GPS tracker for car. How to install a beacon for tracking a car without a monthly fee

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For many owners of the transportation business, buying tracking equipment is becoming a necessity. GPS-beacon for the car helps to monitor fuel consumption, movement, location online. There are many options for this equipment, devices differ in characteristics and cost.

GPS tracker for a car – what is it

Visually, the device looks like a black box the size of a pack of cigarettes, but expensive models can be even smaller. A GPS car tracker is installed in the cab of the car, helping to accurately determine the coordinates of the object. The error of such devices rarely exceeds 2.5 meters. The whole system consists of a receiving and transmitting device. The beacon on the machine for tracking movement transfers to the computer the data that the GPS receiver receives.

GLONASS or GPS is used to track the movement of the car; special software is installed on the computer that receives data from the car. The tracker can be connected via the dashboard or work independently from batteries. A GPS beacon for a car receives a signal from several satellites that are in orbit and the system determines the location of the car by the delay in response, then transfers data to a computer or phone. In addition to determining coordinates, a beacon for tracking a vehicle can:

  • transmit, receive sound through a microphone;
  • record the route traveled;
  • track drain, refuel.

Car tracking light

GPS tracker for a car without a monthly fee

In addition to purchasing a tracking system (beacon), you may need additional costs for software, server support, etc. For this reason, people are looking for a GPS tracker for a car without a monthly fee. You can find many offers that offer such conditions, but a reasonable person should understand that the company must earn something. Perhaps the conditions really will not include monthly payments, but additional costs will be hidden in other points, for example:

  1. A GPS tag for a car does not require a monthly fee, but you must connect a specific tariff for your phone to use the software, which you will have to pay for. The company will then receive its share for the package sold..
  2. The entire monitoring and tracking system works only on special software that you need to buy. Combine the beacon for the car with other software does not work and there is no choice.
  3. In some cases, you sign a contract in which there really is no monthly fee, you can install a transmitter module, you will be given the necessary software. After a year, you need to renew the contract, then they tell you that you need to pay for using the services, and you don’t want to change the tracking system anymore.
  4. There are real offers in which machine tracking is carried out without monthly payments. Software for one computer is provided, you can use it only from it. This is acceptable for a private person who wants to protect his car from theft, but it is absolutely not convenient for companies where there are several managers and more than one car.

GPS tracker for car with microphone

The catalog of these products can offer many options. Different countries produce trackers for cars, some have good quality, others have a bad, but low price. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of additional functions in the tracker, for example, some options help to track fuel consumption (draining / replenishing the tank). Sometimes company owners and individuals decide to buy a GPS tracker for a car with a microphone in an online store. This will allow you to hear everything that happens in the vehicle cabin. The hearing radius is usually 8 m.

Tracking System Kit with Microphone

GPS tracker for magnet car

There are several mounting options for this device. The GPS tracker for a magnet car belongs to the stand-alone version of the device and is an improved version of the model on the clip. This beacon for the car has a powerful magnet, this helps to fix it discreetly in any part of the car. In case of hijacking, it’s good to hide the tracker – an important condition, so that then you can track the movement of the car. The device is powered by rechargeable batteries, holds well on any iron planes, does not fall off when driving. Finding a tracker on a magnet is much more difficult.

Installing a GPS tracker on a car

As a rule, specialized employees who correctly configure the device are involved in this procedure. Installing a GPS tracker on a car is inexpensive, but you can do it yourself if you wish. If there is no confidence in the correct settings, you should entrust the matter to professionals. The tracker is mounted on the car in several stages:


You must insert a SIM card into a special slot on the tracker for a car. If the beacon is placed in the company car, then the opened parts of the device should be sealed to avoid unauthorized encroachment by another person. This will help to control the integrity of the device and the reliability of the data from it. Next, you need to connect the device to the on-board network of the machine. As a rule, for this, 3 wires are used from the dashboard pad or from the cigarette lighter.


It is better to hide the device from prying eyes in the car so that it is not possible to dismantle it. As a rule, a tracker is installed inside the dashboard. The tracker must not come into contact with any moving parts of the machine. Keep in mind that the antenna of the device must be directed to the sky for better reception. Some models have a removable antenna, so keep in mind that the distance between it and the tracker should not exceed 30 cm.


After the previous steps, you must correctly connect the device to the panel. To do this, 3 wires from the cigarette lighter or on-board network. Consistently connect the permanent pros and cons to the block. The last wire is an ACC line with an inconsistent plus; it must be connected to a backup battery. After that, install the GSM and GLONASS / GPS antennas.

Installed GPS tracker in the car

Do-it-yourself GPS tracker for car

Some people do not trust the manufacturers of these devices and want to make a GPS tracker for the car with their own hands. The easiest way is to use a smartphone. All modern models of these devices are equipped with a GPS modem, which can become a beacon for the car. This is a convenient way to protect against theft for individuals. Do-it-yourself beacon creation is performed as follows:

  1. On a mobile, download a special program from the Internet.
  2. Go to the Gpshome Resource.
  3. Sign up and go to your personal account.
  4. Next, you need the “Settings” section, where you can add the necessary data about the object to track.
  5. You will need to look under the phone’s battery to rewrite IMEI (Unique Numeric Cellular Identifier).
  6. Enter the data in the form on the site.
  7. Run the installed program on the mobile and see if tracking has started in the user account on the site.

How to choose a GPS tracker for a car

There are many offers from the manufacturers of these products, so there are difficulties with which of the trackers should be ordered. There are some options that will help you decide on the acquisition. GPS beacon for a car, which is better to choose:

  1. Ask a consultant about location accuracy. If the error is more than 2.5 meters, then even a low price is not a reason to buy such a device. The tracker must correctly and accurately determine all parameters.
  2. Find out the speed with which the beacon is able to receive the signal and transmit it to the computer. The lower this value, the better.
  3. Give preference to models that are capable of picking up reflected satellite signals. This is true for cars that move around the city. The absence of this function will lead to an error in displaying the route (as if the vehicle was moving not on the road).
  4. Availability of additional features. If you need a microphone, a fuel sensor, then on inexpensive models they are not.

GPS tracker TK05

Price for GPS tracker for car

If you want to get accurate data about the location, route of your car, you should buy a good tracker. The price of these devices is in approximately one segment. Here are some popular device models:

  1. Starline Lighthouse M17. The device is connected using wire, the price is from 6 000 rubles.
  2. GPS Marker M100. There is a loop for connecting the device to the panel, there is also an emergency battery, the price is from 4 500 r.
  3. Voyager 4. The device is connected to the machine’s network, but can work temporarily from the built-in battery, the price is from 6,200 r.
  4. Proma Sat 1000. Magnetic standalone tracker for a car that holds a charge according to the manufacturer for about 2 years. Price – from 11 200 r.
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