Moscow ACS-DTI – what is it and what kind of organization. Registered letters, notices with the code Moscow ACC-DTI

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Some letters in Russia arrive without the address and surname of the addressee, and on the notice you can read the mysterious abbreviation DTI. Individual recipients, not knowing what kind of organization they are, are in no hurry to receive an envelope in the mail. In fact, these are official messages from the civil service. It is useful to know how to decrypt Moscow ACC-DTI.

What kind of organization is Moscow ASC-DTI

A reference to the address of the abbreviation DTI means that a state organization sends a notice. Without opening the envelope, it is difficult to determine who the recipient is, since many government services use this prefix. The addressee needs to get a notice from the box and contact the post office indicated, according to the index, to receive an envelope with valuable information. If the return address is Moscow ACC-DTI – what is it? Here is the main question to which you can get a reliable answer when opening correspondence.

Letter in an envelope

What does the stamp ASTS-DTI registered letter mean

If the incomprehensible abbreviation Moscow ACS-DTI is packed on an envelope, this is definitely a letter from the civil service. It informs the addressee of the necessary actions to maintain its social status as a law-abiding citizen of the state. Do not neglect such recommendations. The abbreviation has two components with the following decoding for ordinary inhabitants:

  1. ASC is explained as an automated sorting center.
  2. DTI stands for supplementary technical index.

After the specified stamp is a set of numbers that also have their meaning. This is the designation of the index, which will further clarify all questions of interest regarding the content of the registered letter. All questions of interest to the recipient will definitely appear, and in large numbers, since the case is financially motivated. If the Moscow ASC-DTI is indicated, this means that the correspondence was sorted in this area, where a specialized center was opened back in 2009.

Why do we need an automated correspondence sorting center

Virtual sender – a robot. To avoid misunderstanding right at the post office, every recipient should be aware of this. Simply put, this is a message with valuable information for the addressee, which can be sent by banks, the traffic police, the executive or tax services, and the judiciary. Often, “traffic cops” use the ASC-DTI subscription, and it stands for a fine notice, which is important to pay in time.

The work of the correspondence sorting center is adjusted to automaticity, and millions of registered letters pass through the equipment, which are then sent to the indicated addresses marked ACC-DTI. You can check the contents of the message via the Internet, but for this you need to know the address of the website of the sending organization and the verification code to find the required information. If you come to the post office and ask the appropriate question, competent staff will certainly provide a plan on how to proceed..

Postal office

What is DTI in registered mail

If you decipher this postscript, you get the phrase “additional technological index.” Almost all public services of the Russian Federation can use it, including even the tax and judicial systems. To receive such an important package, you must personally come to the post office, from which the notice was issued, during business hours. It’s important to have an identification document with you, otherwise a registered letter or even a parcel does not come to your hands.

The recipient can only guess what kind of envelope. To clarify the essence of what is happening only after opening it and nothing else. Identification marks and hints are not observed, and all public services of the Russian Federation can use the Moscow ACS-DTI. In order not to panic and have at least a distant idea of ​​the contents of the envelope, several options are presented below. This is a clear notice of:

  • payment of transport tax arrears;
  • the need to pay fines;
  • the introduction of penalties;
  • loan debts from state or commercial banks;
  • on the need for enforcement of a judgment by bailiffs.

Letters and envelopes

Who can send a registered letter through the Moscow ACC-DTI

The DTI mark is assigned primarily to federal organizations, and such a code is very important for sending letters and notifications to its customers. This is very convenient, since the automation of the Moscow ACS-DTI is capable of processing up to a million of such notifications per day. It’s not a person who works; modernized equipment located in the Moscow sorting center is engaged in sorting.

This suggests that writing an answer to the specified address is still pointless, since it will never reach the addressee. So, in Moscow and the Moscow region, there are 809 virtual technological indices that are actively used to send informational correspondence to customers, participants of state organizations.

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