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Rather than be bored in front of the TV, it is better to pass a quiet family evening behind a developing and exciting economic strategy. The board game Monopoly is familiar to many since childhood and is suitable for a company of even two people, and a simple instruction will help learn the rules and acquire certain skills for beginners. Find out: the basic rules and what types of strategies exist in the modern world.

What is a Monopoly game

Board game in the genre of economic strategy. It has gained popularity in many countries of the world, including Russia, where it is better known as Manager or Businessman. The classic monopoly was developed by Charles Darrow in 1934. The inventor showed his achievements to parker brothers, but the project was rejected due to design errors. Darrow later refined the strategy, and in 1936 it became the best-selling strategy in the United States..

Board Game Monopoly

The meaning of the game Monopoly

In fact, the strategy consists of a playing field, which is divided into squares. They are divided into enterprises or assets, events and a prison, falling into which the participant misses the move. The turn to walk is determined by the roll of the cube – who has the greater the first. The number of fields per turn corresponds to the total points on the dice. The essence of the monopoly game is to rationally use your capital to buy real estate to lead opponents to absolute bankruptcy.

Rules of the game

Participants alternately throw a pair of dice and make the appropriate number of moves on the field. Having occupied a cell with real estate, a player can buy it provided that the asset is free, or pay a price list tax for visiting this field to the person who owns the enterprise. If a participant has taken a cage with an event, he receives a special instruction. The standard rules of the game of monopoly contain the following list of instructions:

  • give part of their capital to the Bank;
  • each of the players receives from you N amount of money;
  • move back or forward a few cells;
  • go to jail;
  • make a deal to sell one city;
  • skip a move;
  • get money from other participants.

How to play Monopoly

In all versions of the strategy, there is always a Banker to whom the assets belong initially. He can take part in the game, if necessary. The banker gives each participant a starting capital of 1,500 bank cards and fills in the designated places of the game elements. They start the game with the fact that the opponents set their chips on the start field and with the help of the bones determine the sequence of the move.

The main nuances of the strategy:

  • If the same number falls on the dice, the participant has the right to the second move. However, if the same number falls three times in a row, the opponent goes to prison.
  • After passing the “Start” cell, each time you get the salary set by the bank.
  • Having settled on a free cell with real estate, you can purchase it. As a rule, houses with the same income are painted in the same color. Having collected all three houses of the same color, you can improve them to hotels by paying a certain amount of money to the bank.
  • Stopping at someone else’s property involves paying rent, and the amount increases when building hotels. If a player does not have enough money to pay rent, he can sell his own houses or take a loan from a bank.
  • If you hit a cell with an event, pull the card and follow the instructions given in it without fail.
  • If your expenses or debts do not overlap the total value of the purchased property, you are declared bankrupt. The game ends when only 1 player remains on the field.

People play Monopoly

Types of Monopoly Game

In the world there are more than a hundred varieties of the game, and this, apart from unlicensed strategies, which are much more. On the shelf of the store you can find collection editions dedicated to a particular event or date, road maps, regional and versions for children. All of them retain the same principle and rules, but differ in their special design. Rating will help determine the choice of the most popular strategies.


This edition is issued in a traditional cardboard box with a classic design of game cards, dice and chips. She teaches the basic principles of the economy: buying and selling land, paying fines, competition, problems with power. The instruction for such a strategy contains all the necessary explanations. In the classic version from hasbro, there are a number of accidents that will add a little excitement to the gameplay:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Game Classic.
  • Price: at a discount on the Yandex Market 1719 rubles, regular price 1978 r.
  • Characteristics: field, 8 tokens, 28 property cards, 16 cards of the Public Treasury and Chance, 32 green. houses, 12 hotels, 2 cubes.
  • Pros: clear instructions in Russian, colorful design.
  • Cons: too thin paper money.

Monopoly Millionaire

This variation has several significant differences. Firstly, a completely new design. Secondly, the other goal of the game. Here, in order to win, you need not bankrupt your rivals, but collect the first million:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Millionaire Game.
  • Price: in Moscow and St. Petersburg with delivery by mail from 1949 rubles.
  • Characteristics: 12 chips, 22 cards of the owner and fortune, 2 dice, 14 cards Chance and Life of the Millionaire, 32 and 12 hotels, instructions.
  • Pros: convenient bank in the form of a tray.
  • Cons: as planned, when paying bills you need to spend more money.

Board game Monopoly Millionaire in a box

Monopoly Empire

Another version of the world famous economic strategy. The rules and the gameplay itself have remained unchanged, only the color of the field with chips (black and gold) and the name of the property have changed – in this game you will become the owners of world brands or owners of the Coca-Cola, Reebok and other brands:

  • Model Name: Board Game Monopoly – Empire.
  • Price: per share from 1785 rubles, cost without sale – 2719 r.
  • Characteristics: 14 Empire and Chance cards, 4 skyscrapers, 30 brands, 6 offices, cubes, paper money, field.
  • Pros: clear rules in Russian.
  • Cons: with long batches, black eyes quickly get tired.

Road Monopoly

For those who often travel on business trips or do not know what to do with themselves on the train, the developers came up with a new version – Road. Only the appearance has changed in it, the essence remains the same:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Road Version.
  • Price: 520 rubles.
  • Characteristics: there are cards, a field, chips for home and hotel improvement, participants’ figures, detailed instructions.
  • Pros: the field serves as a case at the same time.
  • Cons: small inscriptions on the field, thin banknotes.

My first Monopoly

This exciting and light version is perfect for fun with children. In it, the game continues until one of the participants runs out of money. Then the rivals calculate their capital, and the one with the most banknotes wins:

  • Model Name: Hasbro Junior Big Monopoly Yo-kai Watch.
  • Price: from 2000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the set consists of 4 cards, 16 medals, dice, 24 Chance potatoes and paper banknotes.
  • Pros: ideal for children from 6 years old, game cards made in the form of hours.
  • Cons: not revealed.

Monopoly with bank cards

Hasbro always keeps up to date and tries to improve their games every year. The updated version no longer has paper currency, participants are supposed to pay with bank cards. The rest of the essence remains the same – buy at home, build hotels, earn and win:

  • Model Name: desktop monopoly with bank cards.
  • Price: from 3000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the electronic terminal is additionally included in the classic set.
  • Pros: new improved design, good workmanship – thick laminated cardboard.
  • Cons: no batteries included.

Unfolded game Monopoly with bank cards


If you think that healthy competition should always be present on the market, then this version is just for you. Its essence lies in the confrontation of the Monopolist and the Competitor. The first is developing slowly, but gaining an advantage in business in the end. The second is easier at the start, but if the Monopolist is allowed to develop, he will easily ruin the Competitor:

  • Model Name: Antitrust.
  • Price: 2490 rubles.
  • Characteristics: field dimensions 48 * 48 cm, plastic chips, cardboard cards, instructions.
  • Pros: large card sizes.
  • Cons: complicated instructions for beginners.

Monopoly FC Barcelona

This version of the popular board strategy is perfect for football lovers and fans of the Barcelona club. In this variation, there are no cities or real estate plots, here you will not buy houses, but you will begin to acquire football players during the game:

  • Model Name: Monopoly FC Barcelona Board Game.
  • Price: from 2500 rubles.
  • Characteristics: chip manufacturing material – aluminum, field – thick cardboard, 3 dice in a set – 2 regular and 1 high-speed.
  • Pros: there is a convenient plastic tray for money and cards.
  • Cons: not identified.

Monopoly Russia

This differs from the classic version in that here you will not trade the capitals of the world, but the cities of your homeland. Bright and colorful map will not leave indifferent any fan of economic strategies:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Russia.
  • Price: from 2400 rubles.
  • Features: metal chips for participants, a set of illustrated rules in Russian, a set of cards, cubes.
  • Pros: colorful design, clear description.
  • Cons: no tray for monetary units.

Playing field Monopoly Russia

World version here and now

This is a small travel guide around the world. If you have not been to Paris or London, but dream of visiting these cities, here and now you will really like it:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Here and Now.
  • Price: from 1900 rubles.
  • Characteristics: sizes – 40 * 27 * 5, plastic chips – 4 pcs., Plastic passports – 4 pcs., Paper money.
  • Pros: instructions in Russian with a detailed description of the sights of cities.
  • Cons: not identified.

Monopoly Masha and the Bear

This children’s version of the classic board strategy is dedicated to your favorite cartoon characters. On the map instead of streets, Cars are drawn friends, and Chance cards are replaced by Adventures:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Masha and the Bear.
  • Price: from 2100 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the box is made of thick cardboard, there are plastic chips, card cubes.
  • Pros: it will be interesting for adults and children, colorful design.
  • Cons: banknotes made of thin paper, which over time lose their appearance.

Monopoly City

If in the classic version you can only build houses or hotels, then here you can create the infrastructure at your discretion. Buy an inexpensive land plot and equip it with streets, neighborhoods, housing estates:

  • Model Name: Monopoly City Board Games.
  • Price: from 2200 rubles.
  • Product specifications: 80 volume plastic buildings and structures, metal chips for participants, plastic cubes, a detailed user manual.
  • Pros: a new exciting genre that is completely different from previous versions.
  • Cons: not identified.

Monopoly Deluxe

The famous retro design of the first version of the game has revived in the new version of Monopoly Deluxe. The rules are supplemented by an entertaining history of creating a strategy and interesting details:

  • Model Name: Monopoly Deluxe.
  • Price: from 2250 rubles.
  • Features: classic design chips, gift box, wooden chips for hotel houses, currency on thick cardboard.
  • Pros: chrome field.
  • Cons: no.

Box with board game Monopoly Deluxe

How to Choose a Monopoly Game

In so many different variants of the popular strategy, it is not difficult to get confused. As a rule, the classic Monopoly remains the best-selling, but in recent years, demand has grown for other strategy models. When buying the game for home use, you should pay attention to your own preferences. For a change try Deluxe, Russia, Here and Now.

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