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Initially, the body of the new car is covered with a special layer of protective varnish, which is called paintwork (LKP). Over time, he begins to lose his brilliance, becoming increasingly muddy. In addition, scratches and traces of external factors appear on the surface of the body, the number of which is constantly increasing. In order for the body to acquire its former appearance, it is necessary to resort to polishing the car, the cost of which is quite affordable for many car owners, the main thing is to correctly and correctly perform it.

What is polishing

Under such a process as polishing a car, it is meant to give the vehicle its original appearance with the removal of all minor damage, scratches and the removal of the smallest irregularities of the paintwork. In addition, a new layer is designed to protect the surface of the machine from external factors. Auto polishes used for this purpose are abrasive, wax, synthetic. The choice of a specific option depends on the state of the painted surface..

Car body polishing

What is needed for

Auto polishing is necessary not only to give the surface of the car its former shine and aesthetics, but also to remove any visible defects. Such a procedure is a necessity, as through microcracks in the upper layer, various aggressive substances get onto the metal. Their effect on the material leads to a corrosion process. The foci gradually increase, and when the car owner notices the formed defects, he will have to spend a lot on localizing the corrosion process. It turns out that polishing a machine is also needed as a preventative measure..

Types of car polishing

Before polishing the surface of the body, to return it to gloss, familiarize yourself with the options for polishing. Depending on the purpose, it can be cleansing, soft, restoring, protective. As for the polishing paste, it is selected in accordance with the state of the paintwork. For example, if the vehicle is almost new and its body is dimmed only slightly, then the best choice would be a car body polish at home with little or no abrasive particles.


Ridding the vehicle body from scuffs, holograms from poor-quality polishing, cobwebs, small scratches will help the car’s polishing. It must be carried out before applying any complex protective coating, for example, ceramic, quartz or liquid glass. This option is ideal for new cars or cars in good condition. More about features:

  • In what cases it is used: for cleaning from all types of pollution, small scratches, holograms.
  • Features: non-abrasive and fine-abrasive pastes are used for the procedure.
  • Advantages: does not affect the thickness of the paintwork, performed on average per day.
  • Disadvantages: used exclusively for cars that are in good condition or with a very soft varnish.

Car polishing


Having decided to order deteyling, i.e. cleaning and restoration of the car, pay attention to soft polishing, which is universally performed in car services. This type of polishing is considered the most careful. At the same time, it is somewhat cheaper compared to applying the abrasive composition, but it does not penetrate deeply into the paintwork. Often used by owners of Japanese-made cars, which are characterized by applying a thin and not too durable layer of varnish. Characteristics:

  • In what cases it is used: for vehicles with barely noticeable imperfections of the paintwork, low mileage.
  • Features: represents a transitional option between abrasive and base restoration polishing.
  • Advantages: topcoat does not thin.
  • Disadvantages: applicable only to cars with more or less good body condition.

Soft polished car


This type of polishing means removing part of the protective varnish in order to rid the surface of the body of small scratches, cobwebs, which are formed from a sandblasting effect. In addition, it is widely used to give the machine its original shine. For this purpose, various versions of abrasive pastes and polishing wheels with varying degrees of hairiness are used. After restoration polishing, it is recommended to make a protective one so that the gloss effect is preserved for a longer period of time. More about technology:

  • In what cases it is used: to eliminate all types of dirt, deep scratches.
  • Features: funds can be used for carrying out, both fine and medium grit.
  • Advantages: the effect on the thickness of the paintwork is minimal, suitable for old cars.
  • Minuses: high cost.

Car polishing restoration


In order to give the hood and other body elements a high-quality and aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to resort to performing full protective polishing. With a professional approach and the availability of necessary tools, this technology allows you to give the vehicle shine and gloss, and to reliably protect its body from environmental influences. This contributes to increased machine operation. Apply such polishing manually:

  • In what cases is it used: to protect the machine from the negative effects of external factors.
  • Features: non-abrasive polishes based on synthetic materials or waxes are used to perform.
  • Advantages: UV protection, resistance to holograms, oxidation, to most chemical compounds.
  • Minuses: high cost.

Car polish

How to polish a car

The polishing process can be mechanical or manual. In addition, there is a non-contact method, the use of which involves the presence of a special microemulsion, introduced into production relatively recently. Before polishing the machine with your own hands, prepare a suitable tool. It can be car wax, gel, paste, etc. Perform the procedure indoors with a ventilation hood and intense light sources on the walls and ceiling. Then follow these steps:

  1. Wash the car, dry it, and then remove traces of anticorrosive or insects and indelible bituminous stains using a special tool, for example, white spirit. After making sure that the machine is clean, degrease the surface with an anti-silicone agent..
  2. Take the skin, a bottle of water and a little, without pressing, proceed to grout the treated surface to a matte state. Take sanding paper as thin as possible – no coarser than the P1500 and P1200. Soak it for 5-10 minutes before work.
  3. After grinding, do not forget to clean the work surface from dust.
  4. Take a grinding machine with a hard circle (white) or medium hardness (orange) and a medium-grained paste. Remember to wet the circle.
  5. Apply the paste to the polished area using special microfiber cloths.
  6. Start polishing, starting the process from lower speeds, gradually increasing them to 1-1.5 thousand.
  7. After completing the procedure, check the result of the work performed. Then you need to wash the surface with soap or moisten it with a degreaser.

Car polish

To polish a car black, red, white and other colors, it is very important to choose the optimal tool. One of the secrets of a successful result will be how competent your choice will be. The rating below, which includes some of the best polishes for the car body, will help you with this:



Price in Moscow, rubles

Turtle Wax Original FG6507

It contains microparticles of kaolin, which can effectively and carefully cope with any scratches. Cleans from pollution, oxidation.



It is made on the basis of plant fiber, polymers, silicones. Effectively removes pollution, protects from the negative effects of the environment.


Doctor Wax 8307

Restores the original shine of the body, eliminates persistent pollution.


Turtle Wax Original FG6507

Car polishing price

Due to the fact that polishing a car is a complex and time-consuming process, it is better to entrust it to professionals. An independent approach in the absence of the necessary experience can cause the car even more damage. You can save on car polishing by contacting the masters for help, provided that prices are compared in different workshops. To find out how much it costs to polish a car in Moscow, check out the table:

Company name

Price in rubles

from 8000

No defects

from 7000

Auto scratch

from 10000

Color glo

from 9500

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