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Financial institutions often decide to collaborate with each other. This approach is necessary to reduce the cost of maintaining institutions, software and hardware systems for the issuance of cash and the provision of services to citizens at a higher level. Having visited the partner banks of VTB 24, the owners of debit cards of this organization will be able to withdraw money from an ATM without a commission and use other bonuses.

What is a partnership of banks

Cooperation between financial institutions is beneficial to both parties at once. Clients get the opportunity to withdraw money from the card without interest, and banks save a lot of money on collection, purchase of expensive equipment and other needs. VTB 24 cooperates with other enterprises solely for the purpose of cash withdrawal without commission. In practice, partnerships affecting credit policies of banks are common among credit organizations..

VTB 24 Bank Office

VTB Bank Partners 24

The financial group officially includes only 3 organizations located in Russia. These are the Bank of Moscow, Post Bank and VTB. They are official partners of VTB 24. Earlier, Transcreditbank, which was acquired by Vneshtorgbank in 2013, was part of the banking group. VTB is a permanent partner of VTB 24, so cardholders will be able to withdraw money without interest in its branches located in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Which banks are included in the VTB 24 group?

Vneshtorgbank is the foundation of this financial association. In addition to him, it includes Post Bank and Bank of Moscow. All of them provide customers with a preferential debit card withdrawal service. VTB Group banks exist not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Visiting their branches, customers will be able to withdraw money without commission in the national currency of the state where they are staying.

Which banks does VTB 24 work with?

At present, Vneshtorgbank’s subsidiary maintains partnerships with enterprises within its group. VTB 24 does not cooperate with other financial organizations. A full list of partner banks is presented on the official website of the company. There, customers can track any changes in banking policy and find out with whom the organization is currently cooperating..

Benefits of Interbank Partnership

Cooperation between credit companies is not only to reduce the commission for receiving money through terminals. For example, if the basic banking funds are not enough to issue loans in cash, then the organization sends the client to his partner. He can provide this service to a citizen on more favorable terms. Main advantages of interbank partnership:

  • Reduction or liquidation of the commission when citizens receive money through ATMs of partner organizations.
  • Reducing the cost of servicing terminals and company branches.
  • The opportunity to get potential customers from a partner organization.
  • Commission reduction when transferring credit funds to the accounts of partner enterprises.


VTB 24 customers can transfer money to a card through VTB24-Online. It is necessary to open an account in the Internet service where funds will be replenished. A citizen can do this through an ATM or by setting up online access to his bank deposit. Many bank branches are equipped with terminals with the function of receiving money, suitable for solving this problem. Additionally, account replenishment can be done in the following ways:

  • using the Golden Crown translation network;
  • making a transfer from another credit institution;
  • by transferring from a card of another issuer (commission 1.75%).

Zolotaya Korona money transfer system logo

Repayment of credit debt by card

VTB 24 issues loans for consumer needs every day. In addition, almost all bank customers have credit cards. With their help, you can pay for some purchases, and then repay the loan amount in installments. The main thing is to prevent delays, because they accrue additional interest. You can repay credit debt to Vneshtorgbank 24 in the following ways:

  • by contacting one of the bank branches;
  • if a credit card is available, then through an ATM accepting money;
  • through VTB24-Online, setting up an automatic payment or registering an application for early repayment.

Transaction of money from VTB to a card of another bank

You can perform this procedure using the terminal, company website, and Internet banking. The simplest are the last 2 methods. The site has a separate form for transferring money online. With its help, you can replenish the card of Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and other credit institutions of the Russian market. The commission for sending money to VTB 24’s partner banks is 1.25%. When using the P2P translation page, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The transfer amount is entered in the window that appears. After reading the terms of service, you must tick.
  2. Introduction of captcha.
  3. A window will appear where the commission for the operation is indicated. Citizen must confirm the procedure.
  4. Entering SMS code.

Experts advise to keep checks after the operation. Their copy can be sent by e-mail or immediately printed. Bank transfer employees accept claims if the client can provide a receipt. In other cases, the citizen’s complaint will be rejected. Transfer via VTB24-Online is available to registered users of the system and card holders.

Cash withdrawal

Some cardholders have difficulty withdrawing large amounts of money through ATMs. This is due to the fact that citizens inattentively study the list of limits on financial transactions. You cannot withdraw more than 250,000 rubles from ordinary cards in 24 hours. Cash points allow you to get an amount in excess of the established limit if a citizen presents a passport. If the bank considers the actions on the card suspicious, then it will not be possible to withdraw more than 10,000 rubles.

Money in hand

Where to withdraw VTB money without commission

You can get cash at one of the terminals in the ATM network. Carrying out the withdrawal procedure, a citizen is obliged to remember the established limits. VTB 24 partner ATMs operate around the clock. Each organization has its own restrictions on the receipt of large amounts. The owner of a status bank card will be able to withdraw money without a fee using any ATM in the country. You can use this privilege 3 times a month. If the terminal was not nearby, then the cardholder must contact the bank.

For owners of Mastercard

You can only get cash from cards operating on this payment system through ATMs of VTB 24 and its partners in Russia. In other countries, withdrawing money from Mastercard will not work. Standard limits apply to cash withdrawals, i.e. You cannot withdraw more than 150,000 rubles in 24 hours from a card at Vneshtorgbank ATM. Partners have their own restrictions on financial transactions other than the issuing bank.

Visa card holders

Customers who prefer this payment system will be able to receive money by visiting Vneshtorgbank branches located in Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan. Cash withdrawal without commission. Banks of other countries offer cardholders to receive funds only in national currency. If a citizen wants to withdraw money from an account in rubles, he will have to return to his homeland.

How to withdraw from VTB card without commission

There are several ways to get cash without deducting additional interest. The first is to visit VTB 24 ATMs or company partners. He is the fastest. The second way is visiting VTB 24. branches. Money is received through the cashier. In addition to the card, the citizen must have a document confirming his identity with him. Turning to partner organizations, you can’t get money in this way.

A man at the ATM of VTB24 Bank

Tariffs and limits

Credit cards are always deducted when receiving cash. If a citizen applies to VTB 24’s partner banks for the procedure, then its size will be 5.5% of the amount received. The minimum amount of commission established by credit organizations is 300 rubles. When contacting other companies, 6.5% will be deducted from the credit card. VTB Bank Group has set the following limits on cash withdrawal through ATMs:

  • Bank of Moscow – 150,000 rubles. The number of banknotes of one denomination should not exceed 30. A similar limit is valid when accessing Vneshtorgbank terminals.
  • Post Bank – 100 000 rubles.

The balance request is part of the list of paid banking services. Its cost is set by each organization separately. Citizens can obtain information on where the ATMs of the listed companies are located on their official websites. Only there are the current addresses of the terminals and the time of their work, if they are located inside the shopping centers.

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