Payments to anniversaries of married life in Moscow in 2018: how to apply

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The budget of the capital provides for next year an increase in the size of social cash benefits to unprotected categories of the population. Assistance will be increased to low-income and large families, people with disabilities, privileged categories, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, labor, as well as one-time payments to anniversaries of married life planning to celebrate their 50th anniversary, 55th anniversary, 60th anniversary, 65th anniversary, 70th anniversary will be increased from the wedding day.

What are the benefits of the anniversary of married life

Since 2000, a special program developed by the Moscow Government for couples has been operating, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the marriage, remained faithful, and served as support for each other. For them, a gift is provided from the city budget – a monetary reward. Payments to spouses rely not only on the golden wedding anniversary, but also on other anniversary dates, every 5 years. Additionally, at the request of the couple, they organize a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary of the marriage.

Who is eligible to receive

Couples who celebrate a gold, emerald, iron, diamond, royal wedding – 50th anniversary, 55th anniversary, 60th anniversary, 65th anniversary, 70th anniversary (and all subsequent anniversaries) of marriage can count on a gift from the budget of Moscow . A lump sum payment to anniversaries of married life is provided subject to certain conditions:

  • spouses are citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • their place of residence is Moscow.

People aged

How will the size of payments to anniversaries of married life in Moscow in 2018?

In 2018, more than 10,000 families became the anniversaries of the capital, who celebrated 50 years or more from the date of marriage. At the solemn event on the occasion of the anniversaries of the “Golden Couples of Moscow” spouses, the mayor of the capital, Sobyanin, presented letters of thanks to 11 families and announced a decision to increase payments to anniversaries of married life in Moscow in 2019.

Since 2000, the increase in monetary remuneration for married couples has been carried out several times, but for 2019 a significant increase in cash benefits is provided. The data on how much the one-time cash payments will increase are shown in the table:

Anniversary dates of couples

Amount of cash lump sum in 2018 (rubles)

The amount of a one-time cash consideration for 2018 (rubles)

The ratio of the amount of remuneration of 2017 to the size of 2018.

50th wedding anniversary



2 times

55th anniversary of marriage



2.3 times

60th wedding anniversary



2.1 times

65th anniversary of marriage



2.3 times

70th anniversary and all subsequent anniversaries in 5 years



2 times

Order of registration

For detailed information on paperwork, please call the Department of Social Protection of the City of Moscow. The receipt of payments by the spouses on the anniversary date includes the following stages:

  1. Filling out the application. The document is executed on the form provided on behalf of the two spouses. In the application you need to state your desire to receive cash benefits, indicate the surname, name, patronymic of the spouses, their passport details, place of residence, personal account number for transferring funds.
  2. Submission of documents. The collected documents together with the application must be submitted to the social protection authority at the place of residence. One of the family members can do this or ask his friends, relatives. Social workers can apply for single spouses.
  3. Ordering a ceremony (optional – at the request of the spouses).
  4. Accrual of lump-sum allowance to spouses-anniversaries and their notification.
  5. Money by wire transfer is transferred to a bank account or passbook of one of the spouses or paid by postal order.
  6. Conducting a jubilee ceremony in the registry office or in the Wedding Palace, if ordered.

The ceremony in the registry office

Where to make payments for the golden wedding in Moscow

Although the REGISTRY OFFICES have lists of anniversaries of married life, one should not rely on automatic receipt of a lump sum payment. For remuneration, you must contact the appropriate authorities. Previously, registration of documents for the issuance of funds for the anniversary was performed by the registry offices of the city of Moscow. Now the rules for submitting documents have changed.

In 2018, you should contact the Client Service of the Social Welfare Management, which operates in multifunctional centers of public services (MFC). Anniversaries registered in the Novomoskovsk and Troitsk okrugs can make one-time payments at the USZN Customer Service at the International Financial Center or at the social welfare department located at the place of residence of the spouses.

For Internet users or for those who have helpers among friends or relatives, it is possible to electronically apply for a one-time payment for the anniversary. On the public services website, you can fill out an application form and send it. To view the status of the document, the section “My applications” is provided. The application service is free of charge. The term for consideration of the application is 3 days. After making a decision, a message about the result.

What documents are needed

Restrictions on the timing of the provision of documents are not provided. It is necessary to apply for payments in 2018 after the anniversary. Cash remuneration will be paid on several anniversary dates of joint life, if payments had not been made before. Amounts paid will correspond to the amounts that were valid in the year of the anniversary. The list of documents that must be submitted to apply for a one-time allowance is available on the website of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the City of Moscow. For 2018, it includes:

  • joint statement of both spouses;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • a certificate or certificate of registration of residence if such data is not available in the identity card;
  • marriage certificate;
  • passport and issued power of attorney or decision of the guardianship authority for persons representing spouses.

Passports on marriage certificate and rings

Sample Joint Anniversary Announcement

The head of the department of social protection of the population of the city of Moscow A.O. Kubarev from Ilyina Zinaida Pavlovna born in 1947, living at: Moscow, st. Nevskaya 45/8, passport 5302 331128, issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Trinity District 07/15/1999, Ilyin Artyom Ivanovich born in 1940, living at: Moscow, st. Nevskaya 45/8, passport 5302 134855, issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Trinity District 03/11/1995.


I ask you to make a lump-sum payment in connection with the 50th anniversary of living together in accordance with the Decree of the Government of Moscow of November 27, 2007 No. 1005-PP “On approval of the Regulation on the assignment and payment of monthly compensation payments (supplements) to pensions and lump-sum payments made at the expense of the budget of the city of Moscow ”to me and my spouse: Ilyina Zinaida Pavlovna and Ilyina Artem Ivanovich. The marriage is registered 02.10.1968.

Please transfer funds to a personal account 40810000000001324568, Regional Bank of Sberbank of Russia, Moscow.

TIN 7705000000

Gearbox 631000000

OKPO 09900000, OKONH 95000

BIC 043000123

February 15, 2018 Ilyina Z.P.


February 15, 2018 Ilyin A.I..


The list of documents provided:

  • passport;
  • marriage certificate.

Documents returned after copying

February 15, 2018 Signature

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