Overview of scooters for adults – types, description and characteristics of the best models with photos and prices

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Looking for an affordable, affordable, but comfortable vehicle? Then you need a high-speed three-wheeled scooter for adults – such an inexpensive option is great for moving in urban environments. If you plan to use it not only on a flat surface, but also somewhere outside the city, for example, in a country house, then you can choose an off-road option for yourself.

What is a scooter?

Having decided to buy an adult scooter, first find out what it is. This is a vehicle that travels by pushing the foot off the ground in a standing position. It is used not only as a personal transport, but also for sports, leisure activities. It was first manufactured in 1761 in Germany. Regardless of the weight, structure, manufacturing material (metal, plastic) and other parameters, the principle of movement of the scooter remains unchanged. This personal mode of transport consists of:

  • Decks. The footboard (platform) on which the platform stands. In most cases, it is a non-removable part of the frame. It is flexible, removable and one-piece.
  • Wheels. They are polyurethane, made of rubber and inflatable. The former have the greatest rigidity, and the latter are the softest.
  • Shock absorbers. Their presence significantly increases ride comfort, but reduces the maximum possible ride speed..
  • Wheel bearings.
  • Folding mechanism to help place the vehicle in the trunk of a car, cabinet.
  • Steering wheel, which can be adjusted in height – this function is provided on many models. The fastening of this element is carried out in a special place called the steering column.
  • Grips, which are soft lining on the steering wheel. Previously, they were made of foam rubber, but today the standard is rubber grips, which provide a tight grip on the steering wheel..
  • The brakes, which are often located behind.
  • Accessories, which include carrying strap, stand and case.

Two wheeled scooter


Before answering the question of which scooter to choose, decide on the appropriate type (class) of such a vehicle, which can be urban, sports, off-road and electric:

  • The first view is small in size with large wheels (often inflatable).
  • His sports “brother” is designed for extreme riding and performing stunts, so he has a good margin of safety and small wheels.
  • The off-road scooter is large and often equipped with two brakes.
  • The scooter is very close to mopeds.

Buy scooter for adults

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a suitable model, try to find the current scooter rating for adults and adolescents. In addition, it is very important not to make a mistake with the technical specifications. You need to understand that vehicles designed for adults are not just an enlarged children’s model. The fact is that the vehicle for adults is equipped with a strong and durable frame that can withstand a large mass, and strong wheels. Often, models for seniors are produced in restrained dark shades, and not with cheerful light green or pink colors..

For the city

The question often arises, how to choose an adult scooter for the city? To begin with, keep in mind that the main purpose of this model is to ride quietly on city streets. From other options, it stands out less weight. In addition, this model is easy to transport in public transport or in the hands due to the folding mechanism. Before ordering a particular model, be sure to familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages. If you can’t decide what to do, then pay attention to the adult scooter for the city:

  • name: Vertigo Milan;
  • price: 5950 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum alloy frame, wheel diameter – 200 mm, rudder height – 77-101 cm, weight – 4.8 kg, maximum load – 100 kg.
  • pluses: easy, cheap;
  • cons: low payload.

Adult City Scooter Vertigo Milan

No less popular and durable option, which has a stylish design with black-red-green colors, is:

  • name: Techteam CONCEPT 210 2017;
  • price: 5350 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum alloy frame (100% ALU), wheel diameter – 210 mm, rudder height – 90-100 cm, weight – 4.9 kg, maximum load – 100 kg;
  • pluses: easy, cheap;
  • cons: low payload.

For two

Despite the fact that this is an individual vehicle, in our time, a scooter for two has gained considerable popularity. Such a model is characterized by an elongated platform, and in the first, it means very much a means adapted for the movement of mother and child. A good universal option that combines maneuverability and speed is:

  • name: Yedoo City New;
  • price: 12500 rubles;
  • characteristics: steel frame, wheel diameter – 406 mm, rudder height – 104 cm, weight – 9.5 kg, maximum load – 120 kg;
  • pluses: durable, heavy lifting capacity;
  • cons: heavy.

An excellent double option, designed for a comfortable trip both around the city and beyond, is the model:

  • name: Yedoo Mezeq Disc;
  • price: 17800 rubles;
  • specifications: steel frame, the diameter of the front and rear wheels – 500 and 400 mm, the height of the steering wheel – 102 cm, weight – 11.8 kg, maximum load – 150 kg;
  • pluses: durable, heavy lifting capacity;
  • cons: heavy, expensive.

Scooter for two Yedoo Mezeq Disc

With inflatable wheels

To buy to buy a scooter inexpensively, you need to compare the cost and characteristics of several models, so you can choose the most suitable option. An excellent vehicle is the model with inflatable wheels, which is created for country roads. This model feels great off-road, so you can easily drive through it along forest paths, gravel, dirt paths, grass and other places. Scooter gained considerable popularity:

  • name: Puky Challenger R 2002 L;
  • price: 16 488 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum alloy frame, wheel diameter – 406 mm, rudder height – 93-106 cm, weight – 10.6 kg, maximum load – 85 kg;
  • pluses: durable, designed for off-road;
  • cons: heavy, high cost.

An excellent option, which thanks to large inflatable wheels easily overcomes both city curbs and dirt potholes, is:

  • name: Novatrack City Line;
  • price: 6920 rubles;
  • characteristics: stainless steel frame, the diameter of the front and rear wheels – 406 and 305 mm, weight – 7.2 kg, maximum load – 120 kg;
  • pluses: durable, inexpensive, designed for off-road;
  • cons: no shock absorber.

Adult City Scooter Puky Challenger R 2002 L


A correctly and correctly selected purchase made at a specialized outlet or online store with delivery to your home or by mail can provide a comfortable and safe ride. Such a scooter differs from the usual adult model in a more reinforced frame, very durable tires and ultra-reliable brakes. It is a kind of hybrid of a scooter, a snowboard and a mountain bike. Its bright representative is:

  • name: Bergmonch;
  • price: about 1.5 thousand euros;
  • characteristics: weight – 9.5 kg, combined with a backpack of 19 liters;
  • pluses: it develops, there are shock absorbers in the back and front;
  • cons: heavy weight.

Mountain scooter Bergmonch

For two legs

In recent years, manufacturers began to produce more and more scooters for two legs. Buying them today at a sale somewhere in St. Petersburg or Moscow is not so difficult, the main thing is to choose the best option, the length and height of which will fully suit your height. The standard equipment of such a vehicle consists of a rear platform, a front strut and two foot platforms. A good option is:

  • name: Razor PowerWing;
  • price: 7900 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum frame, weight – 6.3 kg, steering rack height – 80 cm, maximum load – only 65 kg;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, very convenient movement;
  • cons: low payload.

No less popular representative of vehicles for two legs is inertial:

  • name: Jdbug XF-136 Cool Carver;
  • price: 3700 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum frame, weight – 5.6 kg, steering rack height – 80 cm, maximum load – only 65 kg;
  • pluses: low cost, very convenient movement;
  • cons: low payload.

Jdbug XF-136 Cool Carver Two-Wheel Scooter


In recent years, the scooter has ceased to be just fun for children, because acquired considerable use among adults. This vehicle can turn out to be a very necessary and useful thing, for example, in conditions of heavy traffic of city streets by road. With it, you can quickly get to work or shop, ride the whole family, etc. If you are looking for a model that can develop decent speed comparable to what a bicycle can give, then pay attention to:

  • name: Olimp (2017);
  • price: 6350 rubles;
  • characteristics: stainless steel frame, wheel diameter –406 mm, load capacity – up to 100 kg, rudder height – 76-87 cm;
  • pluses: durability, reasonable cost;
  • cons: no folding mechanism.

If you have not seen the described model on sale, then pay attention to the vehicle with wear-resistant polyurethane wheels, which has a smooth, smooth ride and good speed:

  • name: TT Downtown;
  • price: 5500 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum frame, wheel diameter – 205 mm, steering wheel height – 85-105 cm, weight – 4.8 kg, load capacity – up to 110 kg;
  • pluses: it is cheap, there are two shock absorbers;
  • Cons: only foot brake.

Scooter for adults high-speed TT model Downtown


This model is interesting for adults in that it combines the qualities of a scooter and roller skates. Getting around on it is convenient and comfortable. The model (often referred to as a reader) has platforms with two rear wheels that can slide apart and move with your feet, making this vehicle move from a standstill. Unlike rollers, legs are not fastened to such a scooter. A steering wheel is used as an additional support point. Braking is carried out with the help of devices located at the helm. One of the representatives of the group is:

  • name: Zilmer ZIL1812-058;
  • price: 8697 rubles;
  • characteristics: steel frame, wheel diameter – 200 mm, rudder height – 100 cm, weight – 4.8 kg, load capacity – up to 120 kilograms;
  • pluses: lightweight, large maximum load, durable, folding;
  • cons: no shock absorber.

If you have not decided on the best option, then be sure to pay attention to another original development, which has a more powerful frame:

  • name: Fliker F5 V-shaped;
  • price: 8890 rubles;
  • specifications: steel frame, wheel diameter – 180 mm, weight – 9.2 kg, maximum rider weight – up to 110;
  • pluses: large maximum load, durable;
  • cons: heavy.

Sliding trike wheel scooter Fliker F5 V-shaped

With shock absorber

If somewhere you can buy a scooter with a shock absorber at a discount, then do not rush to pass by such an offer. The fact is that shock absorbers make moving along city streets more comfortable. The presence of shock absorbers, flexible decks and pneumatic tires in the design helps to reduce vibration during the trip, regardless of the type of road surface. The layout of such models is classic, i.e. they consist of a frame, platform, steering wheel and wheels. One of the adult models, which is equipped with a shock absorber and foot brake, is:

  • name: BiBiTu BINGO;
  • price: 4190 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum frame, wheel diameter – 200 mm, weight – 3.8 kg, load capacity – up to 100 kilograms;
  • pluses: big maximum load, cheap;
  • Cons: only foot brake.

A wider variety of colors of scooters for adults (brown, orange, red, etc.) has another no less bright, but more expensive representative of the group with shock absorbers. It is a model:

  • name: Y-Scoo RT 250 ONE&ONE;
  • price: 6358 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum alloy frame, the diameter of the front and rear wheels – 250 and 215 mm, weight – 5.6 kg, load capacity – up to 120 kg, rudder height – 103-113 cm;
  • pluses: big maximum load, inexpensive, folding;
  • Cons: only foot brake.

BiBiTu scooter BINGO model

Self propelled

This option is similar in design to conventional models, but unlike them it has a small motor that drives this vehicle without any physical effort. The engine is located near the rear wheel on a metal platform, connected via a bicycle transmission or its belt analog. True, the motor of more advanced electric scooters is built directly into the rear wheel. Having decided to purchase such a vehicle, for example, by promotion, select the appropriate model:

  • name: Airwheel Z5T;
  • price: 29900 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum alloy frame, wheel diameter – 203 mm, weight – 14 kg, load capacity – up to 120 kg, maximum speed – 35 km / h, engine power – 350 W;
  • pluses: folding, can travel 45 km on a single charge;
  • cons: high cost.

If speed is not so important for you, and the acquisition cost comes first, then check out the characteristics of a cheaper analogue:

  • name: Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter;
  • price: 21,250 rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum alloy frame, wheel diameter – 216 mm, weight – 12.5 kg, load capacity – up to 110 kg, maximum speed – 25 km / h, engine power – 250 W;
  • pluses: folding, can travel 30 km on a single charge;
  • cons: high cost.

Self-propelled scooter Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter

How to choose a scooter for adults

The rules for selecting a model are simple:

  • When choosing the best model, make sure that the option you are interested in is suitable for your height and weight. A large part of modern models for seniors is suitable for people with a height of about 1.8 m and weighing no more than 100 kg.
  • When choosing a pen, give preference to a telescopic stand, as its position can be adjusted in accordance with the growth of the rider.
  • It is desirable that the tool has a folding mechanism that is actuated with a single button, i.e. without any small parts that can easily get lost.
  • If you are looking for safer and more reliable models, then prefer monolithic designs. They are great for sharp turns, stunts, but at the same time they are difficult to store..
  • In order to be able to leave the vehicle in a standing position, it must be equipped with a footboard, which is removed under the deck – three-wheeled products do not have it.
  • If the road on which you plan to ride is uneven, then the selected model must have a shock absorber, but sports scooters do not have it.
  • The frame for city driving should be made of aluminum, as the steel version is very heavy, although durable.
  • Pay particular attention to the choice of wheels, which can be hard, medium hard and soft. The former are suitable for aggressive / sports driving and have poor adhesion, high wear resistance. The second are the most popular – they are great for driving on asphalt. The third is characterized by a quiet walking ride, making them great for beginners.
  • Decide on the size of the wheels – the larger their diameter, the higher the speed, but then the scooter loses maneuverability. For urban conditions, a size within 120-200 mm is excellent.
  • The platform of the selected model must have an anti-slip layer. In general, the platforms are metal and composite. The first ones are a hard and lightweight aluminum coating: in this case there is no spring effect, and the energy consumption for repelling from the ground is minimal – the speed as a result is much higher. The second are platforms made of plywood and fiber, which during movement bend, absorbing bumps on the road. If an adult scooter is equipped with such a platform, then you can be sure that the ride will be quite comfortable.
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