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To be able to make good money is a great art, but more importantly, save it and increase it. Hidden in a secret place, paper money depreciates over time and loses its purchasing power. Investors with experience know that for the growth of savings, it is necessary to create a portfolio of investments. Money should be placed in different financial institutions for various deposit programs and interest, and in such operations the most profitable deposit is accompanied by increased risks.

What does a profitable bank deposit mean for individuals?

A wide range of deposit offers and stocks, a difference in interest rates, parameters and terms of placement, should not distract from the main task to preserve their savings. In order to choose the most profitable contribution, the first step is to determine the reliability of the commercial financial structure. The next step is the assessment of profitability, which depends on the annual deposit rate, the period of capitalization and the possibility of replenishing the deposit account. Many investors require the freedom to withdraw their funds at a convenient time for them..

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The purpose of the deposit

For the correct selection of the deposit program, decide on the amount you want to invest, and the period after which you will need this money. These initial data make it possible to determine your purpose of the deposit – to receive short-term income or to steadily accumulate funds with additional replenishment of the account. It is more profitable for bankers to deal with a client who invests money for a clearly defined period. This provides an opportunity for a banking institution to plan its credit and financial operations for the same long periods..

How to choose the most profitable deposit

To protect citizens’ money, a bank deposit insurance program is in place. In case of loss by the bank of the money invested by the borrower, compensation is made in the amount of 1,400,000 rubles per deposit. Given this amount, it is worth making investments in several banks. Choosing the most reliable of them will simplify the solution of the deposit problem by a large amount. The population of the country, workers and pensioners have the opportunity to compare the services of banks, and choose the most profitable deposits. A balanced deposit portfolio should contain both highly profitable and highly reliable investments..

Deposit Interest Rates

After choosing a bank to determine the most profitable deposit, you should decide on the maximum interest rates and the final remuneration. The resulting, or effective interest rate, taking into account the additional payment of cash, commissions differs from the nominal. Large financial institutions do not offer the highest profitability, as they guarantee reliability with large amounts of ruble and foreign currency deposits. Smaller ones, increase rates, introduce attractive conditions for capitalization, replenishment, try to attract investors.

Interest capitalization

Suppose you made your first deposit for 3 months. After this period, 0.25 of the annual interest rate on the selected deposit program is credited to your deposit. You add the amount of accrued interest to the main deposit, and leave the total amount of money for the next 3 months. This process is called capitalization of profit. A simple calculation shows that the shorter the capitalization period, the greater the final income at the end of the deposit term. The capitalization period varies from 1 month to the full deposit period..

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Deposit amount

Russian law does not limit the minimum and maximum investment amounts. For small deposits, the calculation should use the amount of compensation for their insurance. The probability of bankruptcy of banks in the era of the global global crisis remains high. With large amounts of investment, from 10 million and above, it is worth choosing reliable institutions. The deposit amount directly affects the interest rate. The higher the minimum threshold for entering the deposit program, the higher the interest rate. This applies equally to ruble and foreign currency deposits..

Deposit currency

One of the main factors for an investor is the determination of the deposit currency. The ruble is subject to inflation and exchange rate fluctuations, but it has the highest rates. The dollar and the euro are more stable currencies are attracted at a lower percentage. It is worth noting that the difference in currency greatly affects the additional conditions for deposits. For dollar or euro, banks impose restrictions on free replenishment and early full or partial withdrawal of funds. The manager of the institution will tell you how to take advantage of the available currency programs..

Possibility to replenish deposit

Some profitable deposit agreements make it possible to replenish your account at any time. There are programs for which you can add funds only after a certain period of time. The deposit account replenishment scheme is a quarterly table in which the change in the interest rate is described. This change looks like a ladder with increments of 0.5-1% with the highest rate in the 1st quarter and the smallest in the last. A replenishment ban in recent months is common.

Interest withdrawal

The deposit term specified in the deposit contract determines the time after which the depositor has the opportunity to access his deposit account and manage the money at his discretion. In the case of monthly capitalization of interest, their withdrawal will impede the growth of your asset. There are rules by which your income is transferred to an additional account. Sberbank offers Savings Certificates, the most profitable of which with a face value of 100 million rubles or more bring income of 7.2%.

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Where to open a deposit at a high percentage

Bank ratings and financial reviews will allow you to choose the best types of investments. Profitable deposits in banks are presented in the comparative table:





VTB 24

“Savings account”


365 days

Russian Agricultural Bank



395 days


“Maximum Online”


367 days

Moscow credit bank

“All inclusive – maximum income online”


370 days


“Extra bonus”


366 days


“My income (online)”


367 days




366 days

Alfa Bank

“Accumulator” on demand


365 days


“Save OnL @ yn”


365 days

Which bank is the most profitable for deposits

A study of our experts showed that a large percentage of deposits is offered by Development Bank. The rate for ruble deposits of the Premium program for 12 months depends on the amount of the deposit. With a minimum amount of 15 million rubles, the maximum rate is 14%, and with a deposit of more than 30 million rubles for 1 year – 14.3%. Interest is accrued and capitalized at the end of the term with the possibility of replenishment. Attractive annual rate in other currencies. With an amount of more than 5 million dollars or euros, the rate is 7%.

The highest interest on deposits today

The table shows the beneficial deposits of Russian banks.






“Your retirement” effective rate


From 31 to 744 days


Early termination rate 0.1% per annum


370 days


“Maximum income” for a period of 90 to 181 days


367 days

Crocus Bank

“Urgent-360 (% at the end of the term)”


366 days


“Golden time!” replenishment of 90 days


397 days

Orient Express Bank

“VIP deposit” monthly interest


366 days


“Deposit No. 1” with capitalization


Up to 735 days

Baltinvestbank St. Petersburg

“Absolute CHAMPION +”


272-366 days

Master Capital Bank



From 30,000 rub.

Bank Zenit

Urgent Premium


From 5 million rubles.

Profitable deposits in rubles

Given the accessibility for most depositors, the Asia-Pacific Bank offers the most profitable deposit. When entering from 125 thousand rubles under the Future and Investment programs, the rate is 10.5%. The second most popular Katyusha program provides for 8.8% per year. Unicredit on deposits offers a yield in rubles – up to 9.8% per annum, in dollars – up to 3.23% and up to 1.18% – in euros. The Inbank maximum deposit will bring 9.38% per year for periods of 1 to 36 months, with the possibility of replenishment, monthly capitalization, partial withdrawal and a minimum deposit amount of 50,000 rubles.

To choose the most profitable contribution and the right investment strategy, you should turn to experienced investors. Managers of financial institutions will not be able to help you choose the most profitable contribution. Each of them is interested in attracting depositors to their bank. A competent portfolio investor will help you analyze the effectiveness of your investments. The final income and the resulting interest rate is different from the nominal and advertising offers. It is necessary in the calculations to take into account additional bank fees for transferring money to accounts, conversions.

It is worth considering the possibility of investing part of the available funds in different currencies, in gold and other precious metals. In recent years, the largest banking institutions in the world have chosen cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a reserve currency. Competent financial reviews of analytical sites will help you choose the best behavior, and will teach you to choose the right strategy and tactics for using financial resources to create passive income, show new directions for acquiring assets and the most profitable contribution..

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Profitable deposits in foreign currency

We have considered the most profitable foreign currency deposit from Development Bank, but deposits with high interest rates are offered to large investors. The average currency yield on banks in Russia varies from 1 to 2% per annum. Given the factors of reliability, prevalence, availability, the most profitable deposit from Alfa Bank Pobeda + is attractive, with a rate of 1.97% per annum in dollars.

Effective deposit income rates for the dollar are higher than when using the euro. The European currency, under the influence of the geopolitical problems of Europe, has shown its instability in recent years. The ongoing change in the political elites of the European continent, the new US president, growing tensions between the superpowers, the prospect of several countries leaving the European Union, do not add euro stability and prospects for investors.

Deposits in Moscow banks at the maximum percentage

The best deposit rates are offered by Moscow banks. BCS, with amounts ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 for customers who have concluded the UKBO in divisions located in Moscow, has launched the Super Deposit program of the most profitable deposit with an annual yield of 9.3%. Absolut Bank with a “Progressive Income” deposit will raise your income by 9.15% per annum. Ziraat Bank Moscow in its deposit “Urgent” with an entry amount of 90,000 rubles will offer 9% per year with the possibility of replenishment, capitalization and prolongation of the contract for 730 days.

The Ural Interregional Bank offers to deposit from 10,000 rubles on the “Profitable” deposit at a rate of 8.8% and for a period of 91 days to 1 year. The interest rate on the program “Maximum Online” from the Dolinsk Bank is from 7.35%. Center-invest Bank has a project “Urgent for 1 year with auto-prolongation” at 8.3% of 15 million rubles. “People” in the National Bank “Trust” will receive 8.85%.

The “Maximum Interest (Online)” deposit of BinBank provides for a rate of 8.5% of the six months, but with interest paid at the end of the term. Under the All-Inclusive – Maximum Online Income program, Moscow Credit Bank accrues 7.75% on cash contributions from 185 days with monthly capitalization. Credit Europe Bank offers a deposit “Optimal +” at 8.75% with a monthly payment of income, and “Rentier” at 8.6%.

Hand-to-hand transfer of money

Starting June 2, 2019, Moscow Industrial Bank launched the Spring Traditions program with a rate of 8.38% per annum with a minimum start of 30,000 rubles for a period of 360 days. The main characteristics are income payment and capitalization on a quarterly basis, preferential termination, replenishment with periods with a “ladder” yield of 9.5 to 7%. The Tradition of Success Maximum offered by Promsvyazbank provides an income of 8.8% per annum in rubles. Investment deposit will bring 8.6% for terms of 180 days with replenishment, capitalization and preferential termination.

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