How to activate the MTS SIM card

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After purchasing a card, the subscriber plans to use it immediately, but before that it should be activated: without it, communication will not work, you will not be able to make calls, send SMS, or have access to the Internet. Each mobile operator has a different connection procedure. Below will be described the activation of SIM cards MTS.

How to activate MTS upon purchase

You can activate the mobile card yourself. If there are doubts about your abilities, you can ask an employee of the company to do this. He knows exactly how to activate the MTS SIM card, can do it simply, correctly and quickly. This is a free service of the communication salon, which is provided to all subscribers of the company who came to buy a tariff plan.

Self-activation of a MTS SIM card

How to activate SIM card MTS on the phone

Typically, a card is bought for use on the phone. For smart phones and ordinary cell phones, the methods for activating the MTS SIM card are usually the same. You can use any of the options described below, they are simple and understandable to everyone, whether it be a schoolboy or a senior citizen. It will be possible to establish a network in a matter of minutes:

  • At the company office. It was possible to connect immediately upon purchase, but sometimes a person is in a hurry and forgets to make the card active. You can return at any time and ask the employee about this service. It is worth knowing that for this operation, the employee has the right to request a passport from you to confirm your identity and ownership of this SIM card. Activation at the company’s office is completely free, you can also ask any questions about the package that interest you.
  • USSD team. The algorithm is simple:
  1. Insert the card into the phone, enter the pin code.
  2. Dial the short number * 111 #, press the call button.
  3. In a few minutes you can start calling and sending SMS.
  4. If the USSD request for some reason did not work, use the following method.
  • Call to the service center. In most cases, there are no difficulties with the previous method, but sometimes a shutdown occurs. To solve the problem, you should contact the company’s customer service center. Use one of the numbers: 0890 – from MTS numbers, 88002500890 – from other operators, landlines. Wait for a connection with a technical support specialist, describe to him the essence of your problem. He will assist you in resolving this issue, but before that he will ask you to provide your passport data to confirm ownership of this SIM card. If you wish, you can find out from him all the nuances you are interested in according to the tariff plan, services and additional options.

The command to activate the SIM card on the phone

How to activate the MTS card on a modem

In most cases, a modem MTS-connection is purchased with the card. A person immediately selects a suitable tariff plan for connecting to the network. Upon arrival home, you just need to unpack the device, wait for the software for the modem to be installed and run the program. MTS card activation will happen automatically, after which you can get into your personal account. There you have the opportunity to get all the information on the tariff plan, services and additional options.

How to activate the MTS number on the tablet

The company has developed special starter packs for all tablet owners. In this case, connecting a tariff is not a problem, because switching on occurs automatically when the device is first launched. Failures sometimes occur, and the procedure throws an error – in this situation, you can use one of the methods described below:

  • connect in the MTS cabin;
  • send a request to the short number * 111 #;
  • contact the operator from another number and request activation of the SIM card.
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