How to hem pants using a tape with video and photos. How to use a ribbon for hemming trousers with iron and cobwebs

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When buying women’s and men’s trousers, suits, we often encounter the need to shorten clothes. This is especially common in people with short or medium stature. On the one hand, everyone can choose the optimal length, but on the other, they have to spend extra money. Better to learn to file things yourself.

How to use a tape for hemming trousers

So that the work was not done in vain, first you need to measure the length of the pants on the person who will wear them. Ideally, they should reach the middle of the heel. If there is no way to measure, you can take his other pants and measure the length along the step seam. It is recommended to mark the desired length with dry soap. At home, things can be hemmed with a special braid or thin web.

Trouser braid is a special textile product with which you can hem the bottom of things. It is an auxiliary material, but no less important than other weaving products..

Tape adhesive tape


  1. Thanks to it, the thing gets dirty less, and the edges are reliably protected from natural wear.
  2. The product increases the wear resistance of things, helps to maintain its original appearance for longer.
  3. It is made from linen, wool, cotton, therefore it does not cause irritation even on sensitive skin.
  4. She does not wear out, keeps on clothes for many years.

Unlike braid, the glue web is a lighter, transparent, easy-to-use product. Its width varies between 0.5–5 cm. The product has a mesh structure, therefore it gives the bottom of the pants a more plastic shape. Available without paper and on paper. It is recommended to glue the glue web with things that do not need to be washed often – with repeated ingress of water, the product will cease to fulfill its function.

It is not suitable for all types of fabrics, for example, on knitwear it will stretch along with the thing. For subtle things, it is better not to use it. It is recommended to use a glue spider web with a width of not more than 0.5 cm, because if it is wider, the place of attachment will be dense, rigid. If there are no narrow options on sale, you can buy a wide one and cut it. Learn how to hem pants with a ribbon correctly.

Glue tape spider line for sewing

How to fold pants with duct tape

A web for trouser hemming is a very simple way for those who have not previously been repairing clothes manually. Correctly hem the following:

  1. Take adhesive tape 2 times longer than the width of men’s pants.
  2. Tuck clothing, attach cobwebs to the wrong side.
  3. Go over the product with a hot iron to stick.
  4. When the paper connects to the fabric, wait a bit.
  5. If the cobweb does not stick on the first try, it is recommended to spray with water, quickly repeat the procedure.
  6. Separate the paper from the sticky hot glue base.
  7. Make sure that the left side has a strip with rhombuses.

Ironing Trousers

Trouser belt for hemming trousers

After taking the measurements, you need to iron the clothes, for example, classic men’s pants, as well as the finishing material itself, so that the braid sat down. If this is not done, the type of clothing may be further deteriorated. If the tape for hemming trousers with iron and pants are ready, you can proceed with the next steps:

  1. Unscrew the pants on the wrong side.
  2. When taking measurements, the chalk line should remain – you need to attach a braid to it and start scribbling on a sewing machine, keeping a distance of 2 mm from the top edge. If desired, before this can be cut, but this is not necessary.
  3. The hem of the pants must be hemmed with a hidden seam – stitch, iron the bottom through a damp cloth.
  4. The work is done – you learned how to hem pants using the ribbon correctly.
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