How to register a child in an apartment at the place of residence of the father or mother – a package of documents and the procedure for registration

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The birth of a baby is a wonderful and very important event. Against the background of excitement and joyful emotions, it is important for parents not to forget about formalities. Mom and dad (or one of them) are required to register a child in an apartment where they are registered and permanently reside on their own. The mandatory nature of this procedure and the procedure for passing it are provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Russian Federation).

Registration of a minor child

Registration is the act of notifying the state of a citizen’s residence at a specific address. The procedure is required for both adults and children. The procedure for registering a child in a room, apartment or house is significantly different from the same procedure for an adult. As in the case of adult citizens, there are 2 types of child registration:

  • constant;
  • temporary.

What is needed for

Without a minor’s registration, his parent will not be able to take advantage of the privileges laid down to him by status, or will experience problems with their design. These include:

  • Getting Social Security.
  • Registration of maternity capital. It is impossible to obtain a certificate without registering a child at the place of residence of the parents or one of them.
  • Entry to kindergarten. You can only queue for admission to a preschool institution by registering your baby.
  • Clarification: for the registration of a medical policy for a newborn, registration of his mother is a sufficient condition.

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With whom should a child under 14 be registered

Before the 14th birthday, the registration of the rights of a minor is done by his parents, guardians, adoptive parents – he must be registered with one of them. As soon as a citizen receives a passport, he will be able to independently initiate the registration procedure in the apartment. To do this, he should draw up a written application, prepare a full package of required documents confirming his right to register at the specified address, transfer them to the passport service employee at his place of residence.

Legal regulation

The procedure for registering a child in an apartment is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The list of legal norms:

  • Art. 5-8 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the Federal Law of the Russian Federation) dated 05.06.1993 No. 5242-1 “On the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement …”;
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 17, 1995 No. 713;
  • The Housing Code of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2004 No. 188-FZ;
  • Art. 19.15.1 – 19.15.2 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses of December 30, 2001 No. 195-FZ (on liability that occurs as consequences for violations of the migration regime).

How to register a newborn baby in an apartment

The registration of a newborn in the mother’s living space is automatic and is called primary. It should be confirmed by issuing a constant. You can register the baby at the place of residence of the father – in this case, you will need to provide additional documents for registering the child in the apartment. It should be noted that when contacting the passport office employee, the applicant should have:

  • proof of paternity;
  • written by the mother and notarized consent to the registration with the second parent, and a copy thereof;
  • certificate confirming that the baby is not registered on the mother’s living space.

The step-by-step procedure will be as follows:

  1. The baby is registered in the civil registry office (hereinafter referred to as the registry office) in order to receive a birth certificate. You should take a certificate from the maternity hospital, which should be issued when the baby is born, and contact the registry office.
  2. Collect the necessary package of documents to register a newborn at the place of residence of the mother or father.
  3. Contact the papers with a passport service specialist.
  4. Get a receipt from him.
  5. After 8 working days, come to the passport office at the place of registration of the baby. Present a receipt. Take away the certificate of registration and originals of documents submitted for its execution.

Simplified registration procedure and registration deadlines

If the baby is registered for the first time and no more than one month has passed since the date of its birth, a simplified procedure for his registration in the parents’ apartment or one of them is provided. You can start registration after 7 working days from the date of receipt of the birth certificate of the baby. When registering a newborn to the mother, the consent of the father is not required.

Documents for registration of a newborn

A simplified registration procedure in the apartment of the baby, whose age is not more than one month, provides for the filing of a minimum amount of papers. To register a newborn in the apartment, the parent should present the following documents to the passport service officer:

  1. Statement.
  2. Baby birth certificate.
  3. Civil passport of the Russian Federation to his mother.

Temporary registration of the baby

In some situations, a minor may require temporary registration. These include the following cases:

  • Mother and / or father moved to another city, region, country and, in accordance with territorial legislation, they issued temporary registration. Registration is carried out at the place of residence of mom and / or dad, is an addition (to the permanent). This type of registration does not affect the inheritance of housing and / or ownership of property, so the consent of the owner of the premises where the minor and his parents live is not required.
  • Mother and father are married, but are registered (and sometimes live) at different addresses. While parents make a decision about where they will prescribe the child on an ongoing basis, one of them must make him a temporary registration.
  • The mother and father of the newborn did not formalize the marriage and did not conclude an agreement with which of them the baby will be registered. Such disputes are resolved during the trial, until the verdict is passed, the minor must have a temporary residence permit.
  • One of the relatives (for example, grandparents) suggests registering a grandchild or granddaughter at her privatized housing in order to simplify the mechanism of her inheritance and / or to receive benefits or discounts on payment of housing and communal services (hereinafter – housing and communal services) – this is especially true for apartments, located in regions with higher prices for housing services, for example, in Moscow. Mother or father must register at the address of a loved one or family member with the child.

To make a minor a temporary registration, the mother or father will need the following documents:

  • birth certificate of a child;
  • statement;
  • document proving the applicant’s temporary residence.

Registration rules for minor children

The procedure for registering a minor is carried out in accordance with certain rules. Here is a list of them:

  • A child under the age of 14 must be registered with his parents (or one of them).
  • If a citizen is required to leave the territory of permanent residence for a period of more than 3 months, he must register at the place of new residence. A temporary residence permit should be issued to a minor who has left with his parent.
  • A family that has been discharged from one living space and has moved to another is obliged to start the procedure for registering their children at a new address no later than 7 days later.
  • A person can register separately from mom and dad:
  1. has reached the age of majority;
  2. who is 14 years old, but with the consent of the mother, father or employee of the guardianship.
  • Parents are required to register their child even in an apartment that does not comply with state standards for residential premises.
  • A single father has the same rights as a mother. He can register a minor. In addition, he will need to present to the employee of the passport service department either a death certificate of the baby’s mother, or her official refusal to raise a child, or a certificate of deprivation of parental rights.
  • When registering in a minor’s apartment, confirmation from other residents is not required. It will take place even with their categorical disagreement – the main thing is that at least one of the parents should be registered on this square.
  • If the child is re-registered, the applicant must submit 2 copies of the check-out sheet. This is a coupon that is issued upon discharge from a previous place of residence.

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If there is a residence permit for parents without ownership

The consent of the owner is not required, even if the mother and / or father register the minor at the place of his residence in the apartment, the owners of which are not. In practice, it may come to the sale of real estate as a property encumbered together with the tenants registered on it. The buyer has the right to write out unauthorized persons from the apartment.

When renting an apartment under a lease agreement

A citizen may apply for registration on the territory of the municipal fund in the premises of which he is a tenant under a social rental contract. Members of his family gain the same right. A child born after concluding an agreement on obtaining housing under a social loan contract is registered in the apartment where his parents are registered.

What documents are needed

To register a child at the place of registration of the mother or father, you need an appropriate package of documents. If registration is carried out by a legal representative of the family, he will need a notarized power of attorney. The list of securities, depending on the current situation:



Parents reside:



Marital status of mother and father:


In a “guest” marriage (union registered, parents live at different addresses)


The child is prescribed:

To both parents

To mother or father

Application form No. 6

Is required

Baby’s birth certificate


Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation


from both

from the mother or father to whom the child is prescribed

Marriage certificate

Is required

Not necessary

Extract from the house book


Certificate of personal account


Mother / father consent for registration

Not necessary


Divorce certificate, paternity certificate



Information on the place of registration of one of the parents that the child is not registered with him


Is required

Application to the passport office for registration at the place of residence (form No. 6)

The form of the document is issued by the employee of the passport office on the day of submission of papers for the registration of the child in the apartment. A sample of its filling is placed on the stands of the institution. It can also be found via the Internet – on the portal of the Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. An application must be filled out by one of the parents – the one on whose living space the minor is registered.

ID Documents

Documents confirming the identity of all participants in the procedure and their civil status are presented to the passport office employee: mother, father or single parent, a minor who is registered in the apartment. Originals and copies required:

  • parents’ passports;
  • birth certificates of a minor;
  • marriage registration document;
  • evidence:
  1. about a divorce;
  2. on establishing paternity.

Extract from the house book

Paper is provided at the place of residence of the mother or father – that is, where the living space for which the child will be registered is located. The document contains information on citizens registered at the specified address. You can get an extract from the house book to the homeowner in one of the following instances:

  • Housing Maintenance Office (hereinafter – Housing and Utility Services)
  • multifunctional center (hereinafter – MFC).

Personal Account Certificate

Financial and personal account (hereinafter – the FLS) – a document that contains data on the type, parameters and condition of the room: room, communal or separate apartment, their meter, floor on which they are located, the degree of wear of the housing estate, the size of an individual private house. In the certificate on the FLS fixed payments for housing services, information about the characteristics of the living space. The document is issued by a single information and settlement center (hereinafter – EIRTs) or housing department.

Written consent of one of the parents

In some cases, a document is required confirming the consent of one of the parents, who will not register a child, for the registration of a minor at the other’s place of residence. Here are typical situations:

  1. In the absence of consent of the other parent, the child is prescribed on the basis of a court decision: on the living space of the citizen with whom the minor will live.
  2. Parents are registered at different addresses. The consent of the mother / father to the registration of the minor to the father / mother is required. The document is compiled in arbitrary written form in the presence of a passport office employee. If the territorial office of the institution has developed a unified consent form, fill out the paper in accordance with it.
  3. The consenting parent does not have the opportunity to be personally present when submitting documents to the passport service employee. The applicant will be required to provide pre-made notarized paper.
  4. In order to avoid double registration, a certificate may be required confirming that the child is not registered with another parent.

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Where to go

Parents can apply for registration of registration of a minor in several organizations of their choice. These include:

  1. MFC Local Branch.
  2. Housing department.
  3. Department of the Office of the Federal Migration Service (hereinafter – FMS).
  4. A single portal of public services (via the Internet) – for this, one of the parents needs to fill out and send for processing the electronic registration form on the website, create a personal account, go into it, indicate your (territorial) department of the FMS and submit an application. After checking the data on his e-mail will be sent an invitation to register.


After submitting the documents, the applicant must pick up the receipt of their acceptance from the employee of the passport service department. The process of registration of a minor takes from 3 to 8 working days. After this period, the applicant must come to the specialist of the institution where the papers were submitted, receive a certificate of registration of the child at the place of residence of the parents (or one of them) in form No. 8 and pick up:

  • originals of civil passports of the Russian Federation;
  • birth certificate of registered person with a registration mark.
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