – single crochet;
  • s.s / n – double crochet;
  • ps.s / n – half crochet with a crochet;
  • vog.s.s / n. – concave column with a crochet (wrong side);
  • vy.s.s / n – a convex column with a crochet (front).

Interesting ideas

If you use the advice on the Internet, you can make the product unique, not like the others. The most interesting ideas for knitting bactus:

  1. Take the threads of section dyeing, you get a smooth transition from one color to another.
  2. To knit a scarf in a fillet viscous, alternating with double crochet and air loops, draw threads of a contrasting color into the resulting mesh. In this case, an imitation of plaid fabric will be created..
  3. Choose beautiful square motifs with a floral pattern and combine them to make a triangle. You can connect the individual parts in the last row or with a needle..
  4. Complete the original binding using an interesting crochet border theme.
  5. Decorate items with tassels or a fringe of a different color.


The simple shape of the accessory makes it possible to choose almost any knitting pattern. Before you dwell on one of the many schemes, you need to decide how functional the subject will be. If you plan to wear it as an addition to the wardrobe, you can choose a beautiful openwork pattern. If you want it to protect against wind and frost, then it is better to stay in tight knit.

Openwork Bactus

How to tie a bactus

Before starting work, it is recommended to find a model of bactus, choose the right type of thread and the number of the hook. For those who are just starting to learn the basics of knitting alphabet, it is advisable to choose a simple pattern. After that, you should knit a 10 by 10 cm sample to find out the knitting density, and then disassemble the selected pattern from beginning to end so that there are no difficulties in the process.

Crochet openwork bactus

The thing needed to decorate the wardrobe does not have to be warm, so often an openwork pattern consisting of a large number of air loops and double crochets is chosen for the summer bactus. Openwork “pineapples” looks good. A beautiful pattern easily fits into a triangle if you start knitting from the corner and do an extension on the sides. Materials: hook 1.3, “Beaded” Pechorka – 100 g.

Work Stages:

  1. Bind 2 vp.
  2. Make 4 c.p. and 1 tbsp. s / n in the loop of the previous row.
  3. 4 vp lifting, 1 tbsp. s / n, 1 v.p., 1 tbsp. s / n.
  4. 4 vp lifting, 1 tbsp. s / n in the air loop of the previous row, 3 vp, 1 tbsp. s / n., 1 c.p., 1 tbsp. s / n to the next air loop.
  5. 4 vp lifting, 1 tbsp. s / n into the air loop of the previous row (the “check mark” pattern should be at the edge), 2 vp, 3 tbsp. s / n, 2 c.p., 1 tbsp. s / n, 1 v.p., 1 tbsp. s / n.
  6. Knit pineapple motif according to any pattern, performing additions around the edges until the sizes of the bactus do not become the desired size.


The peculiarity of Bosnian knitting is that the fabric is created using connecting posts. When knitting a stylish bactus, called Bosnian, these elements are also used. It is better to choose stiffer threads so that the relief is visible. The product fits across. From the narrowest part with additions, and then with decreases. Materials: “Jeans” YarnArt – 130 g, hook-2.

Work Stages:

  1. Make 4 vp, knit 2 tbsp. s / n in the first loop.
  2. Turn the work and knit 1 row with connecting posts, knitting 2 loops at the end in 1 loop. st.
  3. To connect a row of columns with a crochet, repeat another series of connecting columns.
  4. Knit in a row of Art. s / n alternately with air loops.
  5. Continue knitting according to the pattern, performing increments through the row so that they are located on one side.
  6. After the length becomes about 70 cm, begin to make decreases until 3 tbsp. s / n.


Fashion for children copies all the popular trends, so a crocheted triangular scarf can be seen on many small fashionistas. It is no worse than a traditional scarf closes the throat, in addition, it can be worn as an addition to a headdress, jacket or coat. Perfect for children’s bactus drawing “grandmother’s square.” Materials: Thread “Children’s Novelty” from the company Pechorka – 80 g, two-hook.

Work Stages:

  1. Lock in a 4 vp ring.
  2. Run 3 vp lifting, another 3 VP, 3 tbsp. s / n in the ring, 3 vp, 3 tbsp. s / n in the ring, 3 vp, 1 tbsp. s / n into the ring.
  3. Continue according to the scheme, knitting into the central arch of 3 vp –3 tbsp. s / n., 3 c.p., 3 tbsp. s / n., until the width of the bactus is equal to 50 cm.
  4. Make a strapping from Art. non-cash with a peak.

Grandmother's Square Knitting Pattern


Crocheted neck scarf for men will be a wonderful gift for any date. These accessories are preferred by representatives of the stronger sex, following fashion trends. It is possible to emphasize the belonging of a thing with the help of plain threads and a simple pattern. Materials: yarn “Moscow Region” from the Trinity factory in dark blue, hook number 3.

Work Stages:

  1. Dial a chain of VP, 75 cm long.
  2. Knit art. s / n, reducing in each row 2 tbsp. s / n until 3 loops remain.
  3. At the end, crochet buckthus is done.


The name of the scarf was due to the pattern in the form of crests of waves, which is made using embossed columns with a crochet and without a crochet. The scarf fits in from the wide to the narrow. Before you begin to work, you need to learn how to knit embossed columns. It is recommended that you select non-thick threads so that the process is not so difficult. Materials: Vita “Camilla” yarn – 150g, hook No. 2.

Work Stages:

  1. Dial 400 VP.
  2. In the first row, simple columns with one and two crochets are knitted according to the scheme.
  3. Peaks are obtained by knotting several art. s / n in one loop, and in the recesses pass through several loops.
  4. Gradually, the knitting tapers towards the center by reducing the waves.
  5. In the last row, 1 comb is knitted and a binding is performed.

Transformer Bactus

The proof that a simple scarf can be worn not only as a scarf, but also as a full-fledged garment, is a transformer bactus. Unlike traditional things of this type, it has the shape of a trapezoid. With the help of buttons, you can give it different shapes and wear it like a bolero, an original collar, a decorative scarf. Materials: hook number 2, Alize “Bella Batik” turquoise – 150 g.

Work Stages:

  1. Dial 400 VP.
  2. To tie for lifting 3 VP, in 4 VP from the beginning to knit 5 tbsp. s / n, alternating with 1 vp, retreat 3 vp, perform 1 tbsp. non-cash Repeat to the end of the chain of air loops.
  3. Make 3 vp for lifting, 1 tbsp. s / n in the first loop of a fan of 5 tbsp. s / n, 3 c.p., 1 tbsp. non-cash in the central column of the fan, 3 vp, 1 tbsp. s / n in the last loop of the fan from 5 tbsp. s / n, 1 vp Continue to the end of the row.
  4. With the help of conn. Art. rise to the top of Art. b / n of the previous row, knit according to the scheme of the first row, knitting the fans in a checkerboard pattern.
  5. Knit until 1 fan in the center.
  6. To complete the binding in two stages – 1 row: Art. b / n, 2 row – fans.
  7. Sew buttons on one side of the trapezoid.

Girl in a Bactus Transformer

Bactus Ugolek

Triangle scarf “Ugolek” got this name due to its rich black color. For him, it is recommended to take threads with a slight sheen. They will emphasize a beautiful knitted ornament. This accessory is best worn over a coat or fur coat, decorating it with tassels. Materials: Thread “Brilliant” tone 4952 from Vita – 100g, double hook.

Work Stages:

  1. Dial 7 v.p., complete 1 tbsp. s / n in 1 loop of the chain, 3 vp, 1 tbsp. s / n in the same loop.
  2. 3 vp for lifting, knit 8 tbsp. s / n in each arch from air loops (a total of 16 tbsp.s / n).
  3. Continue to work strictly according to the scheme until the base of the scarf reaches the desired length.
  4. Make brushes on the ends.
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