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It is unfortunate if your favorite jeans are torn or become unfashionable. Take your time to throw things away – they can become the basis for exclusive crafts. If you own a sewing machine, you can do sewing from shreds – give jeans a second life. You will surprise everyone with original products – an unusual pillow, a delightful rug, a unique skirt or bag.

What is a patchwork of old jeans

Patchwork has been known to housewives since the time when fabrics were in short supply. Gathering the remains, they made blankets, could sew clothes from pieces. Gradually, the products began to decorate the interiors, and the patchwork – patchwork – became the original type of needlework. Craftswomen make work from any materials. Patchwork of jeans gives the products a special style and charm. Alteration of old things will go to create new ones – beautiful, unique, exciting.

Needlework is easy to learn, it only takes time. For work, you need, in addition to the sewing machine:

  • find an idea;
  • pick up old jeans – better than various shades of color;
  • buy durable threads;
  • purchase a special needle for sewing – No. 100;
  • take tools – a ruler, scissors, pins;
  • pick up materials for decor;
  • find cardboard for the template;
  • stock up with a piece of chalk to circle the pattern template on the fabric (can be replaced with soap).

Patchwork from jeans is a simple technology, it will not cause difficulties for beginners. It is better to master the process of creating crafts, starting with simple products. For example, sew a plaid of jeans with your own hands. Necessary:

  • come up with a pattern;
  • execute a drawing in color;
  • to think over the technology of the joint – butt, lap or a simple seam;
  • to cut out the product elements from the remnants of denim;
  • sequentially sew pieces together.

Pockets from old jeans

Phased patchwork of old jeans

To create unique patchwork, an idea is needed. What kind of thing it will be, what it looks like, what color the remaining jeans should be selected – these are the tasks that need to be solved first. To sew a craft, you will need:

  • make a sketch in color, taking into account the dimensions of the product;
  • cut jeans out of a trouser-leg or skirt;
  • wash them – those that will molt, it is better not to use;
  • be sure to iron each item with a hot iron.

Taking into account the completed sketch, it is necessary to cut templates out of cardboard in size. You can independently come up with a pattern, choose a pattern on the Internet or watch workshops on patchwork. The order of further work:

  • on the fabric of the desired color using chalk to draw around the outline of the template;
  • cut blanks;
  • stack them by color or in the order you will connect;
  • prepare a sewing machine for work;
  • gradually stitch the pieces together;
  • iron seams made with a straight seam;
  • decorate the finished product.

Denim Blanket Pattern

Denim patchwork

If this is your first time trying a patchwork technique, start with simple geometric patterns. Do a plaid of old jeans with your own hands, using rectangular and square elements. For example, this type of:

{1 = 1}

The plaid can be made with a lining, then the details are sewn with a straight seam. At the same time, elements must be cut out taking into account allowances. There is an option of sewing in one layer, without lining. Consider this technology. First you need to determine the size of the plaid. If you sew from shreds without using a lining, you should connect the pieces end-to-end with a zig-zag seam. Sequencing:

  • to make a sketch taking into account the size of the plaid, choosing the colors and the necessary pieces of jeans;
  • prepare the fabric;
  • cut patterns;
  • cut out the necessary blanks.

For ease of sewing, it is advisable to stack the parts in a stack in the desired order. Followed by:

  • stitch the elements together end to end, forming strips equal to the width of the plaid, performing each zigzag stitch 4 times;
  • fix the obtained blanks with pins so that the seams coincide;
  • to sew the strips together, observing the pattern forming the effective surface of the plaid;
  • bend the edges, sew with a zig-zag seam.

Two patchwork denim plaids

DIY patchwork quilt

To sew a blanket, as in the photo, except for the remnants of jeans, you will need a finishing tape and lining fabric:

{2 = 2}

Preparatory operations will be similar, only you need to cut out patterns 2 cm larger than the size of each element in the product. The technology of work is as follows:

  • to sew the blanks together with a straight seam with an allowance of 1 cm, forming a strip;
  • iron the seams from the inside in different directions.

The next step is to sew the finished strips together, forming the front side of the blanket, and then:

  • stitch contrasting decorative tape;
  • prepare the lining material, cutting it to the size of the blanket;
  • fold both parts of the product with the front sides, pin together with pins;
  • flash around the perimeter, leaving 30 cm to turn out;
  • on the front side, make a decorative stitch along the edge of the blanket.

Consider other ways to create a do-it-yourself quilt – you will find diagrams and a detailed description in step-by-step photos and video tutorials.

Patchwork quilt

Denim Patchwork Bag

Do you want to look original, carry a bag unlike others? Make it from scraps of old jeans or a skirt:

{10 = 10}

For work, you need the remains of unnecessary things, bright decorative braid, elements for decor. Do this:

  • determine the size of the bag;
  • make a sketch of the picture;
  • select and prepare material for work;
  • cut the blanks of the cloth bags and handles;
  • finish the central part.

Sew the elements so that you get a solid rectangular fabric, which then needs to be sewn on the sides. Next, you should perform the following operations:

  • make pens;
  • to sew seams with bright decorative braid;
  • fold the workpiece in half, face inward, stitch the sides;
  • sew on pens;
  • if necessary – install a zipper, buttons;
  • decorate with decorative details.

Photo: patchwork of jeans

Denim Patchwork Product Ideas

Try to master the patchwork, call enthusiastic feedback from colleagues and friends. Look at the original look of a skirt made from leftover jeans in bright colors. Make your child a fun pillow made of trouser legs using applique. Surprise girlfriends with an original bag. Give a cozy and warm blanket as a gift. A unique rug will complement the interior of the student’s house. The room will be decorated with a sofa and an armchair with covers from jeans pieces made by patchwork. Experienced craftswomen will amaze with a special cut pillow.

{3 = 3}

{4 = 4}

{5 = 5}

{6 = 6}

{7 = 7}

{8 = 8}

{9 = 9}

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